I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1258

The third tycoon in the black market just gave Jiang Chen the strongest wage earner token. As a result, some people resisted this prestige and wanted to take action against Jiang Chen.

This is a naked provocation for the third giant in the black market, and even the other two giants!

Be aware that the strongest wage earner token means that Jiang Chen belongs to the Three Great Giants on the black market. In other words, Jiang Chen is now covered by the Three Great Giants on the black market!

How powerful is your holy dynasty? Can not compete with the black market! ?

“The third giant in the black market!”

At this moment, the Holy Emperor complexion is gloomy. He really expected the third giant in the black market to come. After all, Jiang Chen just got the strongest Worker token, he is impossible to let Jiang Chen ignore.

But he didn’t expect that the third giant on the black market came so soon!

Or, from the very beginning, he is waiting here!

However, what is surprising is that the Holy Emperor has no fear in the face of the third giant in the black market, and even his three bodies merge in an instant, as if he is about to do it!

“What is the situation? The strength of the Holy Heavenly Lord can compete with the third giant in the black market?”

“This… combines the strength of the Holy Heavenly Lord behind the three bodies… …It’s really hard to say!”


Many people are shocked. You must know that few people dare to compete with the black market!

Especially the three giants in the black market, they are like legends!

Even Celestial Court, in front of the Three Great Giants on the black market, you have to relax!

But now, the Holy Emperor is actually going to do it!

This made the third giant in the black market stunned for a moment. His eyes were shining brightly, and the grand dao’s aura was rising and falling, constantly looking at the Holy Emperor.

After a few breaths, he slowly opened his mouth and said: “Let’s fight.”

“Everyone knows that the Three Great Giants on the black market is very strong, and everyone knows that the Celestial Court is the highest, but they don’t know. The power of my holy heaven!” The holy emperor coldly said, raising his brows, with a hint of arrogance: “After today’s battle, I will let all the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds know that my holy strength of Heaven is not here. Down!”



When the voice fell, I saw that the Holy Emperor shot immediately, with a palm like a star, moved towards The third giant is suppressed!

For an instant, Hongyun took Jiang Chen Hepingba away from here, and at the same time the third giant pushed out with both hands, pulling the Holy Emperor into the void!

The battle between Transcenders, if it is a battle in this world, this side world and even the nearby world will be implicated and destroyed!

They can only enter the Battle of the Void, otherwise… this Star Domain will lose of life!



Next, everyone only heard bursts of noise coming from the endless void, and the roar of both sides spread Out.

The brilliance accompanies the Grand Dao Law and order, overflowing from the void, like a colorful divine light flickering!

This battle is fierce, but few people can see it clearly.

After all, Transcender’s battle can only be seen by Transcender!

“Who is good?” Jiang Chen stood beside Hongyun and curiously asked.

“Equally divided!” Hongyun’s face is ugly, said solemnly: “We have all underestimated the strength of the Holy Heaven! The Holy Heaven Dynasty can monopolize the central Star Domain, it really makes sense!”

“What!? The third giant in the black market can’t help the Holy Heaven?” Jiang Chen said in shock.

In Jiang Chen’s mind, the third giant in the black market is extremely powerful, and it is the Old Monster who has lived for countless years!

Its cultivation base deep and unmeasurable, can accomplish all the good fortune!

However, now it is on par with the Holy Emperor! ?

“This battle is not going to end so soon. You are in the burial of Daqian.” Hongyun said, “Holy heaven, this old fellow, this time I will make things difficult for you. I don’t want you to enter the burial of Daqian. There is a reason.”

“You mean… the rumors are true that immortal medicine is actually born in the burial of Daqian Mine!?” Jiang Chen asked, but felt a little disappointed.

Jiang Chen has no interest in immortal medicine. He wants to enter the burial of Daqian, just for the sword dao flower!

Only the sword dao flower can make the greedy ghost metamorphose, transcend the avenue, and release the Nine Worlds!

If there is no sword dao flower, Jiu Tianxia will always be trapped in a greedy ghost, I don’t know how long it will take to be born!

“Hong Senior Yun, things have reached this step, he wants to enter the Daqian mine burial safely…Do you think it is possible?”

Suddenly, that Elderly of Celestial Court He walked over again, his hair and beard were all white, and a wave of grand dao’s aura was circulating.

He stared at Hongyun, but did not make a move. Instead, he pointed to the Dao Child who came with him and said: “I don’t have to wait for anything to make a move, but Jiang Chen is so easy. Entering the Daqian mine burial, I feel uncomfortable.”

“Speak straight.” Hongyun said solemnly, swept all around from the corner of his eye, and found that several Transcenders also looked like begin to stir. !

At this moment, Hongyun knew that today Jiang Chen wants to enter the Daqian mine burial, I am afraid it will be very difficult!

“Daqian mines have special laws and orders, and Transcender cannot enter them.” Elderly of Celestial Court said: “Then, naturally, it can only be entered by Junior. And we…as the elders, shouldn’t we Give your own Junior a chance?”

“Stop talking nonsense, just talk straight.” Hongyun eyes flash with a cold light, if not all around there are many Transcenders, he is worried about Jiang Chen His safety, otherwise he would have slapped and slapped him!

“Then follow the most basic rules of this World.” Elderly of Celestial Court said: “Powerhouse is respected. If he is strong enough to beat my dísciple, then…I Celestial Court will not intervene in this matter!”

“If he loses, then the token to enter the Daqian mine burial must be given to my dísciple.”

Hearing this, Without waiting for Hongyun to speak, nor for Jiang Chen’s consent, Celestial Court, the dísciple brought by Elderly, took a step forward, arched his hand to Jiang Chen, with a provocative expression, saying: “Please enlighten me!”

“What kind of stuff are you? If you want to fight, I have to accompany you?” Jiang Chen held his chin up, looking at the opponent’s cultivation base of the upper emperor, he was really upset!

Jiang Chen is crazy, but not ignorant.

How weak is the dísciple taught by Celestial Court Transcender?

even more how, the cultivation base is a lot higher than Jiang Chen!

If this fight, Jiang Chen is really not sure that he can beat the opponent.

“Celestial Court still need a face?” Hongyun complexion is gloomy, said: “Jiang Chen is only the Divine King cultivation base, but you let an emperor come to fight him?”

“The Paragon Palace only comes out of Paragon. Since as Paragon, Jiang Chen should have the strength to fight the emperor.” Elderly lightly said with a smile of Celestial Court: “What? Could it be that Jiang Chen’s strength? Is it all bragging? As the Paragon Divine King, but unable to fight the emperor? It seems that the dísciple of the Paragon Temple is one thing.”

“Forget it, this I will give you the token.”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen expression became weird. He threw the token to enter the Daqian mine burial directly to Elderly of Celestial Court, but asked again: “What if Someone defeated your dísciple, then this token…should you give it to the winner?”

“This is natural, so many people here are watching.” Elderly said resolutely of Celestial Court “This is powerhouse is respected. The winner is king, and the winning talent is qualified to hold this token and enter the burial of Daqian!”

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