I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1259

Elderly of Celestial Court is very confident. After all, his dísciple is the upper emperor. He firmly believes that except Transcender, others will not be his opponents!

That’s the case, he dared to say such things in front of everyone!

At the same time, there are many people wondering, is Jiang Chen persuaded this time? Don’t struggle a bit, just give the token to Celestial Court?

This is not in line with Jiang Chen’s style!

Even Hongyun and Hepingba are confused, Jiang Chen, what’s wrong?

But, at this moment, Jiang Chen smiled suddenly and said: “You are killed and disabled, don’t blame me.”

“En?” Elderly of Celestial Court was taken aback. , I don’t understand the meaning of Jiang Chen’s words at all.

next moment, everyone saw a ten thousand zhang in the distance rising!

Immediately afterwards, a woman with outstanding grace and grace shrouded in brilliance stepped out of the void!

Her looks are peerless, and her figure is even more graceful, but at this moment, there is a trace of killing intent between her eyebrows!

She walked step by step, neither slow nor fast, but each step would give people a sense of shock!

Especially her body, one after another zodiac air lingers!

That is that only those who become the emperor, who condense the power of a country can have this zodiac aura!

“The man who moved me, did you ever think about the consequences?”

After a few breaths, this woman came to Jiang Chen’s side, staring at Elderly in Celestial Court, very He said domineeringly: “Let your dísciple come and die!”

“Are you?”

“Who is this? The emperor’s cultivation base, but dare to fight with Celestial Court Transcender speaks like this!?”


Everyone was surprised, and this woman secretly thought is too domineering! ?

And Jiang Chen was a little embarrassed. Looking at the woman next to him, he felt very complicated for a while.

“The Empress…” Jiang Chen said lightly, not knowing what to call her.

“There is only one emperor, and that is me.” The female emperor ignored Jiang Chen, but looked towards the Celestial Court Elderly dísciple, phoenix eyes with a hint of dominance and contempt. Said: “Not every emperor can be called emperor, at least…you are not worthy.” After saying these words, the empress looked towards Jiang Chen, the domineering in her eyes disappeared, revealing a hint of tenderness Meaning, asked: “How are you doing?”

“Well, it’s just that sometimes I get bullied.” Jiang Chen said.

“Oh? Being bullied?” The empress’s face suddenly became cold, and then she touched Jiang Chen’s cheek very fondly, and said softly: “Oh, you protected me, today I cover you.”

“Where is the little girl, which force are you from? I know that I am from Celestial Court!?”

At this moment, the Celestial Court Elderly burst out with an imposing manner. Seems to do something to the empress.

In this regard, the empress is very indifferent, pointing to the Celestial Court Elderly, and contemptuously said: “I advise you not to do anything to me, lest you lose face when the time comes!”

Immediately, the empress pointed to the dísciple of Celestial Court, and said: “Let’s play.”

“The tone is not small, but I don’t know if your strength is worthy of yours. No arrogant posture!” The dísciple of Celestial Court had cold eyes, and when the voice fell, I saw him thrust out!

Before the person arrives, he punches like a shining sun, rushing towards the empress!

“This is it?” The empress snorted, the white slender jade hand poked out, and one after another ripple emerged from her palm.

Where the palm of the hand passes, the void explodes, and Grand Dao Law turns into waves, and strikes out!



Under a burst of noise, I saw that the shining-like fist light was shattered, and at the same time the female emperor’s palm slapped On the Celestial Court dísciple!



There is another muffled noise. With just this palm, the dísciple of Celestial Court can’t hold it!

He flew upside down, blood was spilled along the way, and his fleshy body exploded after three breaths, and even his Divine Soul was almost annihilated!

If Elderly of Celestial Court hadn’t taken a shot in time to protect his Divine Soul and save his soul, the dísciple of Celestial Court would be destroyed by the Empress!

“Hand over my man’s things.” The empress has a cold expression, stretches out her jade hand, and jokingly said: “What? Isn’t it a shame?”

This As soon as the words came out, the Elderly expression of Celestial Court was extremely ugly, but for the sake of face, he still threw the token for entering the Daqian mine to the empress.

The Empress took the token, but did not give it to Jiang Chen, because she knew that the token was given to Jiang Chen now, and someone would continue to challenge him!

She doesn’t want Jiang Chen to play, she seems worried that Jiang Chen is injured.

And Jiang Chen was not in a hurry, but looked at the empress curiously and asked: “Where have you been during this time?”

“Go for a trip Ancestral Land.” The Empress said.

Where is the ancestral land, Jiang Chen naturally knows that it is the ancestral world!

But Jiang Chen didn’t expect that the empress came back!

Be aware that the ancestral land is cursed, even if Transcender enters, it is difficult to come back!

However, what makes Jiang Chen most puzzled is that the cultivation base of the empress… why is she still an emperor?

Could it be said that the female emperor’s innate talent aptitude is limited and cannot step into the realm of Transcender?

“She looks familiar.”

“Hey…what you say, really! I seem to have seen it somewhere!”

all around, many are discussing the empress, until after ten breaths, someone cry out in surprise: “It’s her! One emperor!”

“One emperor! Is it…she!?”

At this moment, many people exclaimed and thought of someone!

That person is the invincible in the ancestral world!

And that person has only one dísciple in his life, and he is still a female disciple!

That dísciple is a legendary emperor!

It is said that the woman’s innate talent aptitude is rare in the ages, and the invincible has said that his discipline, innate talent aptitude is far superior to him!

However, because of such an extraordinary innate talent aptitude, the empress has never stepped into the Transcendent Realm, which made the world bewildered at the beginning!

However, after the death of the Invincible, the Empress disappeared. After a few epochs, the Empress appeared again!

Also, there are men…

“I never heard that the Empress had a man.”

“Fart! The Empress did have a man. But…that is the object of her admiration. It is said that the man did not accept the female emperor…”



all around The voice became louder and louder, and the face of the empress became more and more ugly!

She swept her gaze all around, coldly said: “Shut up!”

“The female emperor…Which man was you… who could refuse you?” Transcender was not afraid, and asked directly.

As soon as these words came out, everyone obviously felt something wrong with the imposing manner of the empress!

There are endless killing intents on her body!

“That…the one who rejected you back then, wouldn’t it be mine?” Jiang Chen expression asked weirdly.

However, as soon as he asked this, Jiang Chen regretted it.

Isn’t this the “Go on” of Jie Fei Di!

The dignified female emperor, known as innate talent aptitude, is a person who transcends the invincible, peerless grace and elegance, but was rejected.

This… really embarrassing the empress!

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