I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1260

The face of the empress is very ugly at the moment, after all, she is recognized by others, and she also mentioned her “sadness” back then.

Of course, these are not the key points. The key point is that Jiang Chen, who is not funny, even asked in person!

This…I’m afraid I can’t bear it!

“When I didn’t say…” Jiang Chen also looked embarrassed, secretly thought that he is usually smart, how can I ask such questions now!

“You are also Senior anyway, known as the emperor of the ages, but now you are fighting with the younger generations, you have a face!?”

At this moment, Elderly of Celestial Court spoke, expression Not good, but when looking towards the female emperor, there was a sense of fear in his eyes!

Just because Elderly has lived for a long time, he has experienced the original era!

In that era, although the empress was only an emperor, Transcender did not dare to do anything to him, nor did she have the ability to do anything to her!

There have been several battles between the Empress and Transcender, and the final result was the same. The Empress won!

The power of the female emperor is rare in ancient and modern times. With the power of the emperor, she has broken the shackles and shackles, and can fight Transcender!

“Face? I would like to ask, if you let an emperor fight Divine King, do you have a face?” The female emperor raised her eyebrows and said contemptuously: “Why? Can’t afford to lose? If you feel unconvinced , You can come by yourself, I will accompany you!”

As soon as these words came out, Elderly of Celestial Court turned completely black!

He really didn’t dare to make a move rashly, after all, the name of the empress was too loud!

It’s just that, if he just gives up today, where will he put his face? Where is the face of Celestial Court! ?

“Everyone, the emperor is a thing of the past, so many years have passed, who knows the state of the female emperor, I can’t as well let my juniors take action, discuss with the female emperor, and ask for advice. “Elderly of Celestial Court said.

Everyone is hearing this, but no one responds.

After all, no one is a fool. The Elderly of Celestial Court clearly wants to use them as a tool!

“Old boy! You talk a lot!”

Suddenly, there was an explosion in the void, and then the third giant in the black market rushed from the void. come out!

He yelled, with a billowing black mist in his palm, pressing down the Celestial Court Elderly!

“You dare!” Celestial Court Elderly let out a shout, but his body was very honest, he directly pulled his own dísciple into the void, and left here in an instant!

He knows very well that he is definitely not an opponent of the third giant in the black market!

“Today I will put the words here! My black market and Celestial Court are not over!” The third tycoon in the black market roared, his voice trembling everywhere, even if it was separated by several Star Domains. Can hear this angry roar!

Obviously, the third giant in the black market is angry!

At the same time, the people all around are constantly scanning, looking for the trace of the Holy Emperor.

After a few breaths, someone saw a severed arm in the void, which was left by the Holy Emperor!


“Integrated the three bodies, or lost to the third big black market!?”

“The big three black market , It’s really not blowing!”


How strong the Holy Emperor was before, completely fearless of the third giant in the black market, even everyone thought that the Holy Emperor was really Can fight the third giant in the black market.

But as a result, how strong it was before, how ridiculous it is now.

“If the Big Three in the black market weren’t strong enough, the entire black market would have been endorsed long ago!”

“The Holy Emperor was afraid this time was panicked and offended the black market… The days of the Emperor are afraid it will be difficult.”


At this moment, the third giant of the black market came to Jiang Chen’s side, and the black fog on his body was constantly fluctuating. Obviously, although he won the battle with the Holy Emperor, it was a bit difficult.

“From today, this Daqian mine burial will be in charge of my black market!” The third giant said solemnly, taking the token in the hands of the empress, and said: “In the future, I don’t need this kind of burial. Token!”

“The third giant, the Great Thousand Worlds burial is controlled by many academies of Great Thousand Worlds. Do you want the black market to be the sole owner of this place? Will those academies agree?”

“If the Holy Heaven Dynasty unites many academies to contend with your black market, your black market will not be better, right?”


Many people asked, they don’t believe in the black market. Really dare to monopolize the burial of Daqian.

You must know that the reason why the Holy Heaven Dynasty was able to control the burial of Daqian was only because of the support of the Academy behind it.

If it weren’t, it’s just a holy dynasty, how could it not only monopolize the central Star Domain, but also control the burial of the Great Thousand Mines.

The black market is strong, but if it really goes to war with many academies and holy dynasties, the black market will not necessarily have the upper hand!

Even the black market is very likely to be destroyed!

“Don’t talk nonsense, as long as the Three Great Giants on the black market does not fall, the black market will not be destroyed!” Someone whispered, “You junior, don’t know the origins of the three great giants, their true The identity is scary!”

“Oh? What is their true identity?” Someone curiously asked.

However, no one dared to speak out. Anyone who knows the identity of the Three Great Giants on the black market would not dare to raise this issue too much!

At this moment, the third giant on the black market ignored the voice of all around, but instead set his sights on Jiang Chen, saying: “Go in.”

“many thanks “Jiang Chen said with a smile, looked towards the female emperor, and asked: “Will you go in together?”

“No, I can’t stay outside for a long time.” The female emperor sighed: “The hunter of Samsara has been looking for Me.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his expression condensed slightly, and his heart was even more puzzled.

He is also a reincarnation stowaway, but now, the reincarnation hunter has not looked for him several times.

On the contrary, she is a female emperor. Since she was born, she has been chased and killed by Samsara hunters!

This treatment…

Sometimes Jiang Chen thinks, Samsara hunter then “take care of” the empress, is there something hidden in her body?

Could it be that when the empress was smuggling the ferry back, what did she take away on Samsara Road?

Or, did she learn some secrets about reincarnation?

“I don’t know when we meet next time, you take care of yourself.” The empress lightly said, slender jade hand stroked Jiang Chen’s cheek, with a trace of gentleness and resentment, she finally left. went.

Jiang Chen looked at the back of the empress leaving, his emotions were a little ups and downs.

He knows that the Empress has been watching him secretly and protecting him.

For such a woman, peerless grace and elegance, why did I reject her in the first place?

“That’s all that’s all, everything will be known in the future, why bother at this time.” Jiang Chen sighed, then looked at Pingba, and said: “Let’s go.”

” en. “Pingpachi nodded, bowing to Hongyun and the third giant in the black market, he said: “Today, many thanks two.”

Pingpachi knows very well that if it weren’t for these two today, he and Jiang Chen’s end will be extremely miserable!

Although these two are here to help Jiang Chen, they can be regarded as helping Pingba.

Although there is hatred for the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds, he will not generalize.

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