I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1261

Daqian mine burial seems to be in endless void, and it seems to fall on the abyss.

Looking from a distance, there are rugged rocks and mists rising up.

There is no entrance to the Daqian mine burial, just because you can enter from any direction.

It’s just that, before, there were guards from all major academies and the holy dynasty nearby, and you can only enter with the token of the holy dynasty.

But today is different.

The Holy Emperor was beaten away, and the people of the Holy Empire naturally retreated.

As for the people from the major academies, they did not want to intervene in this matter, and they all retreated.

Now, this big thousand mine burial is equivalent to the third giant in the black market!

“Be careful, there may be a big problem here.” Jiang Chen Hepingba has entered the Daqian burial and is slowly advancing along a path formed by strange rocks.

The road at first was very wide, but it didn’t take long for the all around the strange rocks to rise up, and the road gradually moved towards downward.

About half an hour later, the two really entered the Daqian mine burial and entered a mine.

The inside of the mine is not as dark as it can be seen from the outside world. It is very bright and gentle, just like an underground hot spring zone.

However, Jiang Chen stopped as soon as Hepingba entered the mine.

Because there is a stone tablet standing in front of them, and the four characters “Do not get close to the living” are written on the stone tablet!

At the same time, near the stone tablet, there are many dead bones scattered, some of them are kept intact, even if they are dead, they give people a lifelike feeling, as if they are still alive.

There are also only residual limbs and broken arms, and the fleshy body is broken.

But what is strange is that there are no signs of fighting around here!

This means that these creatures died directly after entering this place. I don’t know if they encountered something ominous!

“It’s a little weird, be careful.” Jiang Chen said solemnly and glanced at the few well-preserved corpses. Judging from the breath of the corpses within the body, these are obviously emperors!

As an emperor, suddenly died here, and there is no trace of a fight, then… the danger and weirdness of this place is indeed shocking!

“What is that?”

Suddenly, Pingpachi’s expression condensed, and he saw a grass moving not far ahead!


To be precise, it is walking!

Look carefully, this half-human dark-green grass, with its roots like legs, is walking slowly not far away.

Even, it seemed to look back at Jiang Chen Hepingba, and then stretched out a blade, and waved at Jiang Chen Hepingba.

“Is this immortal medicine!?” Jiang Chen’s eyes were green, and he took a subconsciously step and crossed the stone tablet!



In an instant, there was a roar all around, and then a huge Killing Formation appeared!

“It turns out that there was Killing Formation!” Jiang Chen was relieved. No wonder that many people died here, and there were no traces of fighting. It turned out that they all died in Killing Formation!

However, Formation is the same thing for Jiang Chen!

I saw him standing in place and never moving, his eyes were indeed radiant. After a few breaths, Jiang Chen’s rune and formation mark dazzled!


Along with the surging of rune and formation mark, Jiang Chen’s fingers clicked out one after another, and one after another brilliance fell on every corner of Killing Formation.

I didn’t wait for Killing Formation to start, this Formation turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared invisible!

“Your Formation accomplishments… are indeed amazing.” Heihachi exclaimed.

“Read more and learn more.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen’s face suddenly turned black!

It’s just that after seeing Jiang Chen breaking the Killing Formation, the little grass stretched out three pages, like three fingers.

Then, this grass raised a middle finger to Jiang Chen Hepingba!

“You can’t make it so good!?” Jiang Chen’s face was dark, and as soon as he was about to charge ahead, he saw that grass disappeared instantly!

It escaped into the ground without leaving a trace of breath, it was gone!

“You said…Is this immortal medicine?” Pingba asked, “This grass always feels weird.”

“Don’t let me meet Here!” Jiang Chen said solemnly, was actually despised by a blade of grass!

If he encounters this again, he has to pull it up as a belt!

“You said…what is buried in it?”

“I don’t know, maybe there are some living things buried, maybe… there really is some mine.”



Next, Jiang Chen Hepingba moved forward slowly, taking every step carefully, not dare to be careless!

But what is strange is that an hour later, the two of them walked to the deepest part of the mine, and they had already reached the end, and they had never encountered any danger.

Could it be said that the only danger in this big thousand mine burial is the big Killing Formation from the stone tablet?


If this is only the case, how did this great burial come from?

“Something is wrong.” Jiang Chen frowned: “Don’t you think this big thousand mine burial is too safe?”

“Is this still safe?” Pingba was not angry. Said: “The previous big Killing Formation, even the emperor will fall, if you don’t have too much knowledge in the array, we will die there just now!”

“But…this is the Great Thousand Mine Burial, that’s it A big Killing Formation guardian, don’t you think it’s a bit too trivial?” Jiang Chen asked in confusion.

As soon as these words came out, Pingpachi rolled the eyes and said angrily: “Please, Transcender can’t enter here, and the Killing Formation can easily suppress and kill the emperor, and most people enter the Daqian mine. , Who can survive from that big Killing Formation?”

“It makes sense, but I always citrus…weird.” Jiang Chen whispered.


Suddenly, there was a sky-splitting sound, and then a green light moved towards Jiang Chen flying towards Jiang Chen!

Look carefully, this is a sword glow of jade green, the green one makes people panic!

“Who!?” Jiang Chen lightly shouted, and the silhouette hurried back, but he didn’t dare to shake the sword glow.

The same is true for Pingpachi, moving horizontally one after another, which avoided the sword glow.

Then the two looked at each other, and they saw shock and fear in each other’s eyes!

Only because the power contained in the sword glow just now is too terrifying, as if it can annihilate everything!

“Damn! It’s it!”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen’s face was dark, and he saw the grass again!

At this moment, that little grass seems to be looking at Jiang Chen and Heping.

At the same time, the sword glow of jade green flashes all over his body. The sword just now was shot by this guy!

“The two little boys are good, they can avoid my sword.”

At this moment, the grass spoke with an old-fashioned appearance.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, this little grass said again: “It would be nice to be a bookboy for me.”

“What a…a grass Speaking.” Jiang Chen was stunned, poking at Pingba next to him, and asked: “Have you ever seen grass talking?”

“See you for the first time.” Pingba shook his head and saw ominous beast Demonic. When beast speaks, even the weakest grass can speak!

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