I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1262

A little grass, which has never been transformed, but has an old-fashioned appearance.

He has no facial features, but Jiang Chen knows this guy is staring at them!

Also, that attitude is indeed a bit arrogant!

“What the hell are you? immortal medicine?” Jiang Chen asked, his body tight, because he could feel the grass within the body full of an extremely violent force!

In the face of this force, Jiang Chen does not have the confidence to protect himself!

The same is true for Pingba, browse tightly knit, he can’t see whether this grass is good or evil to them!

“Two Juniors, it is your conviction to be able to serve my Sword Master.” Xiaocao said: “From ancient times to the present, how many great powers want to worship us, and how many people want to see I can’t do one side!”

“Today, I give you great luck, follow me, and protect you from eternal life!”

I have to say that what this grass says is a bit too much. What a cultivator’s dream of immortality! ?

However, since ancient times, how many people can do it! ?

Even Transcender has a long life essence, but in the end it is impossible to live forever.

The time is up, the life essence is exhausted, and there is no escape from the cycle of death.

“Don’t blow it.” Jiang Chen rolled the eyes and said angrily: “Who are you? Have you ever seen immortal medicine? Or… Have you seen sword dao flowers? “

This little grass is hearing this, the leaves tremble suddenly, and then angrily asks: “Have you never seen the sword dao flower?!”

” Of course I haven’t seen it. If I have seen it, how can I ask you?” Jiang Chen curled his lips.

“They are really two Juniors with no eyes!” This grass is a little angry, said solemnly: “This seat is in front of you, but you don’t know it!? hmph! !”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen became excited immediately.

He looked up and down the grass, and asked: “You are the sword dao flower? But… it doesn’t look like it, it doesn’t look like a flower, it’s just a grass.”


“Who told you that the sword dao flower must be a flower!? This seat abandons the flower and only repairs the body. Now the sword dao Great Ascension, one sword can cut Sun, Moon and Stars, and one sword can kill The law of the void!” This grass is very arrogant, and at the same time a leaf is gently waved, a scary green sword glow shot out from the mine, and then rushed out of the mine burial!

At this moment, the creatures outside the burial of Daqian Mine were shocked!

They saw this sword glow and cut away the void. Even the Grand Dao Law was annihilated under this sword glow!

Even the third giant in the black market is getting cold right now!

He stared at the Great Thousand Mine Burial, secretly thought that there is it possible that Supreme creatures really live in it! ?

At this moment, Jiang Chen and Hepingba did not see how terrifying the sword glow was.

I saw Jiang Chen staring at the sword dao flower. After a few breaths, he asked: “Are you psychic?”

“Nonsense! Not psychic, this seat can Communicate with you? Can this seat be cultivation? This seat can be so strong!?” Sword Dao Hua said grumpily, and then stroked another leaf with one leaf, said resolutely: “Of course, the appearance of this seat is also ten thousand herbs. Among the well-known figures, the peerless beauty!”



Jiang Chen Hepingba is a bit messy, in In their eyes, the world looks like green grass, so why do you look handsome?

Besides, you don’t look good. Who can tell if you are handsome?


Really shameless!

“We came to Daqian Mine to bury, actually we came to find sword dao flowers.” Jiang Chen thought for a while, and felt it was better to tell the truth.

He can see that this sword dao flower is not malicious to them, otherwise it would have been shot.

Moreover, Jiang Chen has also been plot against. If he fights with this sword dao flower, he may not be the opponent’s opponent in peace.

In this way, it’s better to be honest!

“Senior, I have a dísciple trapped in a greedy ghost. I want to use the power of the sword dao flower to let the greedy ghost get out of the avenue, so as to save my dísciple. I don’t know if Senior is willing Help?” Jiang Chen said: “As long as Senior agrees, I ask you to mention it! As long as I can do it!”


At this moment, sword Dao Hua exclaimed, then turned into a green light, and came to Jiang Chen’s body, confirming: “You really have a greedy ghost!? That’s the best killer in the world!”

“It does.” Jiang Chen stretched out his hand, and summon had a greedy ghost, saying: “My dísciple is trapped inside.”

“Oh? Let me see.” sword dao Hua lightly said, took the greedy ghost from Jiang Chen, and then a green light burst out!

“What are you doing?!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen exclaimed, because the connection between him and the greedy ghost disappeared!

Be aware that when Jiu Tianxia was trapped in a greedy ghost, Jiang Chen used the greedy ghost as his proof to protect the Jiu Tianxia!

But now, the things of his sermons are disconnected from him!

“Junior, you can’t control this thing, it’s better to hand it to me.” Sword Dao Hua said, and then she shook with the greedy ghost.


After a few breaths, the greedy ghost shook, and a silhouette fell out of the greedy ghost!

Look carefully, this is the nine worlds!

However, at this moment, Jiutianxia is in a coma, and her breath is weak. Obviously she is trapped in a greedy ghost, and her life is not easy!

“It’s her that you want to save, right? Now it’s given to you. I will take this greedy ghost.” Sword Dao Hua said: “I will help you save people, you will send me greedy Fate ghost, this matter does not owe each other.”

“Senior…this is my proof of Tao…” Jiang Chen’s face is dark, but he dare not give this greedy ghost to sword dao flowers. !

You should know that the greedy ghost, as the thing of the Dao, has long been fused with Jiang Chen.

If the greedy ghost is separated from Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base and dao fruit will have to be cut off six to seven times!

However, the sword dao flower is very strong, with a green sword glow on his body, coldly said: “What I want, can you still give it? Now the greedy ghost is in my hand, you can take it Going back?”

After that, I saw two leaves of sword dao flower gently stroked on the greedy ghost.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, with cold sweat on his face, especially his cultivation base and dao fruit, which fell straight down!

“You…really took the greedy ghost!?” Pingba stared, a murderous aura broke out, coldly said: “Give it back to him! Otherwise, kill you today!”

“You? Are you qualified?” Sword Dao said contemptuously: “In this burial of a thousand mines, I say one, and that is one! Even if that nasty flower comes, you have to knee down for me acknowledge allegiance!”


Suddenly, before Jiang Chen Hepingba spoke, a leisurely voice came.

Afterwards, a colorful flower appeared from another place in the cave.

With the appearance of this flower, the whole cave is filled with a fragrance, and even the road here is shaking, as if it was affected by this flower!

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