I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1263

A multicolored flower is so gorgeous, as if the All Heavens Myriad Realms thought that he was shining as the center.

But like the sword dao flower, this flower has no shape, but it can speak human’s words, and the imposing manner it emits is more terrifying than the sword dao flower!

It’s just that compared to the arrogant attitude of the sword dao flower, the multi-colored flowers seem a little indifferent.

Although it is shrouded in multi-colored light, giving people a sense of Saint Supreme God, it is really elegant and indifferent, as if it is not on the earth.

However, it now came directly in front of Sword Dao Hua, took away the greedy ghost, and then threw it to Jiang Chen.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen’s thanks, the leaves and leaves of the patted sword dao flower are just like patted their heads, and they said lightly: “Is there anything to be buried in the mines? Trifling greedy ghosts are worth your shameless Are you going to bully a Junior?”

“Don’t pretend to me! Just like to pretend to be high!” The sword dao flower seemed to be angry, and a sword glow directly took out and stood in this flowery Body.


However, under a tremor, that terrifying sword glow passed through this multi-flowered body, and finally disappeared invisible!

“This is…”

“A blade of grass, a flower…What is the secret hidden in this burial? It’s strange to look at it.”


Jiang Chen Heping is very frightened. They don’t know what is left in this burial.

But, at least these two guys in front of them were enough to shock them!

“You have to know, you are just a flower that’s all shed from this seat! This seat is for Supreme sword dao, this will remove you, and you will have freedom and true body!” sword dao Huanu shouted: “Nowadays, you still want to oppose me and you can’t do it!?”

“Joke, I am me, you are you, I am not you, and you are not me.” This flower lightly said: “Although I used to be one with you, but now you are all different.”

“After all, you are still the many flowers I shed!” Sword Dao Hua said.


As soon as these words came out, I saw the originally indifferent flower, suddenly a brilliant burst of brilliance, strikes on the sword dao flower.

Rao is a powerful and incomparable sword dao flower. At this moment, it was also shaken out, and then it was crushed to the ground by a petal, unable to move!

“How are you going to shake the sky!? I am the Lord! You are just a flower that I grew out!” Sword Dao Hua was furious, struggling on the ground, but he couldn’t break free!

Look at the flower again, lightly snorted, and then ignored the sword dao flower, but came to Jiang Chen Hepingba.

It seems to be looking at Jiang Chen Heping Ba. Although there are no facial features, it gives people a shocking feeling!

“What do you do in Daqian Mine?”

After a few breaths, the flower asked and introduced herself: “I am also a sword dao flower, of course… in the eyes of the world , I have another name, immortal medicine.”


“You are immortal medicine!? Look like this!?”

… …

Jiang Chen is peaceful and moved, even more unbelieving!

From the previous conversations between the flower and the sword dao, they knew that the flower was originally one with the sword dao!

After the sword dao flower was channeled, in order to pursue the Supreme sword dao, this flower was shed!

This is exactly the case. This flower is free and psychic. It finally becomes like this.

But… how can a shed flower become immortal medicine?

Isn’t this thing immortal medicine born and raised by Heaven and Earth, pregnant with the great fortune of Heaven and Earth, and born from the reincarnation of Heaven and Earth? !

That kind of thing, the background is mysterious, at least impossible is a shed flower!

“You don’t believe me?”

At this moment, immortal medicine asked, then laughed a few times, and said: “Yes, the world only knows immortal medicine, but they don’t know what immortal medicine is. How did it come?”

After that, he pointed to the suppressed sword dao flower, and said: “Every immortal medicine is shed from such a creature. It can be said, I am the dao fruit of sword dao flower. If I am psychic, I am immortal medicine.”

“For example, Azure Dragon immortal medicine, White Tiger immortal medicine, etc., their previous lives are all certain A flower or a leaf on the divine grass divine medicine of the Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune strain. Because of some things, they are free and psychic, so they become immortal medicine.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen looked dazed. He never thought that the mysterious immortal medicine came from this way!

At this moment, Jiang Chen has no interest in this immortal medicine, but is full of interest in sword dao flowers, with green light in his eyes!

“I have a bold idea.” Jiang Chen whispered, poke Pingba, and said: “We will raise a sword dao flower, let him bloom again, and then shed, so… Do we have continuously immortal medicine?”

“Uh…you don’t say this, at least don’t say this in front of others.” Pingba’s face went dark and said: “This Both of you… are better than us.”

“Uh…it was a moment of excitement.” Jiang Chen then reacted, smirked, and said: “cracking a joke, two don’t be surprised. “

“Close to the subject, what are you doing here in Daqian Mine?” immortal medicine asked: “Is it because of me?”

This Jiang Chen hearing this, the expression suddenly It became weird.

He thought for a moment, and weakly asked: “If I told you that we are here for sword dao, not for you, would you feel very shameless?”


“Um…I should feel very shameless.” immortal medicine lightly said, his body flickered with multicolored brilliance, as if he was about to suppress Jiang Chen!

“Boy! Look at you and have a vision! Know that this seat is better than this flower!” The sword dao flower was suppressed, but the mouth kept on.

Furthermore, after the voice fell, the green light on his body rose sharply, and he really broke free!

However, after breaking free, he did not act on immortal medicine, but made a silent gesture and reminded: “Be careful, don’t disturb the sleeping creatures here.”

“If you have nothing to do, you can go back. This great burial will not allow anyone to come in.” immortal medicine said: “From ancient times to the present, this place is a forbidden place.”

“But we came in.” Jiang Chen whispered: “Come in, let us go without getting anything?”

“You can get something, but it depends on your luck And good luck.” Sword Dao Hua said: “The master here once said that those who are predestined get the world’s great treasure.” After all, he came to the depths of the Cave Mansion and pointed to the strong A large disk hung said: “Turn it, and you can get what the pointer turns to.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, he immediately became interested. And when I saw what was written on the disc, my eyes were green!

“sword dao flower, immortal medicine, immortal divine technique, ancient scripture of time…” Jiang Chen wiped the overflowing halazi from the corner of his mouth, with green light in his eyes, looking towards sword dao flower and immortal medicine , Asked: “If the pointer on the big disk points to the sword dao flower or immortal medicine, I can take you away?”

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