I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1264

A large disk with nine points and a pointer on it.

This means that Jiang Chen can take away which pointer points to.

This makes Jiang Chen’s heart very hot. If he can switch to immortal medicine, he will be rich!

Of course, that indestructible divine technique and ancient scripture of time are also Supreme scriptures, Divine Art that has existed since ancient times, among which the Profound Truth is extraordinary, and ordinary people are simply unimaginable!

If you can get one of them, Jiang Chen’s strength will be greatly improved!

“Whatever you turn to, you can take away anything.” immortal medicine said: “But… first of all, you turn the wheel.”

oh?” Jiang Chen was curious and asked: “Why do you say that?”

“The weight of this roulette is cast by the empress mother’s stone. Even if the emperor comes, it is difficult to turn it.” sword dao Hua contemptuously said: “Just your Divine King cultivation base, don’t even think about it.”

“Try it.” Jiang Chen lightly said, his fleshy body is extremely powerful and powerful, perhaps true You can turn this big roulette!

And once it turns, no matter how bad it is, the same thing can be taken away!

If you are lucky, you can still take away immortal medicine!

“Don’t try, waste time.” Sword Dao Hua still looks contemptuous. In his eyes, unless Transcender comes, no one can turn this big wheel!

Jiang Chen didn’t speak, and before he came to the big roulette, within the body divine force surged, and then his hands suddenly pressed on the roulette!

The power of the whole body broke out, and even the power of Dragon-Tiger was rioting!

However, under this test, this roulette turned out to be completely motionless!

“open for me!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is also fierce. The power of three Dao Souls is blessed on his body, and the brilliance is transpired. With force again, this roulette Finally moved a little.

But, that’s all!

It’s a long way to go if you want to turn this wheel!

“Myriad Transformations Tianzhan!”

Jiang Chen complexion is gloomy, but did not give up. Under the angry roar, Myriad Transformations Tianzhan suddenly became a masterpiece!

A blue lamp floats above the head, brightly lit, and at the same time a black illusory shadow manifests itself, attached to Jiang Chen’s body!

The lantern bearer possesses!



At this moment, I saw Jiang Chen put his hands hard again, and the wheel finally turned!

One lap, two laps, and after three laps, the roulette stopped!

After the roulette stopped, the pointer slowly stopped and finally landed on the sword dao flower!

“What? Sword Dao Flower?” Jiang Chen looked disappointed, and he had no interest in Sword Dao Flower.

Before, when Jiu Tianxia was still trapped in a greedy ghost, Jiang Chen was extremely eager for the sword dao flower.

But now that Jiu Tianxia has come out, what is the use of this sword dao flower?

“What look in your eyes!? What expression!? Are you dissatisfied to get the deity!?” Sword Dao burst into flames, and after a few angers, he suddenly smiled contemptuously and pointed to the side of the big roulette , Said: “Look at the rules clearly.”


Jiang Chen hearing this, and then I saw a line beside the big roulette!

Writing on it, only if the big wheel turns a hundred times, it counts!

And this time, the big roulette has only rotated three times, no matter what the pointer turns, Jiang Chen can’t take it away!

“Don’t waste your effort.” immortal medicine also sighed: “This big roulette, only Transcender can turn a hundred times.”

“Can I still try it?” “Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, but… useless, the result is the same.” immortal medicine said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, also felt hopeless, but still couldn’t help trying again!

And this time, Jiang Chen can be said to show all the cards!

The three Dao Souls were added, and the lantern bearer possessed, and then Primal Chaos Qi suddenly exploded, covering Jiang Chen like a mist!


Under a long whistle, brightly lit and three strands of Primal Chaos Qi burst out a shocking force!

Under this force, Jiang Chen’s body was blue veins violently, and under the sudden force of his hands, the voice of Dragon-Tiger burst out from within the body!



Under a burst of noise, I saw that the big roulette was completely turned!

Circle after lap, the big roulette seems difficult to stop!

When the sword dao flower and immortal medicine on the side saw this, she suddenly panicked!

They can feel that the number of turns of the big roulette this time will definitely break a hundred!

They couldn’t believe that a Divine King must have much power and good luck to spin the big roulette cast by the Queen Mother Stone!

“No! Everyone only has one chance!”

“This is definitely not…”

Sword Dao Hana and immortal medicine started to speak, Wan Once this pointer really fell on the names of the two of them, then you can’t follow Jiang Chen away! ?

Moreover, the owner of this great thousand mine burial can set the rules, and if the living thing is taken away, you have to recognize the Master!

When the time comes, they all have to recognize Jiang Chen as the master!

“It doesn’t count? This…well.”

Jiang Chen sighed. I thought there was a show this time, but I never thought it would be counted.

Then…If you don’t count it, don’t count it. Anyway, Jiu Tianxia has already come out, and this time it is a reward.


After more than ten breaths, the continental disk stopped rotating, and the pointer slowly fell on the sword dao flower.


At this moment, Sword Dao Hua cursed, then spoke, “This doesn’t count! Everyone has only one chance!”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a heart-palpitating force suddenly appeared on the roulette.

Under this force, Jiang Chen’s whole body was imprisoned, and at the same time a drop of blood dripped from the center of his eyebrows, slowly falling in front of the sword dao flower body!

Similarly, sword dao flower within the body also appeared a wisp of soul fragments, and then merged with Jiang Chen’s blood.

In an instant, Jiang Chen was stunned!

Because he can feel that he and Sword Dao had a contractual relationship before spending, and it was still a master-servant contract!

Jiang Chen is the main one, sword dao spends a lot of money!

“No way! I’m not convinced!”

Sword Dao Hua roars, he is not reconciled to become Jiang Chen’s servant!

And Jiang Chen is also stunned. Didn’t you say that before?

What’s going on now?

“This…this rule is not our final decision. There are rules and order left by the owner of this great burial in the roulette wheel.” immortal medicine explained: “As long as it is transferred, it is Yours.”

“Oh…that means…this sword dao flower is mine now?” Jiang Chen came back to his senses, and immediately looked towards sword dao flower with a lowly laughed look , Jokingly said: “Little sword sword, call the master soon.”

“The deity has destroyed you!” Sword Dao Hua roared, but just about to act on Jiang Chen, the power of the contract broke out!

For a while, Sword Dao Hua collapsed to the ground, with no strength at all, and even her divine force was imprisoned!

At this moment, Sword Dao was completely panicked and desperate!

He lay on the ground, looked towards the big roulette, and wailed: “Boss, you let me go, I have followed you for several generations anyway, so you have the heart to give me to one The little Divine King is a servant!?”

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