I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1265

sword dao Hua is desperate, he can’t change the rules and order set by the owner of this great burial!

He doesn’t want to be Jiang Chen’s servant!

Sword dao has spent countless years living, witnessing the birth of too many young supreme talents, and seeing countless heroes fall. He prides himself on standing in the Peak of this World!

Now, let him be a servant of the Divine King, how can he be willing in his heart!

He was full of anger and grievance, but he couldn’t change it all!

Once the contract is set, unless Jiang Chen himself is willing to terminate the contract, sword dao flower will be his servant!

“Crying father and calling mother, do you think I am willing to accept you as a servant?” Jiang Chen was not happy.

His reincarnation tenth, although his memory is incomplete, he can’t stand being so despised!

What happened to Divine King! ?

Now, with the power of the Divine King, with all his cards out, he is enough to fight the emperor!

Jiang Chen thinks that this sword dao flower is a bit underestimating him!


At this moment, Jiang Chen is also not affected by this anger, both hands forming seals, in front of the sword dao flower, directly unlocked the contract!

At this moment, Sword Dao was dumbfounded, even Ping Pachi and immortal medicine were dumbfounded.

“What do you mean? Sword Dao flowers are not good?” immortal medicine curiously asked.

“Although this seat is only the Divine King, he is also arrogant! If he is unwilling, why should I force it.” Jiang Chen coldly said: “You can’t stand this grievance, I can’t stand this anger! Seeing people are low!”

“You are a trifling Divine King that’s all!” Sword Dao Hua didn’t thank him, but instead was a sword glow hit, and he went straight to Jiang Chen!

Sword Dao Hua is very unreasonable. In his eyes, only strength is the king!

If you are stronger than me, then I will listen to you.

If you are not strong enough, it is like trivial ant!

“If he is dead, there is no need for this great burial.”

Suddenly, a leisurely voice sounded, as if it came from ancient times, and as if it came from the future.

Under this voice, the sword glow hit by the sword dao flower disappeared out of thin air, and the sword dao flower was suppressed on the ground!

This is how many times he has been suppressed today! ?

But this time, the leaves of the sword dao flower are almost withering. That is not real withering, but being scared!

He knows better than anyone, where this voice comes from, and whose mouth it comes from!

“Boss! I’m not convinced!” Sword Dao said in a low voice: “Have you ever considered my feelings when you set these rules?”

“The rules are the rules. It is doomed in the dark.” The owner of the Daqian Mine Burial did not show up, and sighed: “Perhaps, this chance is not suitable for you.”

“What chance? a trifling Divine King that’s all, let me be his servant, this is a good luck!? I would rather not have this good luck!” Although Sword Dao Hua was frightened, she still spoke her heart.

He repairs a sword, his heart is like a sword, without fear!

“The sword and the flower are one body. Since you don’t want to follow him, then…what about you?”

At this moment, the voice of the owner of the burial of Daqian mine sounded, and his mouth said “You” refers to immortal medicine.

immortal medicine hearing this, after thinking about it for a moment, the petals unfolded, and said: “Everything about me originates from this great burial. What do you say is what it is.”

“Can you regret it? Can you complain?” asked the owner of the Daqian Mine Burial.

“No regrets, no complaints.” immortal medicine lightly said: “If this is a good fortune and opportunity, then…maybe I can bear it.”

, I saw a ray of soul fragments of immortal medicine emerge, exuding an astonishing fragrance, accompanied by multicolored brilliance, slowly falling in front of Jiang Chen.

“Make a contract, you are the master and I am the servant.” immortal medicine said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, frowned, said solemnly: “If you made a contract with me only because of the owner of Daqian Mine Burial, then… I don’t want it.”

You know, although Jiang Chen wants this immortal medicine very much, he knows better that immortal medicine is something that no one can hold!

Today, even if you get immortal medicine, once it spreads out, there are so many people who are jealous of immortal medicine. When the time comes, they will definitely come to him!

With his current cultivation base, facing the average emperor, it is good to say that if facing those Peak emperors, even Transcender, Jiang Chen will feel a little uncomfortable!

When the time comes, not only is immortal medicine difficult to keep, but even one’s own life is in!

Of course, this cannot be said that Jiang Chen is timid.

After being reborn, it is not easy to walk all the way to the present. He must be cautious and think clearly about each step he will take in the future!

“Fortune fortune is something that you can’t see clearly, or you don’t know, maybe today you came to the burial of Daqian and turned this big roulette. This is a kind of fortune.” immortal medicine said “To you and me, it is a kind of destiny.”

“But…I can’t keep you.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “Yes, I am now a trifling Divine King , This cultivation base looks at the entire Great Thousand Worlds, what’s the point? After you go out with me, once exposed, you will be taken away and I will die.”

“Then change yourself and let I become stronger.” immortal medicine said.


Without waiting for Jiang Chen’s reaction, I saw immortal medicine suddenly started to force Jiang Chen’s blood essence.

After that, he forcibly signed a contract with Jiang Chen!

He is a servant, Jiang Chen is the master!

“Let’s do it, let’s walk together in the future.” Immortal medicine seems to be very open, and at the same time, the silhouette flashes, turning into a white-haired woman.

It seems that he is only five or six years old, his skin is very tender, and his big, bright and intelligent eyes give people a feeling of innocence.

“I haven’t grown up yet, I’m begging you for the future,” immortal medicine said.

“Give a name.”

At this moment, the voice of the owner of the burial of Daqian mine sounded again. This is for Jiang Chen to give immortal medicine a name!

Jiang Chen is naturally puzzled, why should he give his name?

But, he thought about it subconsciously, and then opened the mouth and said: “Yao Dade.”


” ……”



As soon as these words came out, the entire Daqian mine burial seemed to be quiet.

Even immortal medicine is a little confused.

What’s this name! ?

big brother, take a look at me, I am a woman anyway! ?

You give me this name! ?

Even the owner of Daqian Mine Burial was silent, and it seemed to be a little messy.

And Jiang Chen also reflected it, looking embarrassed.

When he named immortal medicine, he suddenly thought of the four great virtues…

He subconsciously named immortal medicine the Yao Dade…


At this moment, Yao Dade’s body was shining brightly. He suddenly became a seventeen-eighteen-year-old young girl from five or six years old!

“I have given my name, I will grow up, and…I won’t be able to change my name in this life.” Yao Dade’s appearance is peerless, but his face is dark at the moment, and his eyes are full of resentment.

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