I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1266

immortal medicine has no name without recognizing Master, and is collectively called immortal medicine.

As far as immortal medicine is concerned, giving a name is a kind of ceremony!

This kind of ceremony is irreversible, once the name is taken, it cannot be changed!

At this moment, Yao Dade is full of resentment, secretly thought that this little Divine King is unreliable, even the name is so pretentious!

If you follow him in the future, what will your life be like?


Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s expression changed because his divine force within the body fluctuated, just like a volcanic eruption, and it was rapidly increasing!

At the same time, the power of immortal medicine is weakening, until finally the cultivation base of immortal medicine actually drops to Low God!

And Jiang Chen’s cultivation base has soared from Divine King to Low God!

The cultivation base of the two of them is even at this moment!

“What’s going on?” Jiang Chen asked in confusion.

“This is the power of immortal medicine. Once you recognize the Master and give the name ceremony, the cultivation base between me and you will be equal.” Yao Dade said angrily: “I am a superior Emperor, now because of the ceremony, part of my power is given to you.”

“Oh…” Jiang Chen was relieved, and he was also elated in his heart.

Not only got immortal medicine, but the cultivation base also soared to Low God!

However, looking at the expression on immortal medicine’s face, that… it’s really pitch-black as ink.

“It stands to reason that my cultivation base is enough to bring your cultivation progress to the Divine Emperor.” Yao Dade frowned, blinked beautiful eyes, looked at Jiang Chen very suspiciously, and asked “You…it’s unreasonable.”

“Maybe my background is too deep, the increasing cultivation base requires too much power.” Jiang Chen explained.

You must know that Jiang Chen increasing cultivation base is really difficult.

He not only needs to cultivation Tiger Soul Skill, but also cultivation Heavenspan.

Half of the cultivation base transformed by immortal medicine into his tiger bone and dragon vein!

If not, with the profound cultivation base of immortal medicine, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base at this moment must at least reach the Divine Emperor!

“hahaha, Yao Dade? Follow this trifling Divine King, you are considered useless!” Sword Dao Hua teased aside: “Perhaps, after you leave Daqian Mine, you will be taken away. Go, when the time comes, it becomes a medicine pill, and it disappears from now on!”

“Fortune luck, who is right?” Yao Dade lightly said: “Even if he died after going out, I am also happy, it has nothing to do with you.”

Seriously, Yao Dade really wants to be very open, but he really cares about his name!

What a bad name!

However, if you let her know that there are four great virtues in the outside world, will she go crazy?

“Can I spin the big roulette, too?” Heihachi looked at him with eyes hot.

“Yes.” Yao Dade said: “As long as you can turn it.”

“Then I will try.” Heihachi lightly said, and then walked to the big roulette. front.

Next moment, I saw Heihachi within the body’s divine force burst out, and there was a loud scream: “Old Ancestor, help me!”



At the moment the voice fell, Jiang Chen stared wide-eyed, just because he saw the ancestors of the Pingtian clan actually appeared!

That is the Remnant Soul mark they left in Pingpachi within the body. That is the last bit of heritage they left to the last descendant of the Pingtian clan!



At this moment, I saw Pingpachi like a War God possessing his body. With a sudden movement of his hands, the big wheel turned instantly. !

However, at this moment, Pingba did not look at the big roulette in front of him, but turned and looked towards the seven Dao Void shadows behind him.

These are the seven Old Ancestors of the Pingtian clan, including his father, his uncle, and his grandfather.

These people died in battle when God World was destroyed!

Now that he uses this power, the power of the foundation is about to disappear. From then on, he will never see his relatives anymore.

“I want to try.” Pingpachi said to the seven Dao Void shadows, pointing to the big roulette behind him, and said: “There is Divine Art on it. If I get it, maybe I can stand on it. Unbeaten, even beyond the shackles! I want to…reproduce the glory of the Pingtian clan!”

“Child, follow your heart.”

“I will wait though Passed away, but the will of the Pingtian clan is still there.”

“The road in the future, go by yourself, don’t be afraid of anything, and don’t be afraid of anything, I’m a Pingtian clan, I have never been afraid of anything!”


Seven Dao Void shadows spoke one after another, and then disappeared into the air with a sense of kindness and comfort one by one.



At this moment, the big wheel stopped spinning and the pointer fell on the ancient scripture of time!

“Fuck me!”

“This…this thing can’t be delivered, right?”


At this moment, sword Dao Hua and Yao Dade’s eyes both glowed green!

They know that this time ancient scripture is the inheritance technique of the owner of the Great Thousand Mine Burial!

Since ancient times, there have been thousands of cultivation techniques in the world, but there are several cultivation techniques that have been hailed as the strongest series from their appearance to the present!

Among them, there is this time ancient scripture!

At the beginning, the owner of Daqian Mine Burial used the technique of time to push the eternal invincible hand!

“Perhaps this is fate.”

The voice of the owner of the Daqian mine burial sounded, and then a ray of light flew from the deepest part of the Cave Mansion and entered the Pingpachi In my mind.

That is the cultivation method of the ancient scripture of time!

“Boy, got the ancient scripture of time, you are equivalent to the master of Daqian’s mine burial master! Don’t go to the teacher!?” Sword Dao Hua yelled aside.

However, without waiting for Pingba to speak, the owner of Daqian Mine Burial directly refused, saying: “How can I be your Master, what am I to be when the Pingtian clan is at its most glorious?”

“If I accept you as a disciple, the old fellow of the Pingtian clan will come to me desperately.”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen was quite peaceful. Messy.

The old fellow of the Pingtian clan? who is it?

At the beginning of God World, all the Pingtian clan died, and Pingbayi was left!

“The Pingtian clan also originated from the ancestral realm. As far as I know, besides you, there is an Old Ancestor who has been sitting in the ancestral realm.” The owner of the Daqian mine burial said: “From now on, if you have the strength to enter the Ancestral Realm, you may be able to meet him.”

“My Pingtian clan…There are still people…” Pingpachi was very excited. He thought he was the only one left in this world. A member of the ordinary people.

I never thought about it, there are relatives!

“Today, no matter what, I have to thank Senior.” Pingpachi bowed his head to the deepest part of Cave Mansion, and said: “Thanks Senior, give time to ancient scripture!”

“Things outside the body , To the destined person that’s all.” The owner of the Daqian Mine Burial was very indifferent, and immediately ordered the Expulsion Order, saying: “Let’s go, don’t bother me to rest.”

“Senior, I want to ask Now, is Daqian Mine Burial really a cemetery?” Jiang Chen asked suddenly.

He stared at the deepest part of Cave Mansion, always feeling that something was attracting him!

That kind of feeling is very familiar to Jiang Chen, it seems…He has a fleshy body from a previous life in the deepest part of this burial!

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