I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1267

For this feeling, Jiang Chen couldn’t be more familiar!

He is sure that he definitely has a fleshy body in the burial of Daqian Mine!

However, the owner of Daqian Mine told Jiang Chen that there is no fleshy body, only a bone!

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s heart was cold!

Jiang Chen’s first thought was that his fleshy body in a certain life was destroyed, leaving only a bone! ?

This is a big blow to him!

Jiang Chen can almost guess now that if he wants to return to the tenth life, he needs to integrate the fleshy body of the previous life!

If one is missing a Fleshy body, he will most likely not be able to return!

“My fleshy body…Is only one bone left? What about the others? Nothing?” Jiang Chen asked hurriedly.

“Scattered everywhere.” The owner of the Daqian Mine Burial said: “This is the fleshy body of your first life. The battle was too tragic, and your immortal body was Broken.”

“What!? My first fleshy body!?” Jiang Chen was startled.

Seriously, Jiang Chen doesn’t even know who his first life was until now!

But he also knows that the first life is absolutely extraordinary!

But, the most powerful Fleshy body of the first generation was actually shattered!

So, how tragic the battle was! ?

The most important thing is, where are the other fragments of Fleshy body of the first generation! ?

“There is a section of your fleshy body in the ancient palace, there is also a section in the Ancient Celestial Court, there is also a section in the Paragon Temple, there is a section in the ancestral land, as for… the most important thing in your first life The head is missing, but it should still be there.” The owner of the Daqian Mine Burial said: “Your fleshy body will not be obliterated, but… it was deliberately dismantled, so I don’t want you to return.”

“Meaning that, except for the head, where is the other part?” Jiang Chen said lightly.

Then Jiang Chen’s face went dark, and the secretly thought parts of Fleshy body were actually in Ancient Celestial Court and Old Mansion!

How to find it back! ?

Nowadays, I only hear that the three mountains and five seas are the underworld, and Celestial Court has just been born. I have never heard of the ancient underworld and the Ancient Celestial Court!

There are rumors in the world. Mu Youde also mentioned that the ancient palace is still there and the Ancient Celestial Court is still there.

But, where are they! ?

And what is the attitude of Ancient Celestial Court and Gudifu towards Jiang Chen! ?

If it is hostile, can they return the Fleshy body fragments to Jiang Chen?

“Big head!” Jiang Chen sighed. It is very difficult to retrieve the fleshy body of the first life!

“Can you return this bone to me?” Jiang Chen asked. As for the other parts of the fleshy body, you can find it slowly.

“I can’t give it to you now.” The owner of Daqian Mine Burial explained: “This bone is where your dao fruit is located. It was maimed and needs to be bred here.”

“Oh…really?” Jiang Chen eyebrows slightly frowned, always feeling something is wrong.

However, since the owner of Daqian’s burial is unwilling to give it, Jiang Chen can’t take it.

After all, Jiang Chen has just arrived at the Low God’s cultivation base, and in front of the owner of Daqian Mine, he is basically like an ant.

“Can there be news about the head of the first life?” Jiang Chen asked again.

“The last battle… was in the central Star Domain, maybe there are clues there.” The owner of the Daqian Mine Burial said, and then his voice became a little weak, and it seemed that he was in a bad state!

He once again placed the Expulsion Order, ready to continue to sleep.

Jiang Chen and Heping Ba did not continue to entangle, one with the great virtue of medicine, and the other with the ancient scripture of time, which is also full of rewards.

Then the two returned the same way, preparing to leave here.

When the two of them just walked out of the mine, the sword dao spent in the mine was going crazy!

From the previous conversation between Jiang Chen and Daqian mine burial owner, he already knew the identity of Jiang Chen, and he regretted it!

He was very upset, very regretful, and even more complaining!

“Boss, why don’t you tell me clearly? If I know that this guy is the reincarnation of that person, I will follow him whatever I say!” Sword Dao Hua complained.

“So, this good fortune does not belong to you.” The owner of the Daqian Mine Burial sighed: “You first came before immortal medicine. I thought this good fortune belongs to you, but I never thought… …You missed it.”

“Perhaps, you have your own way, and immortal medicine also has your own way.”

Sword Dao didn’t think so!

He grew from a blade of grass to a sword dao flower, and then psychic, cultivation sword dao, and faded flowers. He has experienced too much!

Although he was raised by Innate Earth, he always wanted to defying heaven changing fate!

He doesn’t believe in fate, let alone the so-called fate!

“I’m going out! I’m going to find him!” Sword Dao Hua yelled.

“As long as you can go out, you can do it at any time.” The owner of Daqian Mine Burial jokingly said: “But you also know that this place is extraordinary. You are a creature born here, and want to go out easier said than done.”

“You have to cut the law of this place to get out.”

“The law of trifling is only!” Sword Dao spent said solemnly.

At the same time, Jiang Chen and Heping 8 have already walked out of the Daqian mine burial.

When they came to the outside world, they found that there were many more people in the starry sky nearby!

Especially Transcender, it has reached dozens!

Among them, the emperor, Divine Emperor is not a minority!

“Come out!”



At this moment, when everyone saw Jiang Chen Heping Eight After coming out, every one of them was greedy!

They firmly believe that among Jiang Chen and Heping Ba, at least one has got something!

“Have you got immortal medicine?” A Transcender asked directly, his eyes opened and closed, and it seemed that there were stars annihilated deep in his eyes!

His cultivation base is very profound. Compared with the average Transcender, he gives a very dark feeling!

“If you get it, hand it over, immortal medicine this thing, it’s not something your a trifling god can enjoy.”

“I don’t want to hear you explain it, if you are If you know the interest, I will hand it over by myself. If not… I will come and search myself later.”

Several Transcenders spoke in succession, completely ignoring the black market standing aside. The third giant!

At this moment, although the third giant in the black market is standing here, he did not speak much.

Because he also finds it difficult!

There are so many Transcenders, some of them exude an imposing manner that is extremely strong, only slightly weaker than him!

If so many Transcender teamed up, he, as the third largest in the black market, would be hard to stop!

“Everyone, not at all immortal medicine, but there is a sword dao flower, but I didn’t get it.”

At this moment, Pingba took the lead to speak, and then even more Pointing to himself, said: “I got the ancient scripture of time.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s body changed a lot, and he even poked Pingpah, said solemnly: “You want to carry it down Yes?!”

Jiang Chen understands what Pingba means. If no one takes it down today, then Jiang Chen and Pingba will stay here!

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