I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1268

How strong is the third giant in the black market, as everyone knows.

But at this moment, even he dare not do anything at will, which is enough to see how grim the situation here is.

Pingpah is not a fool either, knowing that this is difficult to do today, only someone can stand up and support everything here, this matter can be revealed!

“You are crazy! Even if you want to take it down, they won’t believe you!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“So what else can I do?” Pingba sighed. After coming to Great Thousand Worlds, he suffered everywhere and felt wronged to the extreme.

But he knows better, Yin Ren is only to become stronger!

It was Jiang Chen who rescued him. It was Jiang Chen who took him into Heavenspan Garden. It was Jiang Chen who took him into Daqian Mine Burial!

He has no reason to let Jiang Chen fight this matter!

“After I came to Great Thousand Worlds, everything I had was given by you. Without you, I might be dead now.” Pingba sighed slightly, moved towards a step forward, looked The people towards all around said: “The ancient scripture of time is on me, you can take it if you want.”

However, just after I said this, I suddenly heard the third giant on the black market laugh a little Then he looked towards Pingba and admired: “Yes, he is a good guy.” After all, I saw Jiang Chen and Hepingba, the third giant in the black market, guarding behind him, and a ray of light flashed in his eyes. The cold glow and imposing manner broke out even more!

Behind him, a Domain is formed, protecting Jiang Chen and Heping Badu!

Immediately afterwards, he pointed his finger towards the creatures all around, with a sense of arrogance, loudly shouted: “Today, I am here, they are here!”

“The third giant in the black market, I really think you can compete with us with your strength of oneself!?”

“I advise you to get acquainted, today his time is handed over the ancient scripture, and I will comprehend together, everyone Don’t put aside all considerations of face! If not, your black market…what is it!?”


Several very powerful Transcenders in imposing manner speak, they are not afraid The third giant in the black market!

“Giving you face on the black market does not mean that Celestial Court is afraid of you!”

At this moment, Elderly of Celestial Court also spoke.

Before he was scared away by that fatty in the black market, he felt resentment.

Nowadays, there are so many Transcenders all around, working together to deal with the third giant in the black market, which makes him feel confident!

“What are you?”

The face of the third giant in the black market suddenly became cold. When the voice fell, the silhouette had appeared in front of the Elderly in Celestial Court!

After that, I saw him hit out with a palm, entraining the wind and rain thunderbolt, in front of everyone, and directly crushed the fleshy body of Celestial Court Elderly!

If Celestial Court Elderly hadn’t reacted fast enough, its Divine Soul and soul would escape quickly, otherwise this palm would be enough to kill him!

“Do you really dare to kill me!? Don’t think that the black market can contend with Celestial Court!” Elderly of Celestial Court recast the fleshy body, look pale, but with anger in his eyes!

He is the third giant in the feared black market, but it does not mean that the entire Celestial Court is also fearful!

“The black market, over the years, you have developed too fast, and you have offended many forces. If you refuse to give in today, then… whether the black market can gain a foothold in Great Thousand Worlds in the future, it’s not Certainly!”

“You have to think about the consequences!”


Many people are angry, and some are persuading, hoping for the black market The third giant backed down and handed over Jiang Chen Heping 8.

However, the third giant on the black market is very tough, protecting Jiang Chen and Heping with its own Domain, and at the same time a mixed azure stick emerged in his hand!

He held the azure stick in one hand on his stomach and back, loudly shouted: “Come on!”

“The third giant, you are floating!”

“It’s really interesting. Trifling is just the third giant on the black market. I really think I can compete against the crowd!?”


At this moment, a few people walked out, imposing manner. Horror, the void around them is dying!

Grand Dao Law is generally suppressed by them like black thunderbolt, and the sound of Giant Bell is heard, like the wailing of the avenue!

They are really too strong. As Transcender, they have surpassed the road!

However, before these people took action, an extremely arrogant voice came from a distance: “I think it is you who are floating!? Even the people of the Taixu clan dare to move!?”

The voice fell, and I saw Tai God, Tearing the Void, coming, standing side by side with the third giant in the black market, and said with a smile: “It seems that today I will join your black market. “

“Interesting.” The third giant on the black market chuckled lightly and said: “If you don’t come, I can handle it.”

“There are so many people! How can it be? I can’t be spared!”

Suddenly, another stream of light pierced through the void in the distance. If you look closely, it is Jiang Qiankun of the Jiang clan!

After a few breaths, I saw a few Transcenders coming, all of them all evil transcenders!

In just over ten breaths, I saw a full five Transcenders standing with the third giant in the black market, one by one proudly looking at the creatures all around, as if they were watching trivial ant!

“Evil race! Are you going to join the black market!?”

“It seems that today’s battle determines the future of Great Thousand Worlds who will be the leader!”


At this moment, no one is doing it. Everyone knows that once this battle is fought, the consequences will be very serious!

Several tycoons of the evil race are here, and the third tycoon of the black market is also here, and all around, there are many more Peak forces’ Old Ancestor!

If this battle is fought, it means that half of the Great Thousand Worlds forces are at war!

No one dared to act rashly. At this moment, even the third giant in the black market, and even the old Ancestors of the evil race, dare not take it lightly!

At the same time, there is a constant emptiness in the distance being torn apart, that is, one by one Transcender heard the news!

“It’s really interesting, wherever you go, it’s so lively everywhere.”

After ten breaths, Hongyun also came, looking towards Jiang Chen with a smile, lightly said: “It’s okay, no one can move the dísciple of the Paragon Temple!”

“This Great Thousand Worlds is really messy.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

When I was in Nine Heavens God World, I didn’t see Transcender at any major event, not even Transcender.

At that time, the strongest was only the emperor.

After coming to Great Thousand Worlds, this random disturbance can bring out several Transcenders.

Jiang Chen also has to admit that the foundation of Great Thousand Worlds is really deep!

This water is muddy enough!

“I’m going out of the mountain!”

When the atmosphere of the scene became extremely depressed and tense, a long roar suddenly came from the burial of Daqian Mine!

Immediately afterwards, a green glowing sword glow shot out from the burial of Daqian Mine, tearing apart the rules and order of one after another!

Finally, I saw the sword dao flower using rhizomes as legs, and Siyazi ran out of the Daqian mine burial!

“Don’t run! I think you are the master!”

As soon as he came out, he saw Jiang Chen, shouting with his voice, rushing all the way, even more Shattered the domain that the third giant in the black market was protecting Jiang Chen and Heping eight!

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