I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1270

This place has been exploded long ago, and many Transcenders are fighting fiercely. If it weren’t for the formation of a special domain in the nearby Daqian mines, the fluctuation of this battle would be enough for one side of the world!

But even so, all the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds are feeling!

Some people who have been in retreat for a long time woke up and looked towards the direction of Daqian Mine Burial, with a sense of horror in their hearts!

Because Great Thousand Worlds hasn’t had a battle at this level for a long time!

“A major disaster is coming?”

“Many Transcender battles, if the aftermath spreads, the entire Great Thousand Worlds will be beaten!”


Many people are shocked. If the battle continues under this situation, I am afraid that the Domain buried in Daqian Mine will be unbearable!

When the time comes, the power of Transcender spreads out, not to mention the nearby world, even the entire Great Thousand Worlds will be affected!




Suddenly, a Profound Light rises from the endless void After falling, another person stepped out of Profound Light.

He yelled a few times, but no one paid any attention to him, because the Transcender present was not a good character, and it was in the fierce battle, who would care about such a person! ?

“I come from the Holy Land!”

After a few breaths, the creature spoke again, and with a big wave of his hand, a Dharma Dao Decree illuminated the a side World!

The decree is shining brightly, and there is a huge “Holy” engraved on it!

For an instant, everyone was moved, and they stepped back and stopped.

Even the sword dao flower, who has always been aloof, has a sense of fear in his eyes at this moment, put away the three swords, and returned to Jiang Chen’s side.

“What’s the situation? What is the holy place?” Jiang Chen wondered.

“Great Thousand Worlds is the strongest power today!” Hongyun also came back and explained: “But the Holy Land never interferes in world affairs or pursues fame and fortune. They are only responsible for maintaining Great Thousand Worlds. Balance.”

“Oh? The strongest power today? Compared with Ancient Celestial Court, what is the holy place?” Jiang Chen asked.

“This is difficult to compare. The Holy Land and Ancient Celestial Court are not in the same era.” Hongyun said: “However, once the Holy Land is shot, everything will be settled.”

“You guys, what do you have to fight? Don’t you know that once the battle of Transcender starts, the entire Great Thousand Worlds will be difficult to keep! Do you want your home to be turned into rubble?!”

At this moment , The creatures in this holy land opened their mouths to remind everyone, and they were also asking why this battle happened.

“I’m waiting for immortal medicine that’s all.” A Transcender said directly: “What? The Holy Land also wants immortal medicine?”

“The Holy Land never interferes in world affairs. What’s the matter? Are you trying to get a share of the pie today?”

Some people spoke in succession, seeming to be afraid of the Holy Land.

Just because, if the Holy Land is shot, then this immortal medicine must belong to the Holy Land.

After all, the most powerful force today is not out of the air!

In a certain era, the Holy Land once played a hand, that time the Holy Land showed terrifying strength and foundation, swept across the sky, and established the status of the Holy Land in Great Thousand Worlds!

Since then, no one has dared to challenge the status of the Holy Land in Great Thousand Worlds!

Even Celestial Court dare not!

“I never dispute anything in the Holy Land, and there is immortal medicine in the Holy Land.” The man in the Holy Land said, “Immortal medicine is accompanied by chance and good fortune. Now that someone has obtained it, it is his chance, his Good luck, what’s the point of taking it forcibly?”

“You said it lightly! If the holy place already has immortal medicine, can the holy place face it so indifferently?” Someone said, although they are afraid of the holy place, but at this moment He was angry and spoke no longer as respectful as before.

For this, the man in the Holy Land didn’t have a trace of anger, his eyes swept all around, and finally fell on Jiang Chen.

His perception is very sensitive, and soon he clearly understood whose hand the immortal medicine was in.

“Everyone, I still said that, you have to seize immortal medicine, yes.” The man in the holy land said: “But the power of Transcender is too strong. Don’t shoot at will, otherwise it will break a side world. , Destroying a world, the consequences are very serious!”

“What does the Holy Land mean?” Hongyun asked.

“Transcender is not allowed to shoot anymore. Transcender will do whatever it wants, and I will not intervene in the Holy Land. If there is another time, this kind of war madness will happen again, don’t blame me, the Holy Land is ruthless!” said the man in the Holy Land.

After saying that, he left without even asking everyone to agree!

Because he firmly believes that since the Holy Land has spoken, no one dares to disagree!

However, before he left, he paused, lightly said: “The age of dark blood is coming, don’t fight fearlessly, save your strength.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the room was moved!

Dark Blood Age, this is a taboo in Great Thousand Worlds!

“Dark Blood Age? What is that?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Equivalent to a catastrophe!” Hongyun said solemnly: “No one knows how that catastrophe happened, but every time the Dark Blood Age comes, the entire Great Thousand Worlds will go into darkness. Times!”

“During the last dark blood age, the lives of Great Thousand Worlds died more than half!”

“That many are dead!?” Jiang Chen was frightened and wanted Know how many creatures are in Great Thousand Worlds, what is the concept of half death! ?

The death of a world is a lot, even more how is half of all the creatures in Great Thousand Worlds!

“Once the Dark Blood Age comes, there will be many unknown creatures, which are very strange. Some people say that they are creatures from the other side of Great Thousand Worlds, and some people say…they are a group of fallen creatures. “

“There are also rumors that they are descendants of immortals, but they are cursed.”


Hongyun continued to explain, Yue The more outrageous.

However, Hongyun doesn’t think so. He has experienced the Dark Blood Age. He feels that what he said is normal!

Only those who have personally experienced the Dark Blood Age will understand how terrifying it is!

“Boy! Immortal medicine, you can’t keep it!”

“I can’t wait, but the Holy Land also said, Transcender can do anything below!”


At this moment, the Transcender who is all around is very unwilling, but dare not violate the meaning of the Holy Land.

They immediately notified Peak Tianjiao within their forces, as well as those Old Monsters who have lived for countless years but have been unable to break through to Transcender!

These people have a deep cultivation base, and their battle strength is also a mess!

They believe that as long as these people take action, immortal medicine can be taken away from Jiang Chen!

“The age of dark blood is coming. If I have an immortal medicine, I can survive the age of dark blood!”

“I must get it! I must get it!”



In the end, the Transcenders are all dispersed, which is considered a face to the Holy Land.

But everyone knows that this matter will not stop, and the bigger storm is still behind!

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