I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1271

There are several immortal medicines in the world, but they are all controlled by the major peak forces and races. Now a plant of immortal medicine suddenly appeared, and it still fell into the hands of a person with a low cultivation base , Naturally will cause contention.

However, since the Holy Land has come forward, Jiang Chen doesn’t have to worry that those Transcenders will do something to him.

After all, the Holy Land is the strongest power today, and the Holy Land is like an imperial edict.

But Jiang Chen also knows very well that some Transcender impossible is so obedient, maybe they will secretly act on him!

“I can’t remember the cultivation, the most urgent thing is to find a place to settle down.” Jiang Chen sighed lightly.

“Where are you looking? You are now the strongest wage earner in my black market. You can’t go anywhere except to go to my black market!” The third tycoon of the black market walked over. Unstable.

In the previous battle, many Transcenders took action, and the third giant on the black market didn’t get any benefits, and even almost got injured!

“Is the black market going to grab someone from the Paragon Temple?” Hongyun looked ugly, staring at the third giant in the black market, said solemnly: “The black market is not your own black market!”


“The boss and the old man have agreed to this matter! If you are not convinced, go and talk to the other two big brothers in the black market!” The third giant in the black market provocatively said, “Your Paragon Temple has a deep heritage. But do you dare to touch my black market?”

As soon as these words came out, Hongyun’s face immediately turned black.

The water in the black market is too deep to move!

You know, even Celestial Court has to give face to the black market!

“Can Pingba be brought back to the Paragon Temple? He has an ancient scripture of time. I’m afraid he is not safe enough to stay in Heavenspan Court.” Jiang Chen said to Hongyun.

Heavenspan Court is strong and has a deep heritage, but now too many people are looking at them!

In addition, Pingpak is not the Official Disciple of Heavenspan Court. Once Transcender finds Pingpak, Heavenspan Court may not protect Pingpak!

“Yes.” Hongyun is nodded, and then if he looks towards Yao Dade deeply, he seems to have guessed the identity of Yao Dade.

Yao Dade is very indifferent. She came from the burial of Daqian. Now even with Jiang Chen, there is Daqian burial behind her back.

Just like before, if someone were to take her away, she would not believe that the one in the Daqian Mine Burial would not make any move!

“What are you looking at? I look good?” Yao Dade squinted at Hongyun, with a trace of contempt in his eyes, and said, “You are nothing in the Peak period.”

“Eh…” Hongyun was taken aback for a moment. He was surprised to be so despised by a little woman.

Jiang Chen smiled awkwardly on the side, and hurriedly explained: “This one also came from the burial of Daqian, and his temperament is also a bit strange, don’t care.”

“No I care about brat.” Hongyun waved his hand, then got up, preparing to take Pingba back to the Paragon Temple.

As for Jiang Chen, he stayed in place, waiting for the third giant in the black market!

“Boss! Hurry up and make a contract with me!”

Sword Dao Hua on the side was very anxious at the moment, a ray of soul was delivered to Jiang Chen’s body, her face full of expectation And the meaning of desire.

Jiang Chen laughed, secretly thought after receiving the sword dao flower, there will be a strong thug at his side in the future!

Even Jiang Chen is thinking, if sword dao spends with him, will he be able to compete with the third giant in the black market?

When the time comes, return the token of the strongest wage earner to the black market to get rid of the black market!

“Boy, he is not my opponent.”

The third giant in the black market is who, who has lived for so many years, and he can see Jiang Chen’s thoughts at a glance.

I saw the black mist surging on his body, and a terrifying aura suddenly appeared, forcing the sword dao to flower away!

The sword dao flower expression condensed, and the long sword in his hand was instantly unsheathed, staring at the third giant in the black market.

However, the breath of the third giant on the black market soon calmed down, with a hint of teasing, and asked: “How about? Do you think you will be my opponent?”

“If you work hard, no one will live or die.” Sword Dao Hua said.

As soon as this statement comes out, it means that Sword Dao Hua admits that he is not the opponent of the third giant in the black market.

However, as he said, when it comes to Life and Death Battle, the ending is really uncertain!

Subsequently, sword dao flower ignored the third giant in the black market, and finally made a master-servant contract with Jiang Chen.

At the moment the contract was made, Jiang Chen’s face went black on the spot!

Just because Jiang Chen’s cultivation base has soared from Low God to High God!

The cultivation base of sword dao flower fell directly to Low God!

“This fuck?!” Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. He thought he had accepted a strong thug, but who would have thought that the sword dao flower, like Yao Dade, would feed back the cultivation base. he!

Now it’s okay, there are no Xeon thugs around, and I don’t speak hard!

“I knew that, it would be better not to accept you.” Jiang Chen sighed.

sword dao spent hearing this, laughing, and said: “It’s all like this. We are born extraordinary. Once we make a master-servant contract with other creatures, we will feed back to the master.”

“However, my cultivation base will be restored soon.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen felt a little balanced.

“Is it all solved? Now I will assign you a task. This is your first task when entering the black market. You must do it beautifully and stop the mouths of other high-level people in the black market!” Black market third The giant said: “I’m waiting for you to enter the black market, and other senior leaders are not very happy, so you must complete the first task beautifully!”

“Cut, they are not happy, don’t I Would you like it?” Jiang Chen said angrily.

However, Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up when he heard about the task given to him by the third giant in the black market!

Because, the third tycoon of the black market asked him to go to the Southern Star Domain and go to a clan named Flowing Cloud Sect to find out about the dark blood age!

The age of dark blood is coming, and all Great Influence sects are preparing, and the black market is no exception!

If you are fully prepared, the black market may be able to survive the dark blood age safely!

Similarly, the black market can also use this news in exchange for many treasures!

And the third giant on the black market also told Jiang Chen one thing, he has a friend in Flowing Cloud Sect now!

“Who is it?” Jiang Chen asked.

“As you know, those creatures who came out of the Six Realms and entered Great Thousand Worlds did not live very well. Some people kept changing sects, and some were traded as items. “The third tycoon of the black market said: “So…Which one of your friends the person in Flowing Cloud Sect is, I really don’t know.”

“Then why don’t the high-levels of the black market personally investigate What about the news?” Jiang Chen asked.

“If I wait for me to take action personally, it is not as simple as inquiring about the news! The existence of the entire Flowing Cloud Sect is a question!” said the third giant in the black market.

After all, the third giant on the black market directly opened a Transmission Gate and said: “Go in and send you directly to the Southern Star Domain.”

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