I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1272

Jiang Chen has always wanted to go to the southern Star Domain, but now he reads the long song already not in, and going to the southern Star Domain is a bit tasteless.

But this time to go to the Southern Star Domain, Jiang Chen intends to find all those people back!

I stepped into the Transmission Gate, and within a few breaths, I crossed the Star Domain and came to the southern Star Domain boundary.

However, Jiang Chen was dumbfounded as soon as he entered the Southern Star Domain.

He doesn’t know the way at all!

The third giant in the black market didn’t tell him where Flowing Cloud Sect was, and he didn’t have a map!

At this moment, they are in a starry sky, they can see with their eyes, they can’t see the edge, nor can they see a creature!

“It’s really unreliable!” Jiang Chen’s face went dark, secretly thought that the black market does everything like this?

It’s not reliable than him!


Suddenly, a starlight appeared in the distance, look carefully, it was a star exploded!

The aftermath of terrifying energy spreads wantonly, like one after another colorful brilliance, moving towards them like a ripple.

The sword dao flower came forward, swept across with a sword, and the sword glow of jade green shone to one side, shattering one after another energy aftermath!

But at the next moment, Jiang Chen’s three faces changed!

Only because in the place where the star exploded, there was a silver white creature, like a True Dragon, but there was a pair of dragon horns!

At the same time, his tail is like a snake tail, with barbs and black liquid dripping continuously!

“This is…Starry Sky Beast!?” Sword Dao Hua stared at him and returned to Jiang Chen’s side, pulling him up and preparing to run away.

The star beast, also a special lifeform raised by Innate Earth, is very rare.

Every star beast is different, some are like beasts, some are like Human Race, and some are like elves.

However, the strength of each starry sky is unmatched. Since the moment they were born, they have been the emperor’s cultivation base!

“This is a starry beast just born!” Yao Dade explained: “The starry beast uses stars as its nest. When each starry beast is born, the star he is on will explode!”


“Oh? It looks pretty cool.” Jiang Chen lightly said, completely unaware of the terrifying of Xingkong Beast!

But for Yao Da De and Sword Dao Hua, the strength of the star beast, compared with the emperor of Same Realm, is simply overwhelming them!

There is a saying in the world that if the number of star beasts is not too small, otherwise this World will be the master of this world!

From ancient times to the present, so many young supreme talent heroes and even the most powerful people have died in the hands of the starry beast!

They are synonymous with same realm invincible!

“Run! Our two cultivation bases have fallen, but they are not his opponents!” Sword Dao became anxious, looking at the indifferent Jiang Chen, he found that this guy was completely unaware of the matter. The severity of!

“The emperor’s cultivation base…and I am now a High God…” Jiang Chen muttered, with bright eyes in his eyes, and said: “Just try my battle strength now!”

Be aware that Jiang Chen is fed back by the cultivation base of Yao Dade and sword dao flower, letting his cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds makes him feel that his foundation is not strong!

Especially on Dao Fruit, there is a trace of dark matter!

That was caused by the rapid and fierce cultivation progress!

Jiang Chen feels that now he can no longer continue increasing cultivation base, but needs training and precipitation!

And the best training is naturally to fight, keep fighting!

And right now, there is this opportunity!

“You want to die!?” Sword Dao is in a hurry, even the emperor of the same realm dare not fight the starry beast, even more how is the god Jiang Chen.

However, he glanced at Yao Dade again, whispered: “That’s not afraid, anyway, there is immortal medicine, which can save your life.”

“en!? “

However, before Jiang Chen could make a move, he saw three youngsters rushing over in the distance!

Their goal is very clear, they are going to the Starry Beast!

The three teenagers are wearing golden robes with a blue river pattern on them.

The killing cultivation base has reached the upper emperor, each imposing manner is extraordinary, far beyond the average emperor cultivator!

“tsk tsk tsk…the youngster nowadays, why can’t I think so? I think that too many people can suppress the starry beasts?” Sword Dao Hua was speechless, as if he had seen the miserable end of the three youngsters. .

“The youngster nowadays is ignorant and fearless.” Yao Dade also sighed.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything. He stood quietly and watched the three people fight with the star beasts.

He wants to see how strong the starry beast is, if it is too fierce, then… just withdraw first!

After all, this thing about morality and face is not worth mentioning for Jiang Chen.

“Senior Brother! Save us!”


After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, these three teenagers obviously lost In the downwind, one of them was swept by the starry beast’s tail, and the black liquid dripping from it corroded half of his body!

At this moment, these three people began to panic, calling out loudly!

“Fellow Daoist! Save us!”

At the same time, the murderer ran towards Jiang Chen while calling out.

“get lost!” sword dao Hua’s face was dark, he didn’t want to confront the starry beast.

Even Yao Dade couldn’t calm down, there was a trace of panic on that peerless face.

In this regard, Jiang Chen was very indifferent and waved at the three of them, said with a smile: “Come behind me.”

“What do you mean!? Really want to fight the starry beast!?”

“This thing is not to be trifled with!”

The sword dao flower and medicine master is persuaded, still thinking Pull Jiang Chen away from here.

However, Jiang Chen has no fear in his eyes, even a little excited!

Looking at the battle between the three people and the starry beast before, he understood the strength of the starry beast to some extent.

Jiang Chen wondered, maybe he could really fight the star beast!

However, before Jiang Chen could take a shot, a golden rays of light rushed in from a distance, and then a burly, but slightly fat young man fell in front of the starry beast!


At this moment, I saw the young man roar, the scarlet gold rays of light rushing into the sky, when throws a punch, it looked like a golden dragon head roaring Out!

The power of a punch, the trembling void is cracking, and even the color of this side World is bleak under this fist!

“really strong!”

“This kid, what is it?”


sword dao Hua and Yao Dade Exclaimed, they could see clearly that this fat kid was only the Low God emperor, but under this fist, he shook the starry beast out!

Although the Starry Sky Beast was not injured, the Starry Sky Beast, known as the invincible of the same level, was shaken back by a Human Race cultivator that was much lower than his realm!

This… Could it be said that the myth of the same realm invincible is going to be broken! ?

“That is our First Senior Brother!”

“First Senior Brother, come on!”


Standing in Jiang The teenager behind the three Chen looked excited. They seemed to have confidence in the fat teenager!

Of course, not only these three, but Jiang Chen is full of confidence in the fat boy at this moment!

Just because, this is an old acquaintance!

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