I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1273

scarlet gold rays of light rushed into the sky, the young boy danced with his fists, and the imposing manner and blood energy were so powerful that they were rare in the same generation!

He didn’t use any martial skills, nor did he have any dao skills or magical skills. He used his fleshy body to fight the star beasts!

Sword Dao Hua and Yao Da De are dumbfounded. This is only the Divine Emperor, but with Strength of Fleshly Body, it can hardly shake the same realm invincible starry beast!

This…is too outrageous!

“There is nothing to be surprised, this is the strength he deserves.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, with a sense of relief on his face.

The three teenagers behind him hearing this are curious.

They know the strength of their First Senior Brother, so they are full of confidence in him.

But what is going on with this person? Why are you so confident in their First Senior Brother?

“Do you know my First Senior Brother?” one of them asked.

“Knowing? More than just knowing.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “He and I… are the brother.”

“en? brother?”

“No way? Are you…from the six worlds!?”

The three people quickly reacted, but did not wait for Jiang Chen to answer, only Seeing the starry beast suddenly furious, dragon claw directly strikes the boy!



At this moment, the young man failed to hold on and flew out, and the blood of scarlet gold was spilled along the way!

But, next moment, he stood up again, his expression was firm, without fear!

He rushed out again, holding his fists and counterattacking, punch after punch, like a fearless War God!

“Can’t beat the Starry Beast.” Sword Dao Hua sighed: “If it is the same realm, this Little Brat might really break the legend of the Starry Beast same realm invincible!”

” It’s just a pity, only Divine Emperor.” Yao Dade sighed.

In this regard, Jiang Chen clicked nodded, and he could also see that the boy was not the opponent of the starry beast.

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen stepped out and shouted at the boy: “Jiang Liu, come back.”

As soon as these words came out, the boy who was still fighting suddenly suddenly There was a pause, and then suddenly turned back. When I saw Jiang Chen, his eyes were full of excitement!

He didn’t have a love for war, and to be precise, he was very obedient, and he went back to Jiang Chen directly.

“Boss!?” Jiang Liu cry out in surprise, why he didn’t expect that he would meet Jiang Chen here!

“Let me try it.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile, and then stepped out, the whole person was like a tiger, the dragon shadows floating behind him, in a flash, he rushed to the body of the starry beast before!

After that, he, like Jiang Liu, never used any skills, he used the fleshy body to fight the starry beast!

“Cut, I thought everyone was as good as my First Senior Brother?”

“How strong can the Fleshy body be without Saint Physique?”

The three young men said contemptuously, not optimistic about Jiang Chen at all.

“My boss is as powerful as you can imagine.” Jiang Liu glared at the three people behind him, pointed to the front, and said: “Just watch it well.”

“Your boss?”

“No way? He is the Jiang Chen you often mention?”


The three exclaimed, They have always heard Jiang Chen’s name from Jiang Liu, but they have never seen it.

Of course, they have also heard that Jiang Chen is now well-known in Great Thousand Worlds, and is well-known figure of the young generation!

It’s just that they never thought that the legendary person, whose cultivation base was so low, did he trifling the deity.

“tsk tsk tsk …… reckless man!”

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the sword dao flower keeps utterly staggering, just because this battle has come to the present It’s not over yet.

Moreover, Jiang Chen’s attack methods are too sturdy, completely defensive, all offensive!

Blood marks appeared on his fleshy body, which was scratched by the starry beast!

But, it’s just blood stains that’s all!

With the emperor-level attack of the starry beast, it is impossible to tear apart Jiang Chen’s fleshy body. This… is too terrifying!

“I can’t kill you!”

Jiang Chen was also angry, and under his violent attack, the starry beast did not fall down!

Under the angry roar, the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow behind Jiang Chen is manifested together, and the emperor vine and the undying bird Dao Soul are also emerging!

Split open space like a vine poured by gold, and instantly entangled the body of the starry beast.

Then, the undying bird turned into a streamer of flames and rushed out!



Under a burst of noise, the starry beast was blasted out, but was immediately pulled back by the Emperor Vine!

At the same time, a blue light appeared and burned above Jiang Chen’s head. A Dao Void phantom shadow was blessed on Jiang Chen’s body!

“Myriad Transformations Heavenly Slash!”

Another rage, followed by an unmatched sword glow bursting out, as if to cut everything. The Grand Dao Law here Vibrating!



The sword glow attacked, shook the sky, and under a sword, only the fleshy body of the starry beast was cut open. Its head rolled out even more!

However, the starry sky beast is too extraordinary, after being cut off, he actually recast the fleshy body in an instant!

After that, he issued an angry roar, then turned around and fleeed away!


“No way?! Can the starry beast run?”


This moment , Everyone was shocked, and a god veteran even smashed an emperor-level starry sky beast! ?

“I haven’t fought!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen came back with a dark face, his breath fluctuating, and obviously this battle was a bit difficult for him.

However, what he said seemed a little casual.

sword dao Huahe Yaoda De rolled the eyes, I really want to ask, this is called never hit, then…what counts as hit! ?

Even Jiang Liu’s mouth is full of chu. The boss is secretly thought the boss is still the boss, and he is really demanding!

“How are you doing?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s ok. I have been sold a few times, and now I have a stable place to live.” Jiang Liu said casually.

But Jiang Chen’s words fell in the ears, but he seemed a bit sad and helpless.

Jiang Liu is different from Jiang Chen. After Jiang Liu entered the Great Thousand Worlds, he was similar to the creatures of the other six realms. He was treated as a commodity, and he constantly changed owners and traded.

The taste is unbearable for everyone.

When Jiang Liu faced Jiang Chen, he said so casually, but didn’t want Jiang Chen to feel uncomfortable that’s all.

“He is now the First Senior Brother of my Golden River Sect!”

“My Golden River Sect Elder and Sect Master both value him and cultivate him vigorously, hoping that he can help Golden River Sect will also become a great help for Golden River Sect Holy Son in the future.”


The three dísciples of Golden River Sect next to it said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, eyebrows slightly frowned, looked towards Jiang Liu, and asked: “How have you been in Golden River Sect?”

“Very good.” Jiang Liu Han Han said: “It’s all very good to me, I only need to assist Holy Son.”

“Are you… yourself?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Me? Isn’t it good for me to be the First Senior Brother of Golden River Sect?” Jiang Liu said with a smile, waved his hand, but a hint of vicissitudes flashed in his eyes, saying: “Life Maybe that’s the case.”

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