I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1274

Jiang Liu has changed. Although he is still so honest, but it has also been a bit more vicissitudes of life.

But in Jiang Chen’s eyes, this is not as simple as a change, nor as simple as a little more vicissitudes of life!

He knew that Jiang Liu was aggrieved!

Just like Pingpachi, a person who has suffered great grievances, but has no way to vent, can’t let go, will feel like a person has changed!

“Everything is over, now…I am back.” Jiang Chen patted Jiang Liu’s shoulder, said with a smile: “It just so happens that the three of us have nowhere to go. It’s better to go to Golden River Sect Being a guest?”

“This…okay.” Jiang Liu nodded, seemingly embarrassed.

This puzzled Jiang Chen. As the Golden River Sect Head Disciple, Jiang Liu has no right to invite people back to sect as a guest! ?

“It seems that Jiang Liu’s life in Golden River Sect is not very good.” Jiang Chen said secretly sighed in his heart.

Then, under the leadership of Jiang Liu, the entire group entered a world, and then entered the Golden River Sect.

Golden River Sect, located in Liujin world, this World is very prosperous, and there are many cultivators. Grand Dao Law is very strong here. The cultivator is in this World cultivation, which can be called cultivation in the holy land, twice the results for half the effort!

At this moment, Jiang Chen entire group entered the Golden River Sect. Looking at the magnificent Golden River Sect, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel a little speechless.

Looking at it, the entire Golden River Sect is built on the clouds, rockery and water stand upright, and the palaces are all over the place. One after another Ruixiang undulates in the Golden River Sect, just like Immortal Realm.

This kind of sect, even if it’s not Peak, is almost too much!

“First Senior Brother, you are back!”

As soon as the entire group entered Golden River Sect, several Golden River Sect dísciples hurried over.

They didn’t look at Jiang Chen and the others, but came to Jiang Liu.

One of them urged: “First Senior Brother, Holy Son asked you to hurry over, saying that there is something important for you to do! You go quickly, you will suffer if you are late!”

“Holy Son is in a bad mood recently, don’t irritate him.”

“Hurry up, a man who has escaped from the Six Realms, can be in Golden River Sect Head Disciple is already very good, but you have to work hard, don’t be expelled from sect!”


The other dísciple expressions are weird, and the speech is a bit harsh and harsh .

Regarding this, Jiang Liu smiled honestly, and did not get angry, and ordered nodded and said: “Okay, I will go now.”

But, did not wait for Jiang Liu After taking a step, Jiang Chen intercepted it directly, saying solemnly: “They let you go, you go?”

“Uh…Boss, I forgot…” Jiang Liu suddenly reacted. , Now he has joined the boss!

Since it’s merged, what are you afraid of! ?

In Jiang Liu’s eyes, no matter what difficulties or enemies you encounter, as long as Jiang Chen is there, everything is easy to say!

At this moment, a ray of light appeared in Jiang Liu’s eyes. It was a kind of self-confidence. It was also a ray of sharpness that had long disappeared from his eyes!

“Boy! Who are you!? It is your turn to intervene in my Golden River Sect business!?”

“Hurry up! Who let you in?!”



The dísciples immediately became angry, and the words were very awkward, especially one of them pointed to Jiang Chen’s nose and cursed a few times.

“courting death!”

At this moment, the normally “obedient and well-behaved” Jiang Liu in Golden River Sect was immediately angry!

With an angry shout, he threw a punch and directly blasted those people out!

“My boss, can you tell me!? I dare to insult my boss. If I don’t kill you today, I will give Golden River Sect a face!” Jiang Liu said coldly.

Seeing Jiang Liu’s behavior and hearing what he said, Jiang Chen showed a smile on his face, walked to his side, patted his shoulder, and said: “Our life should be like this .”

“Impudent! Who would dare to run wild in Golden River Sect!?”

At this moment, an angry voice came from not far away!

After that, I saw a middle-aged man wearing a brocade robe fell in front of the gate of Golden River Sect.

“Elder Li, Jiang Liu, this guy dares to hit us!”

“It’s the opposite! A trifling from the six worlds, dare to attack our homeland of Great Thousand Worlds Be creative!”


The dísciples that were shaken up hurriedly said, when they looked towards Jiang Liu, their eyes were not only angry, but also killing intent!

Even, there is a hint of contempt and contempt that is difficult to conceal!

“Jiang Liu, my Golden River Sect kindly took you in, but I didn’t let you come here to run wild!” The middle-aged man said no matter what, Jiang Liu was annoyed!

Jiang Liu hearing this, a flash of anger flashed in his eyes, then slowly turned his head and looked towards Jiang Chen, sighed and said: “Boss, I have endured it for a long time.”

“Vent out any grievances, I am here today.” Jiang Chen lightly said.


The voice fell, I saw Jiang Liu directly throws a punch, scarlet gold’s fist was like a shining sun, and he struck directly at the middle-aged man Body!

Immediately, with a muffled noise, this middle-aged man, the High God emperor, could not stop Jiang Liu’s punch, and the whole person flew upside down!

This scene fell in the eyes of other dísciples of Golden River Sect, like a thunder!

You know, this middle-aged man is Golden River Sect Elder, even if it’s not Great Elder, but his identity is very noble!

And Jiang Liu, as the dísciple of Golden River Sect, dare to do something with Elder. This is simply going against the sky! ?

“Jiang Liu, you are courting death!”

At this moment, the middle-aged man is struggling to get up, his face is extremely ugly, and the corner of his mouth is even more overflowing with blood!

As a Golden River Sect Elder, he is now injured by Jiang Liu in front of a few dísciples. This is a shame for him!

“I am courting death?” Jiang Liu raised his brows and said contemptuously: “If it weren’t for the reason that I’m still Golden River Sect dísciple, you would be dead with that punch just now!”

“This is Golden River Sect! I think you are tired of living!” The middle-aged man yelled, then waved his hand and shouted: “Come on! Get it for me!”

“I see who dares!” Jiang Chen also shouted angrily, and at the same time beckoned to the sword dao, and said: “Give it to me!”

sword dao Huamei For extra words, the long sword in his hand suddenly appeared, and under the sword glow, he directly killed the middle-aged man!

The fact that such a decisive killing is really shocking everyone!

They couldn’t believe that these people really dare to kill them Elder in Golden River Sect!


“Who dares to run wild in the Golden River Sect!?”


At this moment, Several silhouettes have fallen here, and each of the cultivation bases has reached the High God emperor. The leader is a teenager, but the cultivation base is the highest, reaching the next emperor!

And this person is the Holy Son of Golden River Sect, Lan Chu!

When he saw the middle-aged man who had died in anger, his face became gloomy, with anger and questioning, looking towards Jiang Liu, coldly said: “Who did it? !?”

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