I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1275

Chu Lan is the Golden River Sect Holy Son, second only to Sect Master in Golden River Sect.

At this moment, his complexion is gloomy, staring at Jiang Liu, the killing intent in his eyes is undisguised!

Jiang Liu is very calm. After all, Jiang Chen is there. For him, everything is guaranteed!

“I killed people, what do you want?” Sword Dao raised his eyebrows, and the killing intent appeared in his eyes!

Sword Dao Huaben is aloof and murderous. He doesn’t care who you are. Anyone who dares to offend him is basically kill without mercy!

Of course, the premise is that Sword Dao can beat the opponent!

Since the signing of the contract with Jiang Chen, the cultivation base of sword dao flower has fallen a lot, but in his eyes, the next emperor of a trifling is nothing!

“You are so bold! Dare to kill my Zong Elder in my Golden River Sect!?” Chu Lan angrily shouted: “Do you really know how to write dead words!?”

This place is inside the Golden River Sect, and Chulan’s cultivation base is above the sword dao flower, so he has no fear of the sword dao flower!

However, at the next moment, his face looked ugly!

Just because the sword dao flower directly draws the sword, pointed finger towards Chulan, coldly said: “I don’t know how to write a dead word, but I know what a dead person should do!”

“Do you still dare to do it!? Go to Divine Emperor that’s all!” Chu Lan was also angry, bursting out in an imposing manner on his body, as if doing medicine.

But at the next moment, Chu Lan had a hint of joking in his eyes, looked towards Jiang Liu on the side, said solemnly: “Today, if you killed them, then this matter will be taken over! If not… …Today you die with them!”

“Don’t lose the face of my Golden River Sect!”


Hearing this, Jiang Liu suddenly Just laughed.

He looked at Chu Lan as if looking at a fool, with contempt in his eyes, and said: “Do you really consider yourself a person? You think you can kill me you are not qualified, but Thinking of killing my boss and them?”

“Which boss?” Chu Lan froze for a moment, then his expression condensed, looking towards sword dao flower, cry out in surprise: “You are Jiang Chen!?”

Apparently, Chu Lan has heard Jiang Chen’s name from Jiang Liu!

He also knows Jiang Chen’s status and identity in Great Thousand Worlds today, as well as the strength that people of the same generation cannot match!

Now, if the person in front of you is really Jiang Chen, then even if he is the Holy Son of Golden River Sect, he dare not do it!

Even the Sect Master of Golden River Sect is here, and everyone has to smile!

“I am not Jiang Chen.” Sword Dao Hua shook his head.

As soon as these words came out, before Sword Dao Hua said the second sentence, Chu Lan’s face changed again!

I saw the killing intent in his eyes reappear, coldly said: “You are not Jiang Chen, you dare to kill in my Golden River Sect!? I think you are really courting death!”

“That…I’m not Jiang Chen, but… Jiang Chen is here.” The sword dao flower expression is weird, pointing to Jiang Chen next to him, and saying: “Look, the Lord is here Well.”

Let’s go ahead, Yao Dade interrupted and said: “Jiang Liu is Jiang Chen’s younger brother, they are brother.”


“Jiang Chen is really here!?”

“Behind that there are the Heavenspan Garden, the evil clan, the Chang’an clan, and the Jiang Chen of the Paragon Temple!?”


At this moment, the group of Golden River Sect was completely shocked!

Now Jiang Chen’s reputation is so great, they have heard about it, and now when they meet the Lord, all their faces are pale with fright!

Although Golden River Sect is strong, it is considered a Top Sect in Liujin world, but it is different from Heavenspan Garden and evil clan. Golden River Sect is nothing! ?

They are in a panic right now, and they understand that if Jiang Chen is angered today, the entire Golden River Sect will not exist!

“This… Your honor, I don’t know if I don’t know it!”

“It turned out to be Jiang Chen, who is coming here, come here… quickly Welcome!”

Chu Lan and the others responded quickly, apologizing, and showing great sincerity.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t care, with a hint of joking on his face, and said: “Didn’t you kill me with medicine before? Why? Knowing it wrong now?”

“That’s all a misunderstanding!” Chu Lan hurriedly explained: “I don’t know if you are here, if I know it is you, how dare I wait to do it to you!”

“Yes, Jiang Liu, just say a few words, my Golden River Sect never treated you badly!?”


At this moment, Chu Lan and the others panicked, they learned from Jiang Chen In the joking expression, I saw a trace of killing intent!

“Boss, Golden River Sect…is really good to me.” Jiang Liu thought for a moment. Although he had been unsatisfactory in Golden River Sect, he didn’t feel wronged.

He was at Golden River Sect, mainly because he was a bit aggrieved that’s all, and he was not respected.

But Jiang Liu also knows very well that he is from the Six Realms. It is normal for the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds to look down on him and bully him.

“Since you have spoken, then let this matter go.” Jiang Chen lightly said, as long as Jiang Liu is okay.

“A few, come, come, please come to the great hall to do it.” Chu Lan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, the previous arrogant attitude and killing intent disappeared!

Moreover, his heart is still full of fear at this moment!

He knew that if it weren’t for Jiang Liu’s words just now, Jiang Chen would surely kill him today!

You must know that Jiang Chen’s reputation in Great Thousand Worlds is very “stinky” now!

“Jiang Liu ah Jiang Liu, look at what you are doing. Why didn’t your big brother come to tell me earlier? As a Golden River Sect Sect Master, I can also meet you in person!”


After more than ten breaths, in the great hall of Golden River Sect, an Elderly held Jiang Chen’s hands with enthusiasm, hesitated and asked warmly, not to mention how “filial piety” he was.

“Come on, come here today, one is to take a look at Jiang Liu, and the second… is to inquire about Flowing Cloud Sect.” Jiang Chen said straight, which is even more meaningful patted the shoulder of the Golden River Sect Sect Master, and said: “My brother can’t stand any grievances.”

“Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist has said that I am out of touch. From now on, Jiang Liu will be my Golden River Sect. Holy Son!” Golden River Sect Sect Master said hurriedly, ignoring Chu Lan’s ugly face.

This made Jiang Chen very surprised. He couldn’t help asking: “You let Jiang Liu, a man from the six realms, be the Golden River Sect Holy Son? Can Golden River Sect be convinced?”


“Convinced!” Golden River Sect Sect Master said, but in his heart he despised Jiang Chen fiercely!

With you supporting Jiang Liu, who dares not be convinced throughout Golden River Sect! ?

Unless you are dead!

“By the way…What do you inquire about Flowing Cloud Sect?” Golden River Sect Sect Master asked, a hint of fear flashed in his eyes, and said: “Flowing Cloud Sect is the strongest in the flow gold world Flowing Cloud Sect is not much weaker even when compared with the external Top Sect forces!”

“Furthermore, Flowing Cloud Sect rarely communicates with the outside world. I am true about Flowing Cloud Sect. I don’t know much about it.”

“Is it? I really don’t know or dare not say it?” Jiang Chen squinted, seemingly inadvertently revealing the strongest wage earner’s order brand.

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