I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1276

How strong Flowing Cloud Sect is, it is not hard to imagine.

After all, none of the forces that can be targeted by the black market are weak!

Even more how, Flowing Cloud Sect still holds some secrets about the Dark Blood Age. Can ordinary forces master such secrets?

At this moment, Jiang Chen stared at the Sect Master of Flowing Cloud Sect, his eyes were bad, coldly said: “Do you not know who I am now?”

Flowing Cloud Sect Sect Master hearing this, his face was already pale.

He looked at Jiang Chen’s token of the strongest worker at his waist, and his soul was frightened!

He knows exactly what this token means. Jiang Chen is now backed by the black market Three Great Giants!

Let’s not talk about the Heavenspan Garden, the evil race and the Paragon Temple, the power of the black market can easily destroy the Golden River Sect!

“This…Fellow Daoist, please let me go. We are a trifling Golden River Sect. How dare to challenge Flowing Cloud Sect. In case, Flowing Cloud Sect knows that I am Golden River Sect. If you betray them, then my Golden River Sect is gone!” Flowing Cloud Sect Sect Master pleaded, not wanting to cause trouble.

Jiang Chen hearing this, chuckled lightly, and said: “Give you two choices, one is that Golden River Sect is destroyed by Flowing Cloud Sect, and the other is… is now being destroyed by me!”

“You need to know, Flowing Cloud Sect may not know that you Golden River Sect betrayed them, so Flowing Cloud Sect may not kill you Golden River Sect for this, but I… is different.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “You can figure out the stakes in this.”

As soon as these words came out, Flowing Cloud Sect Sect Master’s face was completely broken.

He knew that if he didn’t say anything today, then Jiang Chen would definitely be able to destroy Golden River Sect!

But if you say it, maybe Golden River Sect can still be preserved!

In addition, he has made Jiang Liu the Holy Son of Golden River Sect, and will be in charge of Golden River Sect in the future. Jiang Chen can’t let Golden River Sect be destroyed, right?

When the time comes, if Flowing Cloud Sect really comes to you, can Jiang Chen let Jiang Liu leave it alone?

“Hold Jiang Liu’s thigh tightly! Even if this big tree is hug!” Golden River Sect Sect Master thought, then stretched out his hand and drew a map in the air.

“Flowing Cloud Sect is on the north side of this World, above the boundless Snow Mountain, but their mountain gates are well hidden, and restrictions and Formation overlap. Even if they find the mountain gate, it is difficult for ordinary people to enter. “Flowing Cloud Sect Sect Master said: “I told you the seat of Flowing Cloud Sect, but in the future, if Flowing Cloud Sect wants to deal with my Golden River Sect… Look…”

” , Jiang Liu has become the Holy Son of Golden River Sect, so I naturally have some relationship with Golden River Sect.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “In this Golden River Sect in the future, you should take more care of Jiang Liu. “

“This is no problem!” Golden River Sect Sect Master immediately agreed.

Then Jiang Chen got up directly, moved towards Golden River Sect and walked outside.

This is his first task. It must be completed as soon as possible, and it must be done beautifully!

Only in this way can we stop the mouths of other high-level people in the black market!

When the time comes, the attitude of the Three Great Giants on the black market will be better towards him, and even a real shelter for Jiang Chen!

“Boss, I will go with you.” Jiang Liu chased him up, said resolutely: “Boss, I don’t want to stay here, I want to be with you!”

In terms of finally finding Jiang Liu, Jiang Chen naturally wanted to bring him with him.

But Jiang Chen knows very well that his situation is very delicate now.

Although there are various Great Influences supporting him, it is exactly the same. Now he can be said to be able to mess with the whole situation!

Now, I don’t know how many people are staring at him, his situation is very dangerous!

If Jiang Liu has been with him, the level of danger…

“You stay in Golden River Sect and develop well. You will be used in the future.” Jiang Chen said : “When the time is right, I will make this Great Thousand Worlds tremble!”

“Boss…you mean…let me develop in Golden River Sect, when the time comes to lead Golden River Sect Come to support you?” Jiang Liu asked.

Jiang Chen did not nodded or shook his head, just patted Jiang Liu’s shoulder, and said: “The enmity between the six worlds and the ancestral world has not been reported yet.”

Jiang Liu seems to understand I didn’t understand nodded, and then watched Jiang Chen leave.

After Jiang Chen left, the Sect Master of Golden River Sect came over and came to Jiang Liu’s side, and smiled and asked: “From now on you will be the Holy Son of Golden River Sect. You have What’s your plan?”

“The boss said, let me develop in Golden River Sect.” Jiang Liu said straightly: “I think the boss is letting me be the Sect Master of Golden River Sect.”


“Jiang Liu, you are a bit too much! You are from the Six Realms, and we are both the Holy Spirit of the Great Thousand Worlds. Let you be a person of the Six Realms in charge of Golden River Sect. Do you think we will be convinced? “

“Jiang Liu, if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s face, do you think the position of Holy Son could be yours?”


Golden Several Elders of River Sect have ugly faces. They don’t want Jiang Liu to be the Sect Master of Golden River Sect.

However, Golden River Sect Sect Master was immediately nodded, saying: “Okay! As long as you step into the emperor, this Sect Lord’s Position will be passed on to you!”

After coming out, a group of Elders from Golden River Sect became anxious immediately!

However, without waiting for them to speak, Golden River Sect Sect Master waved his hand and said: “Heavenspan Court dares to support Jiang Chen, a person from the six realms, the evil races dare, Paragon Temple dare, Now the black market is doing the same, you say… for what?”

“For what?” one of the Elder asked with a puzzled face.

“At the time the ancestral world was destroyed, although it was very involved, it does not mean that every Great Thousand Worlds force has taken action.” Golden River Sect Sect Master reminded: “And those forces that did not take action, you What do you think… what attitude do they have towards the Ancestral Realm?”

“Do you mean…”

“Heavenspan Garden, the evil race, the Paragon Temple and even the black market, all want Unlock the ancestral world!? Let the ancestral world return!?”



These Elders exclaimed Out, they are not stupid, naturally they understand the meaning of their own Sect Master!

However, can these forces really help the ancestral world return?

You need to know that the forces that attacked the ancestral world were not weaker than the Paragon Temple, nor weaker than the black market!

“They just want an excuse, a suitable excuse, to unlock the ancestral world.” Sect Master of Golden River Sect said: “And this excuse is Jiang Chen.”

“So, since they want excuses, then we…can help them find some more excuses! For example… Jiang Liu.”

“This is the era of billowing waves washing the sand, we It’s time to stand in line.”


Everyone was hearing this and couldn’t help being silent.

Some people are terrified, others are excited.

They all know that Sect Master is placing a bet!

He does not have the capital to bet on Jiang Chen, but he definitely has the capital to bet on Jiang Liu!

Once the bet is right, Golden River Sect will be ranked in Great Thousand Worlds from now on!

Even, far beyond today!

“I don’t understand what you mean, I only know that I will do what the boss asks me to do.” Jiang Liu lightly said: “I won’t lose the boss, I also hope…you I won’t lose the boss.”

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