I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1277

Jiang Chen entire group left, followed the coordinates given by Golden River Sect Sect Master, and flew all the way. One day later, he came to the north of Liujin world, above the boundless Snow Mountain.

Looking at it, there is a vast expanse of white everywhere, flakes of snowflakes are scattered, and strands of divine light shimmer in the cold, like a pure land on earth.

“There are indeed formations and prohibitions here, which is very profound.” Jiang Chen observed the spot for a while, and the formation mark in his eyes was ups and downs, seeing everything here very thoroughly.

“Can you unlock it?” Sword Dao Hua asked.

“Yes, but it takes a lot of time.” Jiang Chen eyebrows slightly frowned, said truthfully.

After all, this is the gate of Flowing Cloud Sect, and the array and prohibitions are naturally not ordinary.

He needs time to crack.

However, Jiang Chen feels that this can be done faster!

“I know you can see us. Today, I am here to respect the will of the black market. I came to find out about the dark blood age.” Jiang Chen looked forward, his expression calm.

He knew that the people of Flowing Cloud Sect felt it since they came here.

Now, the people of Flowing Cloud Sect are probably looking at them on the other side of Formation and Prohibition.

“Go back, the Dark Blood Era is too complicated and involved too deeply. My Flowing Cloud Sect doesn’t want to interfere, and I don’t want to mess with cause and effect.”

After a few breaths, this place is out of thin air. There was a voice with a hint of majesty and a hint of helplessness.

This makes Jiang Chen very puzzled. It just asks you to reveal the news of the Dark Blood Age. Why don’t you tell me?

A message can still make you Flowing Cloud Sect extinguish sect impossible?

“The array and prohibitions here cannot stop me.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Wait until I break the Formation and prohibitions, then this matter can’t be explained clearly with my mouth.”

Obviously, Jiang Chen is threatening the opponent!

However, this threat, in the eyes of Flowing Cloud Sect, seems a bit weak.

Flowing Cloud Sect is the strongest sect in the gold flow world, and Transcender must be in the sect.

On Jiang Chen’s side, the highest cultivation base is only the sword dao flower. How can this cultivation base be included in Flowing Cloud Sect?

Even if Jiang Chen broke the array and restrictions here today, Flowing Cloud Sect will not be afraid of Jiang Chen and the others.

Of course, Jiang Chen also knows that this is the case, but there is a black market behind him, can he in turn be afraid of Flowing Cloud Sect?

Furthermore, Jiang Chen is sure that this is his first mission, and the black market will definitely follow him in secret!

What’s more, a few giants in the black market may be nearby!

“Since you don’t want to talk, then…Don’t blame me.” Jiang Chen’s eyes condensed, and the formation mark appeared on his body, his hands were constantly dancing in front of him, one after another formation mark. fall!

He is already starting to crack Formation and prohibition!

For a while, there was no sound here, and the people of Flowing Cloud Sect did not speak. Sword Dao Hua and the others stood beside Jiang Chen without any movement.

Only Jiu Tianxia, ​​who just woke up not long ago, still looked at all around with a confused expression.

She just came out of the greedy ghost, and now she is very confused. Although she is awake, she has never said a word until now.

Jiang Chen is also worried, is it possible that what kind of injury did Jiu Tianxia suffer in the greedy ghost?

However, Jiang Chen has been having trouble these days, and he has not had time to take care of Nine Worlds.


And just as Jiang Chen was cracking the Formation and the prohibition, sword dao Hua saw a ray of light suddenly appeared in Jiutianxia’s eyes!

In those eyes, there seemed to be a hint of fear!

“She is now confused, like a blank paper, her perception is very pure and sensitive…” Sword Dao Hua said solemnly: “We… are we in danger?”

“Impossible, the Flowing Cloud Sect people haven’t come out. Who will do anything to us here?” Yao Dade shook his head.

However, after a few breaths, Jiang Chen suddenly stopped, grabbed Nine Worlds, and at the same time silhouette continuously backed out!

At the same time, Sword Dao Hua and Yao Dade also had expressions of pale white. Only now did they feel that they were being targeted by something terrifying!

They seem to have become prey!

“Flowing Cloud Sect!? Do you really dare to do it!?” Jiang Chen complexion is gloomy, said: “Is going to make a complete turnaround with the black market!?”

“I I’ve never done it before.”

In Flowing Cloud Sect, a rather helpless voice sounded, said with a bitter smile: “Flowing Cloud Sect array and prohibition are not actually used to stop you. It’s… to stop them.”

“They? Who?” Jiang Chen was puzzled, but before the people of Flowing Cloud Sect spoke, a black sharp dropping from the sky, approaching Jiang Chen’s top of the head and go!

Jiang Chen reacted quickly, but when he wanted to move his body, he was shocked to find that he was imprisoned!


Not being imprisoned, but being deterred by a terrifying coercion!

The fear originating from the soul fills Jiang Chen’s whole body, even his mind and Divine Soul!

He was horrified, even when facing Transcender, he had never felt this way!

“You dare!”

Seeing that black edge is about to hit Jiang Chen, the third giant in the black market appeared!

Under his angry roar, a palm shattered that black edge, and then Jiang Chen entire group was behind him!

“I knew you would be here.” Jiang Chen sighed in relief. At that moment, he could clearly feel that death was in front of him!

“The ignorant creatures still want to change the course of their destiny. When darkness falls, blood is spreading in every world. Everything will be reborn and purified in the blood and darkness. The entire world will be Become pure!”

At this moment, a leisurely but arrogant voice sounded.

Immediately afterwards, a black eye appeared on Wuya Snow Mountain.

There is no mood swing in my eyes, like Azure Dragon of aloof and remote, overlooking all things in the world.

Even the third giant in the black market is like that ant dust in his eyes.

“The original rumors are true. The birthplace of the Dark Blood Age is Flowing Cloud Sect!” The third giant on the black market coldly said: “It seems that Flowing Cloud Sect is not simple!”

“I have never done anything to be sorry for Great Thousand Worlds, but…I was also forced to be helpless, and we are also victims!” In Flowing Cloud Sect, the previous voice sounded again and persuaded: ” You guys go quickly, he is coming out!”

“dressing up as God, playing the devil!” The third giant in the black market stared at him, covered in black mist, seemingly fearless!


However, as soon as I finished saying this, I saw the third giant in the black market waved his hand, Universe in the Sleeves displayed, and Jiang Chen entire group was involved.

Then he tore the void and moved towards the distance without looking back!

“Are you scared?” Jiang Chen was stunned. It was the first time he saw the third giant on the black market running away.

“Do you know what that is!?” Said solemnly, the third tycoon of the black market: “That is the eyes of fallen creatures! That is a sign that the Dark Blood Age has begun!”

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