I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1278

The third giant on the black market is indeed in a panic right now. He took the Jiang Chen entire group and hurried away, and simply did not dare to look back!

Jiang Chen is also terrified. He doesn’t know what the Dark Blood Age is all about, but it is definitely a big problem to make the third giant in the black market panic!

“Catch it!”

Suddenly, Sword Dao Hua exclaimed, his whole body tense, and he pointed to the void behind him.

Looking around, that one eye actually chased it down, extremely fast, and with the nauseating bloody meaning of one after another!

The third tycoon of the black market panicked immediately. His expression was extremely grave, and his silhouette paused, then propped up the field and protected the entire group!

“Can’t run away! And the others come and save!” The third giant in the black market, complexion is gloomy, he knows exactly what this eye means!

If these eyes are determined to hunt them down, they will definitely not escape!

“Trifling ants, dare to peep into the highest law between this Heaven and Earth?”

At this moment, this eye falls on the sky above everyone, standing on endless void.

He is still so arrogant, looking down at everyone, without a trace of emotion in his eyes.

In his eyes, everything is ant dust, not worth mentioning.

“What are you!? It’s just contaminated debris that’s all! Between this Heaven and Earth can’t tolerate you!” The third giant in the black market seems to know something, although it is full of fear in his eyes, But the words are very strong and contemptuous.

“Between Heaven and Earth, we are the purest creatures, and you… are just defective products that’s all.”

“The age of dark blood is coming, this Time Great Thousand Worlds will be swept in for a great cleaning! No one can stop, no one can destroy this great cleaning!”


These eyes seem to be somewhat Excited, one after another black rays of light fell from his pupils, constantly struck the area of ​​the third giant in the black market!

“believe oneself infallible!” The third giant in the black market, complexion is gloomy, clearly showed anxiety in his eyes.

He is struggling to support, waiting for reinforcements to arrive!

“By the way…you asked me to go to Flowing Cloud Sect this time to inquire about the news, in fact…you already know the secrets that Flowing Cloud Sect knows, right?” Jiang Chen frowns, said solemnly : “You use me as a bait, want to draw this eye?”

“Yes!” Nodded and said, the third giant in the black market, did not deny it either.

He glanced at Jiang Chen, said with a bitter smile: “It’s only you who can make this eye interested. After all, you were the one who calmed down a dark blood age!”

Jiang Chen was not surprised when he said this.

After all, Jiang Chen knows that his previous lives were indeed very difficult to deal with, and he has done a lot of things that surprised Heaven and Earth.

Now, even if someone tells him that he was invincible for a lifetime, he can believe it.

It’s just that Jiang Chen is very upset that he thought the black market would protect him, but never thought… he used his life as bait!

“If I really want to leave, the black market cannot keep me.” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“There won’t be another next time!” said the third tycoon on the black market: “I can’t find the right person at this time, even more how the Dark Blood Age is coming. I will wait for the news, too For the entire Great Thousand Worlds!”

“If you don’t show up, this eye won’t appear!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, it doesn’t matter shrugged, and he pointed to the top of his head. The eyes asked: “What is this thing?”

“A soul.” The third giant in the black market said: “He is looking for a host, and this host is in the Flowing Cloud Sect! Flowing The reason Cloud Sect has set up Formation and prohibition is that he doesn’t want him to get that host!”

Speaking of which, the expression of the third giant in the black market became weird and asked: “At the beginning, I asked you to come to Flowing Cloud. Sect, I told you that you have a friend in Flowing Cloud Sect.”

“Well, I remember.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

However, after the voice fell, Jiang Chen’s face became pale!

He knows that the third giant on the black market will not say this for no reason!

Combined with the previous words, Jiang Chen said solemnly: “His host… is a friend of mine!?”

“Yes.” The third black market giant lightly said “So, this time let you come, although it is to let you come as a bait, but the same is to give you a chance to rescue your friend!”

“But now, how to save it?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile and sighed heavily.

The third giant in the black market is not the opponent of this eye, so why should Jiang Chen save the friend in Flowing Cloud Sect?

“Don’t worry! He has no host, no entity, and strength is not in Peak. Although I can’t deal with him alone, but…” The third tycoon in the black market heard from a distance before he finished speaking There are two splitting the air sound!

Looking around, I saw a man and a woman coming side by side. The imposing manner was terrifying, far beyond the average Transcender!

Moreover, there is a special breath flowing in them, ethereal and dusty, as if not stained with dust.

“This is…Immortal Qi!?” Sword Dao Hua exclaimed. He knew something, and even heard the owner of Daqian Mine Burial mention it!

Transcender cultivation reaches a certain level, and its avenues and laws within the body will be transformed and sublimated!

And when all this begins to evolve and sublimate, their breath will change!

This changed breath is the so-called Immortal Qi!

“This is not comparable to those who become immortal in half a step! This is the real cultivation out of Immortal Qi!” Yao Dade also cry out in surprise: “This is a half immortal, right? “?!”

“The third child, normally let you cultivation, you are so lazy, and now you can’t handle trifling, it’s really shameful.”

Later, a man and a woman came in front of the third giant on the black market. The woman was covered in mist, but her voice was very good. At the moment, she was teasing the third giant on the black market.

“I said big sister, hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore!” The third giant in the black market had a dark face, pointed to the eye on the top of his head, and said: “This ancient spirit is extraordinary! “

“What’s so unusual?” The woman lightly said with a smile, and then she pushed out her palm like a white jade, like a stone pillar carved by a white jade, directly shocked In those eyes!



With a muffled noise, the eyes exploded immediately, but they healed in an instant!

“It’s all ants!” The eyes roared, the voice became very harsh, and the mist of one after another black burst out!

However, instead of making a move, he turned into a black rays of light and flew towards Flowing Cloud Sect!

“Stop him! Flowing Cloud Sect has his host!” The third tycoon of the black market hurriedly shouted, while pulling Jiang Chen and a group of people moved towards Flowing Cloud Sect and flew away!

“Want to run? Did you run?”

At this moment, the man lightly said, his hands were connected to the seal, one after another obscure aura appeared on his body.

After a few breaths, he loudly shouted: “Cut the coffin to heaven!”

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