I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1280

After all, the black market has never really valued Jiang Chen!

No, to be precise, they never value Jiang Chen of this life.

The return of the tenth generation is just a legend. No one knows whether this legend will become a reality.

The reason why the black market is now willing to “shelter” Jiang Chen is just betting that’s all!

The black market has the strength to bet, but it does not mean that they have such a mind and patience to follow Jiang Chen.

Especially now, they all know that the ancient spirit is very terrifying. Once they find the host and are completely born, the world will tremble!

Therefore, they can only choose to kill Gu Ling, and even Xiao Qingyi, who is possessed by Gu Ling, will kill them together.

Yes, this is totally unacceptable for Jiang Chen!

“Oh, I thought the black market really valued me, so…I am in your eyes, nothing.” Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, but a cold glow flashed deep in his pupils.

He looked at the Flowing Cloud Sect that had been turned into ruins, then took another look at the bluestone slab dropping from the sky, then turned around, moved towards and walked outside.

Jiang Chen knows very well that in front of Banxian, he has no power to resist, and he does not even have the right to speak!

The matter is over, he can only leave.

However, leaving does not mean that the matter is forgotten!

Killing his brother, this matter is impossible!



Jiang Chen just turned around, and suddenly a loud noise came out, and then the bluestone slab exploded and turned into the sky The law of glory dissipated.

Then “Xiao Qingyi” walked out slowly in the glory.

His body is covered with obscure lines, his aura is very violent, and even his pupils carry a black glow that is fascinating!

Hair is dancing with strands of wind, Heaven and Earth Grand Dao wailing beside him, and the void is constantly breaking apart!

“Trifling that’s all, it’s ants after all!” Xiao Qingyi said contemptuously, looked down at his injury, and sighed: “Oh…the host is still too weak after all.”


After that, he didn’t make a move either. With one hand, Tearing the Void, he wanted to leave here.

Obviously, his state is not very good, maybe at this moment, he is not the opponent of this black market man.

“You still want to go!? Do you really think you can go?!” The man in the black market shouted angrily, all around one after another. The wall rose out of thin air and turned into a cage. The side world is under siege!

After that, a snow-white chain protruded from the wall, like White Dragon bones, and shot towards Xiao Qingyi!

“Now I am really not your opponent. After all, I just found the host, but…you can’t kill me either.” Xiao Qingyi said without looking back, and the words were full of contempt.

I saw that he ignored the chains, raised his hand and waved, the walls all around collapsed, and then he stepped into the void!

“You can’t go!”

The woman in the black market stared, her hand fell through the void, and a wave emerged!

In the waves, there seems to be big kuns ups and downs, rising up and swallowing Heaven and Earth!

“Immortal Technique!”

“This woman…is also a half immortal!?”


Yao Da Dehe sword dao Hua was shocked, these two people are from the black market…

This means that two of the Three Great Giants in the black market are half immortals! ?

This strength, this foundation, no wonder the black market can gain a foothold in Great Thousand Worlds, and dare to do many things that the forces dared not do!

You know, since a certain era, True Immortal has not been seen in this world!

Half Immortal is the most powerful battle strength in this World!

“You guys…”

At this moment, Xiao Qingyi paused, then slowly turned his head, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes, coldly said: “I really thought I would not dare now Go to war with you?”


The voice fell, and the big kun in the waves exploded in an instant, even the entire wave dissipated!

After that, Xiao Qingyi stepped out, and a terrifying aura appeared on his body, like a god from ancient times!

He doesn’t have Immortal Qi on his body, but the imposing manner that he emits is no longer under half a fairy!

And this, he just found the host, the state is no longer Peak!

If he was Peak, how terrifying would his imposing manner? !


However, before Xiao Qingyi made a move, Jiang Chen glared.

Jiang Chen is anxious. He knows that Xiao Qingyi has been invaded and possessed, and he knows that at this moment, he is no longer the same Xiao Qingyi.

However, he still didn’t want to watch “Xiao Qingyi” die in front of him!

“You…the boss…”

Suddenly, Xiao Qingyi’s eyes flashed with pain.

His body began to tremble, his breath fluctuated, as if struggling!

Xiao Qingyi’s consciousness is still there!

However, after a short while, Gulin’s consciousness became dominant. He bowed his head and cursed, then jumped into the void, and walked away at an extremely fast speed!

“You can’t stop him, don’t blame me.”

Jiang Chen looked towards Three Great Giants in the black market, his expression was extremely calm.

“The ancient spirit is the ancient spirit after all. It is the creature that can set off the dark blood age. I can’t stop it… it’s normal.” The third giant in the black market sighed.

As for the man and woman, they were silent. After a few breaths of silence on the spot, both turned and looked towards Jiang Chen, with no anger in their eyes.

“We know your relationship with that kid, but you should also understand that letting go of a Guru is like unlocking the gate of the Guru world.” The man sighed, “For the whole Great Thousand Worlds, I will stop him later.”

“You are not to blame for this. If you know about the ancient spirits and the Dark Blood Age, you will be like us.” The woman lightly said Tao.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shook the head, and said: “My man, even if it is wrong, I can protect him! Even if I offend the entire world, I still stand by his side. “

“This World, there is no right or wrong, but there are more people who think they are right, and those few people become wrong.”

, Three Great Giants on the black market gave a wry smile.

They knew that Jiang Chen still couldn’t let go.

“Xiao Qingyi will not return. Although he still has a ray of consciousness now, it will not be long before his consciousness will be obliterated by the ancient spirit, and his soul and fleshy body will be occupied by the ancient spirit. “The third giant on the black market said: “When the time comes, if he is your enemy, what should you do? Kill him?”


This moment , Jiang Chen opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

He also knew in his heart that the black market Three Great Giants was right.

Yes, can I just forget it? !

“I will find a way to save him!” Jiang Chen spoke after a few breaths, pointed to himself, and said: “I have the Myriad Transformations Celestial Light, which can make everything impossible!”

“Oh, would you use Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp?” The man in the black market contemptuously said: “Up to now, you have never really mastered Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp, and you don’t even know how to control the lantern bearer. “

“Violence and cruelty.” The woman in the black market lightly said: “That’s all, you and us return to the black world, I will teach you.”

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