I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1282

Ghost God is very difficult to entangle, once entangled, it is difficult to get rid of the curse in this life!

No one wants to fight Ghost God, even if they can defeat Ghost God, no one wants to.

Just like now, sword dao Hua and Yao Dade took the Jiang Chen entire group away quickly, not wanting to be entangled with Ghost God.

However, the Ghost God mind seemed to stare at them, like a black wind, moved towards them and chased them down.

Its speed is extremely fast, when passing through the air, there is the sound of one after another wind rustling, and black thunderbolt emerges beside him!

Fortunately, Ninetowns Small World is very solid, and the void cannot be broken. Otherwise, at the speed of this Ghost God, once you split open space, you can catch up with Jiang Chen and the others in a few breaths !

But, running like this, at the speed Ghost God reads, sooner or later they will be able to catch up!

“This guy is staring at us!”

“We have to find a way!”

Yao Dade and sword dao are in a hurry, simply don’t want to Had the slightest entanglement with Ghost God!

“There is a city ahead!”

After a few breaths, I was about to be caught up by Ghost God, and a city appeared on the horizon in the distance.

At this moment, sword dao Hua and Yao Dade are excited, and rushed into the city in one rush!

After entering the city, the Ghost God thought did not chase down, because there is one after another holy barrier around the city, which is the sacred power that can restrain the Ghost God thought.

“Hey guy, I’m looking for you with worry, didn’t expect to deliver it by myself!”

“hahaha, walking right into a trap is not an exaggeration, right? “

Before Jiang Chen and the others breathed a sigh of relief, a few contemptuous voices came all around.

I then looked around and saw Jiang Chen and the others all around. There were five or six young emperors.

The imposing manner on these emperors is very powerful, far beyond the average cultivator!

Especially one of them, wearing a black brocade and a white-haired boy, exudes a terrifying imposing manner, almost half of his foot has stepped into the extraordinary realm!

“I just received the news that you are going to enter the Small World in Ninetowns. I am worrying about where to find you. I didn’t expect to send it to the door.”

“Boy , If you are acquainted, hand over immortal medicine obediently, otherwise…you can’t leave this place alive today!”

These young emperors are very mad, looked. When towards Jiang Chen, it is like looking at an ant.

Regarding this, Jiang Chen chuckled lightly, looked towards the sword dao flower beside him, and said: “I will leave it to you.”

sword dao flower hearing this, he was taken aback for a moment , Pointed to himself, and said: “I am only the Divine Emperor cultivation base now, you let me deal with a few of them?”

“Why? You can’t?” Jiang Chen asked, squinting.

“Try it…” sword dao Hua whispered, if you change to the previous one, under his sword, these people will undoubtedly die!

But now, the cultivation base has fallen a lot, and he really doesn’t know how strong he is.



next moment, sword dao, not much to say, the long sword in his hand swept out, accompanied by a trembling, The sword glow of jade green bursts!




one after another splitting the air sound sounded, and the sword glow of jade green seemed nothing Pi, directly flew those young emperors out.

Only the white-haired boy shattered the sword glow with his hands forcibly!

“Interesting, you must be the sword dao flower, right?” the white-haired boy said lightly, his eyes flashing with greed.

The voice fell, I saw a pitch-black as ink long sword suddenly appeared in his hand, then pointed finger towards sword dao flower, and said: “The same swordsman, let me see it today See how profound the sword technique of the so-called sword dao flower is!”

“You?” Sword dao flower pouted: “On the cultivation base, you are currently high. But on the sword dao accomplishments, what are you? ?”

“Oh? Then try?” The white-haired boy lightly said, when the voice fell, his eyes flashed light, and he attacked with a sword. The sword glow was like a dragon-like, and it was close. sword dao flower away!

The sword dao flower expression is slightly condensed. On the word dao, he is fearless, but the opponent’s cultivation base is much higher than him!

He, dare not careless!

At this moment, I saw the sword dao Hua turned around and avoided the opponent’s sword, and then the two sharp swords on the back were unsheathed. Under the sudden movement of his hands, the three sword glow crossed out, and then The air suddenly dispersed!

Finally, the three sword glows hit the gray-haired boy in a triangle shape!




There are three bursts in succession, sword energy is wanton, and the void is shaking !

The sword glow continued to explode, and when all the glory ended, I saw the white-haired boy standing intact!

“After all, the cultivation base is low.” Sword Dao Hua long sighed, if it were the same realm, even Transcender would have to retreat under these three swords!

“You are not my opponent. It seems that today this immortal medicine belongs to me.” The white-haired boy lightly said with a smile: “Including you, it is also mine.”

“You seem to be dreaming.” Sword Dao Hua coldly said, took a look at Yao Dade, and said angrily: “Really planning to embarrass me?”

“What’s the matter with me? I have separated from you a long time ago, don’t ask me if you have anything to do.” Yao Dade curled his lips and looked like a matter of no concern to oneself.

However, while speaking, I still saw Yao Dade’s body slowly diminishing, until finally, it turned into a rain of light, shrouded in sword Dao Hua’s body!

Sword Dao Hua and Yao Da De are originally one, now the two are combined, the imposing manner that burst out instantly reaches the upper emperor!

At this moment, the sword dao flower is full of white light, and the brilliance of jade green underneath is ups and downs. The three long swords are unified and turned into a colorful, like a sword made of flowers!

“If you can block this sword, both I and immortal medicine are yours.” Sword Dao Hua lightly said, and his arm slowly raised. In the process, the long sword in his hand Sword glow is gradually becoming stronger!

The white-haired boy has expressed his grave, and he can feel that the cultivation base of the sword dao flower at this moment is not under him!

However, in his eyes, there is no fear at all!

Even, with a hint of joking!


Suddenly, without waiting for the sword dao flower, a splitting the air sound sounded, and then where Jiang Chen and the others were, several Formations rose, and more There is a combination of prohibition and Formation!

“hahaha! You are too careless!”

“hmph! Trapped in the Formation and within the realm, it is difficult for you to leave here today even if you are immortal! It’s better to be good I’ll hand over immortal medicine, so I’ll wait to let you go!”


At this moment, a few teenagers appeared all around, and the cultivation base is not very high. Around Divine Emperor.

And these teenagers are all Array Masters!

They were nearby before, observing in secret, and setting up quietly, thinking about trapping Jiang Chen and the others!

“Heh… this is it?” Jiang Chen laughed out loud. With his perception, how could he not notice the secret arrangement of these people here.

The reason Jiang Chen didn’t say it before was because he didn’t care at all.

Formation? Prohibition? Formation?

These things, I have long been playing badly!

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