I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1283

Jiang Chen is proficient in everything. With the improvement of his cultivation base, he has a deeper understanding of various occupations.

Especially the array restriction category, Jiang Chen can be described as brought to the point of perfection!

Even the older generations are probably not as good as Jiang Chen in this respect.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s face is contemptuous, just telling Sword Dao Hua to let him fight with confidence.

As for Formation and prohibition of Formation, when he finished saying this, he had already cracked it!

“Immortal medicine is on me. If you want to get it, it depends on your strength.” Jiang Chen joked.

These people who arrange Formation Formation do not have a high cultivation base. In front of Jiang Chen, they are like trivial ant.

Seriously, he didn’t take these people seriously, including the young man who is currently fighting sword dao!

Just, Jiang Chen thinks, sometimes I can try not to make a move without making a move, or else, what do you take these boys?

Big brother, they are all used for the finale!

“Jiang Chen! This is Ninetowns World, not outside! No one here will help you!”

“Today, if you don’t hand over immortal medicine, you don’t want to live Leave!”


There are more and more people all around. When they see Jiang Chen, their eyes shine brightly, and there is no greed in them. cover up!

In this regard, Jiang Chen chuckled slightly, and the formation mark on his body suddenly burst out, intertwined in the air, like a colorful cloud.

After a few breaths, the formation mark took shape, and a big Killing Formation appeared, covering half of the city!

This sudden, can be said to have alarmed the creatures in the entire city!

Someone is looking at Formation. When they see Jiang Chen, the greed in their eyes is undoubtedly obvious!

Some people are trapped in Formation, some are scared, and some are indifferent.

“An inferior creature from the six realms that’s all, in my eyes, what are you?”

“The six realms have been destroyed by my Great Thousand Worlds, you The remnants will die sooner or later.”

At this moment, the people trapped in the Formation are very calm, because they are too crowded and their cultivation base is very high!

If so many people join forces, this Formation can’t stop them!

Of course, this is what they think!

“The creatures of the six worlds are inferior?” Jiang Chen lightly said, a cold glow flashed in his eyes, and said: “I always thought that All living things are equal, but… if you have to Say something high and low, then… My six world creatures are naturally above all else!”


When the voice fell, I saw one after another Heavenly Fire coming, The entire Formation is shrouded!

The scorching temperature, even the void is distorting, and a flame enveloped half of the city!

After that, another vine emerged, like a chain, which locked the Formation!

Look carefully, it is the undying bird and the emperor vine!

The two Dao Souls are blessed on Formation, making it unbreakable, just like a furnace of flames wrapped in vines!

“I am not a murderer, if you want to go, I can let you go, but… if you don’t want to go, covet my immortal medicine, then… just stay!” Jiang Chen said , Opened a hole in the corner of Formation.

However, although Jiang Chen is kind and righteous, these people think Jiang Chen is merely this.

They have no fear at all, relying on the number of people and their high cultivation base, one by one, they are arrogant and arrogant in the Formation, and they don’t even see the Formation in their eyes.



next moment, I saw someone shot, and a fist moved towards Jiang Chen like a galaxy hanging upside down!

Immediately afterwards, other people also took action, seemingly worried that immortal medicine would be snatched away by others!

Seeing this scene, Jiang Chen’s eyes flash with a cold light, the last hint of mercy has disappeared.

“In that case…then go to death.” Jiang Chen lightly said, with a wave of his big hand, Formation rioted, one after another invisible murderous aura erupted, and then flames accompanied the blade light and sword Shadows are rolled up in the entire Formation!

The unquenchable fire burns, accompanied by divine iron-like vines, wherever it passes, blood is splashed, even the strong fleshy body is cut off at this moment!

In just a dozen breaths of time, all the people in Formation have fallen, and none of them survived!

“Jiang Chen, this is the ninth city of the Ninetowns world. It is the site of Celestial Court’s dísciple Zhao Tu!”

“Boy! Wait, Zhao. Tu will come here soon! When the time comes, your life, your immortal medicine, are all from Zhao Tu!”


Besides Formation, a group of teenagers are there Wait and see, wearing a uniform robe, is clamoring.

Jiang Chen hearing this, cold glow suddenly appeared in his eyes, staring at the group of teenagers, and asked in a low voice: “It’s all from Celestial Court?”

“My Celestial Court was born, Sooner or later, you will dominate the entire Great Thousand Worlds!”

“If you are acquainted and hand over immortal medicine obediently, perhaps Celestial Court can still save you!”



The dísciples of these Celestial Courts are very arrogant. In their hearts, Celestial Court is invincible!

However, Jiang Chen snorted and said: “Celestial Court? What is that? I really think Celestial Court is invincible?”

“Celestial Court is not invincible, are you invincible? “

At this moment, a young man wearing a purple-golden robe and holding a long knife as high as one person walked slowly from a distance.

He seems to be walking very slowly, but under one step, spanning thousands of miles is one of the strongest methods of Human Race, Shrink The Land Into An Inch!

“In the outside world, I dare not say that I am invincible, but here… I say invincible, who can match!?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, looked towards the boy, and asked: “You are Celestial Court mysterious character level dísciple, Zhao Tu?”

“You are not worthy of letting Zhao Senior Brother Tu take the shot.” The boy said, “I am a yellow character dísciple, my name is…”

“Don’t beep, I’m not interested in the name of the dying person.” Jiang Chen pouted, and when the voice fell, he was like a dragon and rushed out of the Formation!

At this moment, without the protection of Formation, someone rushed over all around!

However, this group of people did not even touch Jiang Chen’s body, they were shocked by the terrifying divine force emanating from Jiang Chen within the body!

As for Jiang Chen, with his hands dancing, one after another fist bursts out, just like a Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow, moved towards the young man with a long knife and kill!

“That’s all.” This young man is very confident. Facing his fists like howling wind and torrential rain, he is calm and comfortable.

I saw him wave the long knife in his hand, and a palpable blade light burst out, like a heavenly river, obliterating Jiang Chen’s attack.

After that, he carried a long knife, stepped out, and came to Jiang Chen’s side in an instant!



His combat experience is very rich. He instantly appeared behind Jiang Chen, and then the long sword fell and slashed at Jiang. On Chen’s back!

Under a burst of noise, a smile appeared on the boy’s face, lightly said with a smile: “Jiang Chen? Oh, also only this.”

However, when When the blade light dissipated, his expression changed drastically!

I saw that Jiang Chen was indeed cut, but at the moment he was smiling and he was unscathed!

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