I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1284

With a slash, Jiang Chen was unharmed, not even the clothes on his body were broken!

“That’s it?” Jiang Chen’s mouth turned up slightly, with a hint of contempt, and then he flicked his finger lightly and landed on the young man’s long knife.


With a crisp sound, the long knife broke instantly, and at the same time the boy’s body trembled suddenly!

His hand holding a long knife was shaking, and even his fleshy body was cracked!

And all this is just because of Jiang Chen’s flick!


At this moment, the young man felt fear in his heart, Shrink The Land Into An Inch was used, and moved towards the rear quickly retreated.

However, Jiang Chen is like a shadow, also Shrink The Land Into An Inch, but its speed is much faster than the opponent!

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen caught up with the opponent, jumped up, and stepped on the opponent’s fiercely on the ground!

After that, Jiang Chen used the soles of his feet, without mercy, directly shattering the opponent’s head and obliterating his soul!

“Celestial Court yellow-character dísciple is just this strength?” Jiang Chen lightly said, with a hint of disappointment in his eyes, and asked: “How about the one with the mysterious character called Zhao Tu? Let him come over. Practice your hands for me.”

“Too arrogant!”

“It’s just unbearable!”


all around , Celestial Court’s dísciple complexion is gloomy is incomparable, but I dare not do it.

And some people are backing up, afraid that Jiang Chen will make a move!

“Jiang Chen! Hurry up and obediently surrender! Otherwise I will kill her!”

Suddenly, a rooster’s voice sounded.

Jiang Chen heard the sound and looked at it, and then his expression became gloomy!

In the fight just now, Jiang Chen didn’t care about the nine worlds!

And now, Jiu Tianxia has been detained by a Celestial Court dísciple!

“Let go of her!” Jiang Chen’s eyes drooped slightly, coldly said: “If she loses a vellus hair, you people will be buried together!”

“Self-styled cultivation base Hand over immortal medicine! Otherwise…I will kill her!” The Celestial Court dísciple held the top of the head of Nine Heavens, and the fierceness in his eyes was exposed!

At this moment, Jiang Chen sighed, he can’t watch Jiu Tianxia die here!

In desperation, Jiang Chen raised his hand, and when he was about to establish himself as a cultivation base, his body shook!



Immediately, the greedy ghost came out on his own, turned into a stream of light, and fell on the body of nine heavens. before!



next moment, accompanied by a burst of noise, I saw a greedy ghost slashing out, fast, like flowing light flashed!


With a muffled noise, I saw the Celestial Court boy stunned in place, as if he hadn’t realized what had happened.

But next moment, I saw his body split, and even his soul was wiped out!

At the same time, a divine light flashed in Jiu Tianxia’s eyes, and she, who had been confused for a long time, seemed to be sobered up at this moment!

She caught the greedy ghost, the confusion in her eyes gradually disappeared, and then her hand gently stroked the greedy ghost, and said: “I…returned?”

After falling, she saw Jiang Chen, and a killing intent suddenly appeared in her eyes!

Be aware that when Jiu Tianxia was trapped in front of the greedy ghost, it was amnesia!

Her memory has been stuck long ago!

At that time, she and Jiang Chen had a “deep hatred”!

I still remember that Jiu Tianxia was spanked by Jiang Chen in public!

“Dog thief! pay with your life!” Jiu Tianxia was angry and shouted, carrying the greedy ghost and moved towards Jiang Chen to kill.

Jiang Chen had a dumb face, and then bitterly laughed, and said, “It seems that you have forgotten many things.”

“What did I forget!? You dirty child !” The pretty face of Jiu Tianxia was a little red, and she couldn’t let go of it every time she thought of the original things.

However, before she rushed to Jiang Chen, the greedy ghost in her hand suddenly shook.

Then a beam of light rushed up and disappeared into the mind of Nine Worlds!

That is part of her memory. She was sealed in a greedy ghost before. Now that she has been born, this part of her memory will naturally return.

After a few breaths, Jiu Tianxia was stunned in place, with sadness in his eyes.

“The Six Realms are gone?” Jiu Tianxia asked: “Where is my father? Where is my big brother? Where are they!?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, shook the head, sighed: “I don’t know where to go.”

“It was made by the people of Great Thousand Worlds!?” The killing intent of Nine Worlds skyrocketed, holding a greedy ghost looking towards all around, the expression is extremely cold!

“Now you have just woken up and come back. Let’s take care of it first. The problem here will be solved by the teacher.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, Jiu Tianxia glared at Jiang Chen angrily, very upset, and said: “That’s when I am amnesia, I only worship you as a teacher! It doesn’t count!”

“Count It doesn’t count, it’s up to you.” Jiang Chen said, “As long as I recognize it.”



This is just finished. , I heard the roar of one after another outside the city!

Looking at it, the sky outside the city is stained red, and the clouds are as bloody!

That is a person’s blood energy!

“What an exuberant blood energy……” Jiang Chen exclaimed. For those with such blood energy, the fleshy body must not be too weak!

“Kill me Celestial Court dísciple, you know you are guilty!?”

After a few breaths, I saw a bald boy walking in the void, and soon fell on Jiang Chen In front of him.

This person didn’t say much. He pointed to Jiang Chen with a long stick in his hand and said: “Death, or acknowledge allegiance!”

“It seems that you are also the dísciple of Celestial Court “Jiang Chen lightly said: “It’s just a pity, it’s a little weaker.”

“Zhao Senior Brother Tu! He killed many of us!”

“He died for us Senior Brother Junior Brother take revenge!”


When the people all around Celestial Court saw this bald boy, they suddenly felt excited!

After all, this bald boy is a Celestial Court mysterious character level dísciple, and it is Ranked 3rd among the mysterious character level dísciple!

His strength is comparable to the little Holy Son of those Peak forces!

“Oh? You are Zhao Tu? I heard that they are very good, but I don’t know how strong it is.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile, behind the emperor vine and undying bird Dao Soul manifested, it was already the most Ready to fight!

However, from Jiang Chen’s playful eyes, you can know that he didn’t put Zhao Tu in his eyes at all!

“What’s the point of fighting and killing people all day long? It’s better to cook wine and talk about songs, and enjoy the wine.”

Just when the two are about to start, the Ninth City There was a light and fluttering sound from the city gate.

After that, I saw a boy with Bai Yi holding a folding fan slowly walking over.

On his body, the imposing manner is very calm, and it makes people unable to see his cultivation base.

But, this is such a man who looks like a scholar, wherever he has passed, everyone gave way to him!

When he walked to Jiang Chen and Zhao Tu’s side, Zhao Tu’s face sank slightly, but he gave him a way!

As for Jiang Chen, he blinked his eyes and looked at the boy Bai Yi curiously.

“You are Jiang Chen, right? I have heard of your name, and you can be regarded as a hero of the younger generation.” The boy Bai Yi glanced at Jiang Chen indifferently, and suddenly asked indifferently: “Yes Have a free drink?”

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