I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1286

The emperor drank too much, revealing the will of the Imperial Clan Spiritual God, one after another terrifying divine force rushed into the sky, it seemed to be out of control!

Jiang Chen looked depressed. Did Emperor San deliberately drink too much, or did he say something unexpected?

“Is this guy going crazy after drinking too much?” Jiang Chen asked.

“He should have just turned on Imperial Clan Spiritual God and he cannot control his will at will, so he uses alcohol to release the Spiritual God will!” Sword Dao said solemnly: “This guy definitely drank too much on purpose. !”

“Just to release the Spiritual God will?” Jiang Chen wondered: “What’s the point?”

“Of course.” Sword Dao Hua explained: “This place It’s the Small World of Nine Towns. The competition here is fierce. If he does not release the will of the born spirit, there may be opponents here.”

“But, if the will of Spiritual God is released, this ninth city No one can match him!”

Jiang Chen is not stupid. After hearing this, he will understand that this Emperor San deliberately drank too much. After releasing the Spiritual God’s will, this was going to sweep the whole Ninth City!

“This guy’s ambitions and means…” Jiang Chen sighed slightly. Before, he thought that the emperor was easy-going, and never thought that this kid would sweep a city at every turn!

However, Jiang Chen is also wondering, is there any benefit in sweeping the entire Ninth City?

When the time comes, blood flowing into a river here, there are countless deaths and injuries, that many sect’s dísciple will more or less die here.

At that time, the responsibility was all on Emperor San!

And the Emperor San also said before, he left Imperial Clan, without the protection of Imperial Clan, and then incur such a big trouble, who can protect him! ?

“He may not want to sweep the Ninth City, but…in and the others!”

At this moment, the bright light glittering in Yao Dade’s eyes, looked towards Di San in the distance.

At this moment, the Emperor San seemed to be able to control himself, no longer random shots, but standing quietly.

His gaze is looking into the direction of the city gate, and the sun and moon in his pupils are rising and falling, it seems that he is really waiting for someone to come!

“Release the Spiritual God’s will, do you want to fight with me?”

After more than ten breaths, don’t say it, there really is a young man in the distance!

Wherever it passes, the void vibrates, accompanied by one after another holy light, more colorful Ruixiang hovering around him!

He is very strong, his blood energy is not weaker than that of Emperor San, especially behind him, he has a pair of white wings!

“The True Heavens!” Sword Dao stared at him, cry out in surprise: “Didn’t the True Heavens die long ago? Why are there still?”

“It may be a remnant Come down.” Yao Dade said: “In that battle, the true heaven clan was almost destroyed, but…maybe someone really survived.”

“Zhentian clan? Very much. Is it strong?” Jiang Chen asked.

“More than just being strong, the ancestor of the Zhentian clan is one of the strongest people in this world! If it weren’t for that great battle, the Zhentian clan would not have fallen!” said sword Dao Hua .

And at this moment, in the Ninth City, an explosion sounded!

Looking at it, Emperor San didn’t say a word, but he rushed out after meeting, condensed rune in his palm, like an Imperial Jade Seal, moved towards the boy of the true heaven clan and suppressed it!

“It’s been a long time since I did it, and it looks like I can have a good battle today!” The boy of the true heaven clan was full of fighting intents, raised his hand and rushed out with the palm of Emperor San Collided together!

In the palms of both sides, rune ups and downs, divine force riots, and the collision of its own Tao and Dharma!

One after another, there was a constant burst of noise, and the two seemed to freeze, holding their palms together, and no one backed away for a while!

“Imperial Clan Spiritual God, against the Tianjiao of the true heavens, this battle is a good show.” Yao Dade whispered: “I don’t know who will win.”

“What does it have to do with us?” Jiang Chen said angrily, but there was still flames beating in his eyes!

That’s fighting intent!

For Jiang Chen, the cultivator of the same realm is hardly challenging, even if it is an ordinary emperor, it is only this that’s all in his eyes.

Only a Tianjiao like Emperor San is qualified to enter Jiang Chen’s Dharma Eye!

Just Jiang Chen also knows that with his current strength, unless he uses all means and his hole cards, it will be difficult to compete with the Emperor III!

This kind of arrogance can be regarded as standing on the top of Great Thousand Worlds, but it can’t be defeated casually!

“In a while, I will be able to fight the Emperor Trinity.” Jiang Chen lightly said, knowing that I am not strong enough now, and I still need to train!

“If you reach the emperor’s cultivation base, your battle strength will not be under the emperor III.” Sword Dao Hua said with certainty: “After all… you are his reincarnation.”



At this moment, the battle in the Ninth City is getting more and more intense, and all around is full of people!

After all, this is the battle between the two real arrogances. Many people are interested in it, and some even opened a handicap here, betting on the victory!

“It is not suitable to stay here for a long time.” Jiang Chen said solemnly, more and more people all around, although some people did come to watch the battle, but more people, their eyes fell on Jiang Chen!

No way, immortal medicine is too attractive. As long as Jiang Chen misses a weak spot, these people will definitely take action!

Even if you don’t miss the weak spot, some people do it on Jiang Chen!


At this moment, Jiang Chen did not hesitate, and took the sword dao flower and the others directly moved towards the city and flew away!

Shrink The Land Into An Inch has been displayed to the extreme, and a few people are like streamers, flashing in front of everyone!

However, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is still a bit low after all. In just a dozen breaths, someone caught up!

Look carefully, the person who catches up is no one else, it is Celestial Court dísciple Zhao Tu!

Behind him, there were a lot of people accompanying him, and there were several imposing manners, far above Zhao Tu.

“Kill me! Take away immortal medicine!” Zhao Tu loudly shouted, looking like Jiang Chen, in addition to killing intent, his eyes are more greedy!

In this regard, Jiang Chen remains unmoved. As long as he doesn’t meet someone like Emperor San, he will be fine!

“Because of the Emperor San, you were lucky enough to have a life. Why? Now you are in a hurry to die?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Come on, since you insist on going to death, then I will do it. You.”

“Dead? Oh, I’m waiting for so many people, the cultivation base is above you, who do you think will die!?” Zhao Tu contemptuously said, the voice fell, and the people had rushed to Jiang In front of Chen.

“It’s up to you!? Is it worth it!?”

At this moment, the sword dao flower and the medicinal virtues merged again, and at the same time three sword glows of jade green burst out. Zhao Tu directly rushed to Zhenfei out!

Even his fleshy body was shattered by these three sword glows, leaving only one soul trembling in the air!

However, although sword dao flower repelled Zhao Tu, others have already surrounded Jiang Chen!

Formation, Formation rises, blade light and sword shadows, along with various spells, fall like howling wind and torrential rain!

“Let you know today, what is really invincible!” Jiang Chen lightly said, his hands stretched out, and a blue light was burning on his head!

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