I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1288

The Ninth City ranks too low. The cultivation resources and treasury in the city are indeed a little barren than other cities.

The same is true. Those real tianjiao will not come to the Ninth City. They are basically fighting for hegemony in the cities above the Seventh City!

And now, Jiang Chen has just entered the Small World of Nine Towns. If he can win a city, then Jiang Chen’s strength is bound to rise!

“After winning the Ninth City, you can use the Ninth City array, when the time comes, as long as you are in the Ninth City, no one can rush in and kill you.” Di San explained: ” After all, your top priority is not to improve your strength, but to save your life!”

“Well, it makes sense.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

Increasing cultivation base can’t be achieved overnight, so naturally it is important to save one’s life first!

“Farewell, if you come to the seventh city in the future, you can come to me.” Di San said, and then left.

Jiang Chen stood there, after hesitating for a moment, looked towards sword dao Hua and asked: “How do you say? Would you like to try it? If you really take charge of the Ninth City, treat us So life is guaranteed.”

“Why don’t you have a try, there are not many powerhouses in Ninth City anyway.” sword dao nodded and said.

There is indeed no powerhouse in the Ninth City, but that was before!

Now that Jiang Chen entered the Ninth City Small World has spread, and many people must know that Jiang Chen is in the Ninth City area!

Perhaps now going to the Ninth City, Peak Tianjiao is already waiting for him!

For this reason, Jiang Chen would hesitate. If he is in the past, if he encounters a peerless arrogant like Emperor San, it will be dangerous!

But there is another possibility!

That is to take the Ninth City first before those peerless arrogances come to the Ninth City!

When the time comes, the Defensive Array that controls the Ninth City, even those peerless arrogances can hardly enter the Ninth City!

“Fight!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Blindly escape is not a way. Sooner or later I have to find a place to stay here!”

After all, Jiang Chen With a big wave, I took the sword dao flower to the entire group moved towards Ninth City and flew away!

It didn’t take long for a few people to come near the Ninth City, not at all directly into it.

After all, before the Emperor San and the Tianjiao of the True Heaven Clan fought fiercely here, now I don’t know if the Tianjiao of the True Heaven Clan is gone.

If you didn’t leave, just go in so hastily, Jiang Chen will definitely suffer!

“Look first, and wait for confirmation before going in.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the entire group was hiding outside the Ninth City, watching secretly.

Until a day later, when it was determined that there were few powerhouses in the Ninth City, Jiang Chen led the sword dao flower entire group and rushed directly into it!

However, what surprised Jiang Chen was that as soon as he entered the Ninth City, a curtain of light rose up in the Ninth City!

This is the opening of the Ninth City array!

If you want to open the Ninth City array, there is only one possibility. Someone just took the Ninth City!

“It’s miserable…As soon as we came in, the Formation rose up and I can’t get out!” Jiang Chen’s face went dark, secretly thought is really so bad! ?

But, next moment, Jiang Chen’s expression became weird.

Only because in the heart of the Ninth City, there are three youths with abundance of gods and jade standing proudly in the air, and they are not ordinary people at first sight!

One of them is the leader, holding a scepter in his hand, and the word “ninth” is written on the scepter!

Don’t think too much, this scepter is the key to the ninth city!

“The Ninth City is already under the control of our three brothers, you better be obedient! Otherwise…kill without mercy!” The headed boy looked arrogant, while speaking, he even brought one after another sound of dragon’s roar!

The young man to his left is full of red hair, his body is burning with flames, and even the void is constantly twisting!

He spoke slowly at this moment, raising his eyebrows and said: “Follow our three brothers, and drink spicy nothing difficult in the future!”

“Yes! when the time comes The suppression of men, the betrothal of women!” said another boy with purple hair. As soon as he said this, it seemed that he was not a serious person!

“These three guys…really noisy wherever they go.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, then greeted the sword dao flower entire group, and walked over.

At this moment, the Ninth City has just been taken over by the three teenagers, and everyone’s lives are controlled by those three teenagers. No one dares to move!

Jiang Chen walked past swaggeringly, naturally attracting everyone’s attention.

“The three of you, do you even want to grab the city that I value?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen came to the three teenagers with a playful expression on his face .

Behind the sword dao flower, Yao Dade is nervous, thinking that Jiang Chen is going to go to war with these three teenagers at this moment!

But, next moment, sword dao Hua and Yao Dade were dumbfounded.

The moment the three teenagers saw Jiang Chen, they trembled one by one, then walked over hypocritically and enthusiastically, shouting in unison: “Boss!”

“What!? Boss?!”

“These three teenagers are not ordinary. Their cultivation base is close to the emperor. How can they recognize Jiang Chen as the boss?”


Everyone was stunned and didn’t understand what was going on.

“Just the three of you, I can recognize them even if they are transformed into human forms.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, these three people in front of you are the three great virtues!

Jiang Chen was also very surprised. After a farewell at Dragon Race ancestral land, didn’t expect to meet them here.

“Long Dade…that… I really shouldn’t have tantrums at you at the beginning.” Jiang Chen lightly said, because of the long song, Jiang Chen was really very angry with Long Dade. Big temper.

But now that I think about it, it’s actually nothing. Even then, the most wronged person should be Long Dade.

“Boss, look at what you said, it’s okay.” Long Dade smiled, in fact, he really didn’t care, but he could hear Jiang Chen’s words, and his heart was warm. .

“Boss, don’t you know how great the three of us are now!” The purple-haired Huang Dade looked lowly laughed, then waved his hand to the rear and said, “Brothers, come out and see you The boss is now!”

The voice fell, and more than 30 Celestial Court dísciple came over, looked towards Jiang Chen with a reluctant expression, and then called the boss neat and tidy.

This makes Jiang Chen bewildered, they and Celestial Court are rivals!

But now, what is the situation with these thirty-odd Celestial Court dísciple! ?

“Due to the long song, Long Dade and us broke away from the race and went out for a while. By the way, we went to several Celestial Court sub-helms.” Bird Dade explained: ” These Celestial Court dísciples have been signed by us now, and they are now our little brothers.”

“Boss, you look at this, the upper emperor, it cost him a lot to suppress him. It’s amazing!” Long Dade pointed to a Celestial Court dísciple behind him, and said: “This guy, but ruthless, is a good thug!”

“These are not bad, ours So I can take charge of the Ninth City, thanks to them.” Bird said with a smile: “How about? Are these boys satisfied?”

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