I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1289

The three great virtues were proud of their faces. Not only did they destroy a few Celestial Court sub-rudders, they also brought back a large group of younger brothers.

Now, let’s take the enemy’s dísciple and use it as a little brother for them to send. Don’t think about how comfortable it is.

“How about reading the long song?” Jiang Chen asked. He was not interested in these little brothers at Celestial Court.

Even, every time he thinks of reading a long song, Jiang Chen will inevitably give birth to a killing intent to the people of Celestial Court!

“He is here.” Long Dade said, and then a radiance emerged within the body, as if the body treasure had been opened!

Look carefully, in Long Dade’s within the body, sitting cross-legged quietly in Long Dade, as if sleeping.

His injury is almost recovering completely, and he is pregnant by Long Dade, the aura exuding from his body is stronger than before!

Now, I don’t have to worry about reading long songs, I just need to wait for him to wake up.

“Boss, what are we going to do next?” Bird Dade asked, pointing to his feet, and said: “We have taken charge of the Ninth City, and originally planned to visit the Eighth City. “

“Don’t go to the Eighth City for now.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Nine City Small World gathers all the peerless arrogances of Great Thousand Worlds. If you go out rashly, you will fall if you know!”


“Then…Are we always staying in the Ninth City?” Huang Dade frowned, said with a bitter smile: “There is nothing in the treasure house of the Ninth City, it’s too hip!”


As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s face also darkened.

He knew the Ninth City was very poor, but didn’t expect it to be so poor!

In the huge treasure house, there is nothing! ?

No wonder those peerless arrogances do not like to come to Ninth City!

“Cultivation here for some time now, when the time comes, go out and have a look.” Jiang Chen suggested.

Jiang Chen’s cultivation progress has been too fast during this period of time. He wants to retreat and stabilize the cultivation base.

At the same time, although Jiu Tianxia came out of the greedy ghost, the state has not been right.

Although the memory of Jiutianxia has been restored, sometimes it has been silent, with confusion in his eyes.

This worries Jiang Chen very much. Could it be that the Divine Soul and soul of the Nine Worlds have been severely damaged, causing occasional unconsciousness?

“I will take a break in the Ninth City. I will retreat and stabilize the cultivation base. By the way, I will take a look at the situation in Nine Worlds and wait for the long song to be born.” Jiang Chen said.

“Also, anyway, this is our site now, as long as the Ninth City array does not land, no one can come in.” Long Dade said.

After that, Long Dade looked towards sword dao with a curious look, and asked: “These two are?”

“This is the drug Dade , The immortal medicine mentioned by the outsiders is her.” Jiang Chen said, and there is nothing to hide from these three great virtues.

However, when these words came out, Yao Dade’s face turned black.

It’s just that these three great virtues suddenly pasted, and they hooked up with her, each with a strange expression, a faint smile.

“Yao Dade? Hahaha, this name is good! My Dade Legion has one more person!”

“From now on, there will be four great virtues! No! Count Muyou The thief Taoist priest of De is the five great virtues!”


Long Dade laughed wildly, seemingly excited, and then introduced themselves.

After Yao Dade heard this, his face was completely dark!

She glanced at Jiang Chen like a little bitter woman…

“This…the culture is limited, I didn’t think much about it when I first named it, but now I can’t change it. Now.” Jiang Chen stroked his nose, also quite embarrassed.

“By the way…you don’t seem to have given a name yet, right?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen eyes shined, suddenly looked towards the sword dao flower!

sword dao flower hearing this, the expression condensed, his forehead was covered with cold sweat, his legs were trembling, and he almost didn’t kneel down!

“Big brother…if you have something to say, give it a name, don’t mess around!” Sword Dao Hua cried and pleaded.

However, Jiang Chen thinks very much. Since there are five great virtues, it is better to follow the meaning of the six ways and do six great virtues!

Think about it, Jiang Chen directly used the master-servant contract, and under the scream of the sword dao flower, he successfully gave the name-Jian Dade!

“It was a blade of grass in Heaven and Earth, looking at the road to become a sword frost, but one step went wrong, since then sword dao will be great…” Jian Dade lamented again and again.

Yao Dade on the side is comfortable, after all, someone is with her!

“en? What is this?”

Not long after the name was given, Jiang Chen’s expression condensed, he felt a slight change within the body!

Under closer observation, I saw that the second strand of Primal Chaos Qi has changed in Jiang Chen’s Soul World!

At the same time, even the greedy ghosts have changed!

A strand of Primal Chaos Qi is entwined with the greedy ghost, and a strand of sword glow of jade green emerges in Jiang Chen’s soul!

After a few breaths, the chaos suddenly exploded, and a weapon that looked like a sword but not a sword, like a sword but not a knife, sank in Jiang Chen’s soul!

Look carefully, this weapon is full of jade green, the hilt is wrapped with chaotic blue mist, and the blade is flashing with scarlet meaning!

“This…the greedy ghost, Primal Chaos Qi, plus the sword energy of Jian Dade?” Jiang Chen looked dazed and didn’t know what was going on!

“After the name is given, some of my Magical Powers will merge with you. I can feel what happens to you within the body.” Jian Dade explained: “Is there a sword? Seed?”

“Sword type? Isn’t that something the sword repairer would have?” Jiang Chen asked.

Sword repairers and those with profound accomplishments in sword dao will give birth to swords in their souls!

The sword species is like Divine Spark. It not only contains the true meaning of sword dao, but also can conceive a “sword” that suits you!

It’s just that Jiang Chen didn’t expect. He was a man who didn’t cultivate the sword way. He actually gave birth to the sword intent because of the sword intent!

“Perhaps it has something to do with Primal Chaos Qi. Otherwise, relying on your sword intent alone, I am impossible to give birth to a sword species.” Jiang Chen said.

“It should be.” Nodded and said of sword dao, but it is not clear.

After all, Primal Chaos Qi is too mysterious. Few people in this world know what the mystery is.

“Okay, do what you should do and take a break.”

Finally, Jiang Chen entered the City Lord Mansion of the Ninth City, set up Formation and began to retreat .

He wants to stabilize his cultivation base and foundation!

As for Long Dade and the others, they also began to secluded cultivation.

They all know that the only hard condition for Ninetowns Small World to gain a foothold is the cultivation base!

Time slowly goes by, Jiang Chen and the others retreat one after another, guarded by Formation, they are very safe.

And when they were in retreat, a major event happened outside!

On a certain day, no matter which dynasty, which family, which force, and the Transcender of sect, suddenly disappeared!

They seem to have received some order, they went to the same place, and no news came back!

Not long afterwards, Great Thousand Worlds’s most powerful holy land declared the world, there is nothing extraordinary here!

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