I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1290

A sudden change made everyone in Great Thousand Worlds panic!

All the Transcenders have disappeared, without where they went, and the Holy Land declares the world. There will be no more Transcenders in the Great Thousand Worlds for the time being!

What does this mean! ?

The emperor praised the extraordinary absence!

Also, the Holy Land did not say where those Transcenders went, what they were going to do, and whether they could come back again!

This is very important!

Those forces that were originally in Peak, after losing Transcender, instantly became much lower-key.

After all, their strongest battle strength is not there, no one dare to make a fuss!

Many people are worried that if their Transcender has an accident and cannot return, then the entire force will be ruined!

“What the hell happened!? Does it have anything to do with the Dark Blood Age?”

“It’s palpitating. What happened to make all Transcender disappear!? “

And just as the world guessed, in the peripheral zone of Great Thousand Worlds, in that dark and cold universe, slices of rays of light flickered!

Like a colorful haze, it also looks like chaos is transpiring, turning the originally dark and cold universe into a colorful area!

These mists are constantly spreading, as if slowly spreading from the deepest depths of endless darkness, moving towards Great Thousand Worlds is approaching!

Someone found out that day, and even Great Sage deduced it, and then came to a conclusion that behind the colorful mist is another Great World!

That Great World may not be weaker than Great Thousand Worlds!

The dark area there before is actually the boundary between the two Great Worlds!

Now, for some reason, the boundary wall has melted and been eroded by the colorful haze, and the two Great Worlds will collide together without any use!

When the time comes, when the creatures of both sides meet together, what a scene is it! ?

Did you go crazy and kill blood flowing into a river, or is it all right? !

All this is hard to say!

At this moment, the entire Great Thousand Worlds was caught in an inexplicable panic.

Many forces have closed the mountain, and some forces want to take this opportunity to rise directly!

Of course, it is more panic and anxiety!

As for all this, the creatures in the Ninth City simply don’t know.

Here, they are still fighting, constantly tempering, and constantly improving their cultivation base!

Time passed slowly until a month later…

On this day, Jiang Chen retreats. After a month of retreat, his foundation is firm, and his cultivation base is restrained , The breath gathers but does not disperse, the divine light in the eyes is bright, very extraordinary.

In the following days, Long Dade and the others also left the customs one after another, and finally gathered together.

“This time is quite quiet.” Jiang Chen lightly said, “It’s time to set off. Since it’s time to experience, it’s impossible to stay in City Ninth. It’s too remote and there is no powerhouse.”

“Hey, Boss, I leave the customs a bit earlier than you. The latest news is that there is a little Elder in the Celestial Court in the eighth city!” Bird Dade squinted his eyes and said with a mean look, “It is said That little Elder is a senior in Celestial Court, but because of the failure of Transcending Tribulation, the cultivation base has fallen to the next emperor!”

“If you can catch him, maybe you can ask some of Celestial Court’s secrets!”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen eyes shined, and immediately became interested.

You should know that although Celestial Court was born and played against Celestial Court people, Jiang Chen still knows too little about the details of Celestial Court!

Even now, he doesn’t even know where the real gate of Celestial Court is!

Since you are an enemy, you must know yourself and know your enemy, can then emerge victorious in every battle!

“Boss, here is a letter from you.” Long Dade handed a letter to Jiang Chen and said: “It seems to be sent from the seventh city.”

“The Seventh City? Is it Di San?” Jiang Chen frowned, and after opening the letter, his expression suddenly changed!

This letter was indeed sent by Emperor San, but the above content made Jiang Chen very shocked!

The control of the Seventh City is all taken away!

The one who took control of it was the Holy Son of Celestial Court!

The letter also stated that Emperor San met a person from the Six Realms. When he exited the Seventh City, he was rescued and taken away.

However, the letter did not say who the person from the Six Realms was. Perhaps Di San was too anxious when he wrote this letter.

“There was an accident in the Seventh City.” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Of course, he doesn’t care who is in charge of City Seven, but the point is that there is a problem with this letter!

Jiang Chen knows that if the person from the Six Realms had nothing to do with him, Di San would not write this letter!

But the point is, who is that person! ?

“Let’s go!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to delay any longer, he gave an order and everyone got up instantly!

No need to pack anything, a group of people opened the Formation of the Ninth City, leading a group of Celestial Court dísciple brothers, grandiose moved towards the Eighth City and flew away!

“Boss, our overall level… is it a bit low?”

On the way, Jian Dade seemed to be a little worried and reminded: “There are some of the younger brothers in Celestial Court. There are several emperors, but the battle strength is not strong, and none of us… has become an emperor.”

“I know.” Jiang Chen nodded and said: “How about the emperor? This kind of cultivation base depends on battle strength!”

“Now I am out of the customs, with a solid foundation, and the principle of perseverance. Even if I encounter a peerless arrogant like Emperor San, I am confident World War I!” Jiang Chen said: “But… we may not win, at least we won’t lose!”

“It always feels like we have passed like this, a bit reckless.” Yao Dade whispered.

Jiang Chen naturally knew that it was going to be like this. He was indeed rash.

But he knows better that he needs to do something urgently now!

He needs to do some preparation!

“When the time comes to capture the little Elder of Celestial Court!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Take him as a hostage! Staying in your hands is absolutely useful!”


Fly all the way, but before everyone came to the eighth city, they ran into big trouble!

When passing through a black and yellow plain, they encountered dozens of Ghost God Nian!

These Ghost God thoughts rushed over, carrying a one after another black wind, and a strange atmosphere emerged!

Wherever I have been, it is not the group of brothers in Celestial Court, even Jiang Chen and the others are constantly evading!

Until the end, many people were chanted by Ghost God to suppress and kill, and some people were infected with an ominous atmosphere and became very weird.

And Jiang Chen and the others were okay, using Formation and prohibition, and this was a disaster!

However, after this catastrophe, the group of Celestial Court brothers almost all separated, and of course more of them died!

“The finished apprenticeship is not good.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, looking at the five great virtues and a few scattered Celestial Court brothers around him, smiling bitterly.

“It’s okay! There are not too many soldiers, but you are fine!” Long Dade said resolutely: “Just a few of us, enough to level the Eighth City!”

“Oh? You seem to be Very confident.” Jiang Chen asked if he had a deep meaning.

Long Dade is hearing this, laughed, with brilliant eyes, and said: “Boss, it’s time for you to see my methods and Magical Powers!”

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