I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1291

The Divine Ability of the Dragon Great Virtue is very strong, allowing the creatures of various races to return to their ancestors and recast, return to their origins, which is equivalent to giving new life!

When the long song was dying before, it was Dade Long who used his Innate Divine Ability to save him.

Jiang Chen knows a little bit about this. After hearing Long Dade’s words at this moment, his face turned black and said: “Your Innate Divine Ability can still be used to kill the enemy?”

“hehe, this King Keshi sacred Ancestral Dragon, really thought I only have one Innate Divine Ability?” Long Dade said with a triumphant expression: “This king’s killing move has never been used!”

“Boss! The Innate Divine Ability I’m waiting for is already open, let you see when the time comes!”

“That’s right, this time to attack the eighth city, you old Just watch with peace of mind, and leave the rest to us!”


Niao Dade and Huang Dade are very arrogant. They seem to be very proud of their Innate Divine Ability is very confident.

Jiang Chen hearing this, laughed a few times, but didn’t care.

After all, these three great virtues have never been reliable!

Next, several people continued to move forward without encountering any danger along the way.

After half a day, everyone finally came to the Eighth City!

Compared with the ninth city, the eighth city is more magnificent. The bricks and tiles of the city wall are all made of bronze, full of traces of the years!

There are dim bloodstains on the city wall, which are left over from various wars long ago.

The undefeated city, like a sleeping ominous beast, crawls in front of everyone.

However, when Jiang Chen and the others came here, they saw that the Protection Formation Law of the Eighth City had been activated, and the sound of one after another screaming killing came from the city!

“What’s the matter? Someone is attacking the Eighth City?” Jiang Chen wondered.

But logically, the Protection Formation Law has been opened, and outsiders simply cannot enter.

So, in the eighth city at this moment, is it a fight in the middle! ?

“Let’s take a look, anyway, we can’t get in, and they can’t get out.” Long Dade said.

Then several people rose into the sky and came to the sky above the Eighth City.

Looking down, there are corpses everywhere in the entire eighth city, blood flowing into a river, and battle fluctuations spread like a frenzy!

Looking carefully, I saw a “monkey” holding a long stick of mixed gold, fighting fiercely with a group of Human Race teenagers!

This monkey is very powerful, with a purple-golden body and white lines on its back. When the eyes are open and closed, there is a grand dao’s aura floating up and down!

The long stick in his hand is constantly dancing, splitting the air sound one after another, the stick technique is extraordinary, and one stick seems to be able to hold the universe!

The cultivation base of those who are fighting against him is the emperor, but facing this monkey, everyone is hard to match!

Only ten breaths later, the battle ended. With strength of oneself, this monkey killed the entire Eighth City!

“You are the ones who want Celestial Court?”

At this moment, the monkey suddenly looked up and looked towards the Jiang Chen entire group in the sky.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shook the head and said: “No.”

“Then go!” The monkey coldly said, when the voice fell, a mouthful of purple-golden blood was sprayed Out.

Obviously, he was also injured in the battle just now, but he has been holding on!

However, the power of this monkey, Jiang Chen and the others is obvious to all, it is comparable to such peerless arrogance as Di San Na!

“Purple King! You killed too hard, and you killed the Eighth City!”

“Niezha! Don’t think you belong to the Purple Gold God Monkey clan, you can kill at will! Today, my Celestial Court is adhering to justice, come to suppress and kill you!”


Suddenly, outside the eighth city, several silhouettes appeared, wearing a uniform Celestial Court robe.

These are very powerful, and the cultivation base has reached the upper emperor!

After they came here, with a few angry shouts, they immediately began to attack the Protection Formation Law of the Eighth City!

“Celestial Court? Really regard myself as the messenger of justice between this Heaven and Earth!?” The monkey coldly said: “You ambush the Chang’an clan in order to open the South Heaven Gate, and even kill a few more My tribe of the monkey clan, you have more blood in your hands than mine!”

“I wait for the great cause!” A Celestial Court dísciple angrily rebuked: “It is different from your simple killing! “

“I’m just killing? Your one is called Daye? Hahaha… ridiculously ridiculous!” The purple king’s face showed a gloomy meaning, and the killing intent in his eyes rose sharply!

I saw that he turned off the Protection Formation Law despite his own injury, and then, holding a long stick of mixed gold, moved towards outside the city!

He is really too strong, too confident, dragging his handicapped body, and even going to fight a few high-ranking emperors outside the city!

“Monkey, you are in a bad state, don’t you go to death for nothing?” Jiang Chen stood in the air and kindly reminded him.

The Purple King has an antagonism with Celestial Court, and Jiang Chen also has an antagonism with Celestial Court. Helping the Purple King means helping himself.

However, the Purple King didn’t appreciate it, he didn’t even look at Jiang Chen and the others. When he stepped out of the city gate, the golden mixed stick in his hand was like a Propping Up The Heavens Pillar. -like, moved towards those emperors smashed down!

“The Purple King! You slaughtered the entire Eighth City alone, and now you are afraid that you are injured? Wait for a fight with me, you are dying!”

“hmph ! trifling a monkey that’s all, today you will die!”


The emperors outside the city looked contemptuous. They could see that the purple king was seriously injured. The state is no longer Peak, simply not afraid of the Purple King!

next moment, I saw a few people join forces to fight with the Purple King!

Jiang Chen watched silently in the air. He had to admit that the Purple King was really strong. With his disabled body, he was even comparable to these upper emperors!

Even after more than ten breaths, he wounded another person!

With this strength, if the Purple King is in Peak state, these Celestial Court emperors may not be able to survive ten rounds!

“Go and help him.”

After more than ten breaths, Jiang Chen slowly said, “Helping the enemy’s enemy is helping himself.”

“Boss, let you see today, my Huang Dade Magical Powers!” Huang Dade hurriedly said, fearing that others would take the lead and steal his limelight!

Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, looked at Huang Dade’s so mean, and asked: “Are you serious?”

“Of course! Today I will prove myself in front of the boss I am invincible, Huang Dade!” Huang Dade fluttered and turned into a human form, and he felt a War God at this moment!

Jiang Chen hehe smiled, to be honest, these few great Delhi, this Huang Dade is the least reliable!

However, Jiang Chen didn’t think much about it. Anyway, with so many of them, even if Huang Dade is lost, there will be no surprises.

“Nine Nether connects the earth, holds the vast underworld, transforms four Heavenly God woods, and casts one layer of purgatory!”

At this moment, I saw the continuous seal of Huang Dade’s hands , Mutter incantations in his mouth, his hands suddenly covered the void, and the darkness suddenly fell below!

All the brilliance seems to have been swallowed, but it lights up in a flash again!

It’s just that the illuminated rays of light are full of scarlet meaning, and also carry one after another purple flames!

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