I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1292

The flames rose, the square wall of fire emerged, and a bright color appeared in the sky!

Like 4 Heavenly Layer, layered on top of each other, there is a constant flow of fire falling down, and at the same time there are green trees rising up on the earth!

At this moment, Huang Dade slowly fell, transforming into the body, a thousand-meter-long Nether Phoenix manifested!

He landed on a green wood, the purple flames bouncing on his body, the bright feathers were burning, and the wings were gently waving, and the flames filled the sky!

At the same time, the ground under his feet turned into a lava, like purgatory, with his wings waving, this a side world seemed to be burned!


Along with Huang Dade’s a long whistle, flames fall from the sky, some turned into ghosts, some turned into chains, and some turned into chains. Sword!

Just like howling wind and torrential rain, wherever these flames pass, the void is cut open, and the emperors are burned by the flames, and the screams are heard one after another!


Another long howl, the flames suddenly turned pale, and at the same time, under the lava that the earth turned into, a red palm appeared unexpectedly !

The palm of the hand grabbed the emperors of Celestial Court and pulled them away from the moved towards lava!

“What is this!?”

“Ghost!? Hell!?”


The emperors Frightened, they used their full strength, but they couldn’t extinguish the flames on their bodies, and they couldn’t get rid of the red palms!

Like evil spirits, they are powerless to resist!

After more than ten breaths, Huang Dade screamed softly, the flames all around disappeared, Heaven and Earth returned to clarity.

As for the emperors of Celestial Court, all have disappeared!

“cough cough…this Magical Powers…it is very troublesome.” Huang Dade coughed lightly, and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

“I really didn’t see it, you still have this hand.” Jiang Chen admired, a wisp of blood essence was sent into the body of Huang Dade, jokingly said: “Kill the enemy a thousand, self-defeating Eight hundred?”

“This…has not been completely controlled yet, otherwise the self-injury will not be so severe.” Huang Dade explained, turning back into a human form, and then raised his brows and looked towards the Purple King. , Five people and six said: “I saved your life, you will be my little brother from now on.”



The tone barely fell, the purple king stared directly, the long stick in his hand cut through the void, and the head moved towards Huang Dade hit!

Huang Dade frightened a clever, moved towards the side to move quickly, and then he avoided the stick!

“You monkey, why don’t you make sense!?” Huang Dade’s face is ugly, even if you are not my little brother, you don’t need to do it! ?

Of course, Huang Dade didn’t realize how fierce this Purple King’s temper was!

“Did I ask you to take action? Be sentimental!” Purple King said coldly, but when looking towards Jiang Chen, there was no killing intent or hostility in his eyes except for the explosive temper.

He is not a fool. He knows why Jiang Chen and the others want to help him. Most of them have enemies with Celestial Court.

“It’s not safe here, come to the Eighth City.” The purple king said solemnly, dragging a long stick, looking very tired.

Jiang Chen and the others followed, and then the Protection Formation Law was turned on. The Purple King ignored Jiang Chen and the others and sat on the ground and started healing.

“This monkey has a really big temper!” Huang Dade was still upset, and really wanted to go up and beat the Purple King when he was healing!

“Purple Gold God Monkeys have such a big temper.” Jiang Chen explained: “This is the lineage of all monkeys, and their ancestors are not weaker than your Phoenix.”

“hmph! So what? I’m an ancestor!” Huang Dade curled his lips, seemingly dissatisfied.

But whenever I think of the battle before the Purple King, Huang Dade still trembles!

The power of one person slaughtered the entire Eighth City. The horror of this battle strength is simply too much!

Half a day later, Zi Wang woke up, his injuries basically recovered completely, and he immediately looked towards Jiang Chen and the others and asked: “You and Celestial Court also have hatred?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen nodded and said: “The Old Ancestor of the Changan clan is my brother, and Celestial Court almost killed him.”

“Oh? Changan Old Ancestor is your brother? Are you…Jiang Chen?” The bright light glittering in the purple king’s eyes, he suddenly smiled, and said: “It turned out to be my family!”

“en? My family?” Jiang Chen was stunned. Is this development too fast?

Huang Dade on the side squinted, cynically said: “Who is your family with you? Not to mention our boss, just the identities of the few of us, you can’t compare! Still dare to fight We should be our own family? Do you deserve it?”


As soon as I finished saying this, I saw the purple king’s golden mixed stick directly smashed over, Huang Dade Caught off guard, he was knocked to the ground on the spot.

“I know that the three of you are ancestors, don’t you?” The purple king curled his lips and said: “Don’t be in front of me with five people and six. Who is not an ancestor anymore?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s expression changed, and each expression stared at the Purple King strangely, with a sense of horror in their eyes.

“Are you also an ancestor?” Long Dade asked.

“Nonsense! The ancestor of the Purple Gold god monkey clan!” said the purple king: “Of course I didn’t expect, among so many god monkeys, I can return to the ancestor.”

“This… turns out to be an ancestor, but that can become his own family.” Huang Dade looked embarrassed, and after getting up from the ground, nothing happened.

Don’t say it, these great virtues are not only cheeky, but the fleshy body is also thick enough, and it is so smashed by the purple king, nothing happened!

“By the way, I heard that there is a little Elder from Celestial Court in the eighth city…Will that guy be killed by you?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Everyone who was in the Eighth City before has died.” The Purple King said, “The little Elder you mentioned should have been killed by me.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his face turned dark, and he smiled bitterly.

He originally wanted to hold a little Elder in Celestial Court, and he might still be useful when he meets the powerhouse in Celestial Court in the future.

But now… forget it, I don’t know what the little Elder was like when he was beaten by the Purple King, I guess there won’t be even the flesh.

“Then there is no way, I have to go to Disan first.” Jiang Chen sighed.

When Emperor San retreated from the Seventh City, he rescued a person from the Six Realms.

And that person, mostly knows Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen has been worried and wants to find the Emperor San quickly.

The purple king is hearing this, his eyes are light flashed, and he said: “You and Di San also know each other?”

“The relationship between the two sides is not very familiar.” Jiang Chen Straightforwardly said: “He saved a friend of mine, but he is missing now. It is very troublesome to find him.”

“I know where he is.” Purple King said solemnly:” He was secretly ambushed by the Celestial Court and the Zhentian people, and he should now be in the misty mountain range.”

Rather than waiting for Jiang Chen to ask about the seat of the misty mountain range, the purple king sighed: “Misty mountain range , Is one of the most dangerous forbidden areas in the Small World of Nine Towns. Once you enter it, it is difficult to get out, let alone find someone inside.”

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