I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1293

Jiucheng Small World is very big, just like a Great World. There are not only nine ancient cities, but also mountains and rivers, as well as several forbidden places!

A long time ago, Ninetowns Small World was an Ancient Battlefield, but it was abandoned and it became what it is now.

In the original battlefield, various “traps” were laid out. Today’s Great Forbidden Land is transformed by those traps.

Di San was ambushed by someone and hid in the foggy forest in desperation. Now it can be said that life and death are unknown!

The most important thing is that few people who have entered the misty forest from ancient times to the present can come out!

It is like a maze, filled with fog that obscures human perception. Ancient trees and strange rocks are more like Formation and prohibition, which can blind your sight!

The relationship between the Purple King and the Emperor San is also good. If he gets the news earlier, he will definitely support the Emperor San.

It’s just now, everything is too late.

“The foggy forest? Where is the place still?” Sword Dao Hua froze for a moment, whispered: “It happened a long time ago, I remember that the foggy forest was not arranged by the guy in the Daqian mine burial. Is it?”

“Yes.” Yao Dade nodded and said: “The maps of the misty forest are in the Daqian mine burial. We have all seen it.”

Jiang Chen and Upon hearing this, the Purple King became excited!

They looked towards Jian Da De and Yao Da De and asked: “Can you still remember the way?”

“Yes.” Jian Da De nodded and said: “Inside It’s not dangerous, it’s easy to get lost, but as long as you remember the route, it’s okay.”

After that, Jian Dade got up and said, “Go, take you to find someone in the misty forest. “

Everyone was hearing this, naturally without hesitation, they got up immediately, and under the leadership of the Purple King, moved towards the misty forest and flew away.

Along the way, everyone did not dare to be too high-profile. After all, the relationship between them and Celestial Court is getting worse and worse. In case they encounter a certain powerful dísciple of Celestial Court, they may even be ambushed. If you do, the consequences are very serious!

“en? What are these people doing?”

Half a day later, when Jiang Chen entire group came to the junction of the eighth city and the seventh city, they saw A large group of people stood outside a mountain range in the distance!

Look carefully, some of those people are from Celestial Court’s dísciple, and some are from other sects, and Jiang Chen also saw the boy from the True Heaven clan who fought the Emperor Three before!

“Thousands of people…what are they gathering there for?” Bird Dade curiously asked, “Could it be that some treasure is about to be born?”

“Ninetowns Small World was a battlefield, and many powerhouses died. After their death, their flesh and bones, essence and blood are all scattered here. It can be said that every inch of the land in the Nine Towns Small World is contaminated with the blood essence of those powerhouses. Therefore, some rare treasures can be conceived.”

“Oh? What do you mean is that there is really rare treasure in the mountain range that will be born?” Huang Dade was excited immediately , Poked Dade Long, winked and said, “Why don’t you go and take a look?”

“cough cough…the mountain range is the misty forest!” The purple king coughed slightly, no Angrily said: “Do you think that there is a rare treasure born, but it is our turn? That many people are standing and not grabbing? Are they afraid to go in.”

“There is a mist Forest?” Jiang Chen lightly said, frowned, and said: “There are so many people, we rushed past, once the identity is discovered, I am afraid…”

“Boss, don’t be afraid! There are three of us! “

“Yes, what are you afraid of!? They are so many!? We have some!”


The three great virtues looked arrogant, Then, without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, he flew over in a swaggering manner!

Jiang Chen wiped a cold sweat, but when the three great virtues came near the misty forest, a few teenagers immediately walked over, nodded bowed, and respected the three great virtues.

“en? Those are…Dragon Race?”

“There are also Vermilion Bird Clan and Fenghuang clan.”


Jiang Chen was stunned, the three great virtues had separated from their own race… What is the situation now?

But Jiang Chen quickly realized that the three great virtues are indeed separated from their own races, but the three Big Monster Races don’t think so!

For the three big Monster Races, even if the three great virtues are separated from the race, they cannot be left alone!

What if these three great virtues change their minds and go back again?

“This will be easy.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, and said to the purple king: “Let’s go, there are those three great virtues, here is everything.”

“Well…it’s really safe.” The Purple King said strangely, pointing to the boy standing next to Long Dade, and said: “That guy is the contemporary Holy Son of Dragon Race, the cultivation base and The strength is not below me!”

“The one next to it is the Holy Son of the Vermilion Bird One family, and the other is the Holy Son of the Phoenix Race. They are very strong!”

Jiang Chen Hearing this, nodded with a smile, secretly thought. The ancestor status of the three great virtues is really easy to use. Even the Holy Son of the three Monster Races has to bow their heads in front of them!

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen entire group also walked over and joined the three great virtues.

As soon as the three Monster Race Saints saw Jiang Chen, their expressions changed suddenly, and they bowed their hands in salute with respect!

“You don’t have to be so polite to me.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“You are the boss of our Old Ancestor, so it should be.”

“Yes, yes, I hope Jiang Chen boss can persuade them to come back soon.”


The three Monster Race Saints said, they all know that with just a word from Jiang Chen, these three great virtues can return to their own race.

In this regard, Jiang Chen didn’t say much, whether the three great virtues will return, he will not interfere.

After all, everyone has the right to choose.

“The Purple King!”

At this moment, a cold and killing intent voice came from a distance!

Look carefully, it was a young man wearing Celestial Court robes, charging into the sky in an imposing manner, just like a young War God!

He stood there alone, and the group of Celestial Court dísciple behind him did not dare to look up at him!

Even beside him, no one dared to stand shoulder to shoulder with him!

“The little Holy Son of Celestial Court.” The purple king curled his lips and said with contempt: “a trifling little Holy Son, also worthy of calling my name?”

“hmph ! Purple King, you won’t live long!” Little Holy Son from Celestial Court said coldly!

After that, he looked towards Jiang Chen again, his killing intent skyrocketed, and said: “You will die too!”

“cough cough……”

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Long Dade coughed a few times and blinked at the Holy Son of Dragon Race without speaking.

But the Holy Son of Dragon Race is very smart. How can I not understand the meaning of White Dragon!

At this moment, I saw him stepping out and standing in front of everyone, staring at the little Holy Son in Celestial Court, coldly said: “Do you want to die?”

As soon as these words came out, the little Holy Son expression of Celestial Court condensed slightly, but there was no fear in his eyes!

Although he is a little Holy Son, his strength and cultivation base are not weak. He thinks that few people of the same generation can match him!

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