I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1294

I have to say that Celestial Court has become more and more high-profile since its birth. Direct Disciple has come out, and you can see many dísciples of Celestial Court wherever you go!

Especially here, there are more than 30 Celestial Court dísciple standing behind the little Holy Son of Celestial Court, and the cultivation base is in the emperor!

It’s hard to imagine how deep Celestial Court’s background is, and it can actually cultivate so many emperor-level dísciples!

“If there is a war, I will accompany you at any time!” The little Holy Son of Celestial Court stared at the Holy Son of Dragon Race, not weaker than the opponent in the imposing manner!

Dragon Race had previously fought Celestial Court because of the great virtues of the Dragon. Now if the battle starts again, it will be no problem for Dragon Race, and even feel normal.

However, today’s matter is not so simple!

After all, the three great virtues are all together!

The most important thing is that the number of this great virtue is increasing!

“A trifling little Holy Son, where is the self-confidence and arrogance!?” Jian Dade stepped out. He was aloof and arrogant, and his temperament was wild. Before following Jiang Chen, he was motionless. Just kill!

Although the cultivation base has fallen now, as long as he merges with Yao Dade, he can fight the emperor!

“If Celestial Court is going to go to war today, then…I can accompany Phoenix Race!”

“Count me the Vermilion Bird One!”

… …

Bird Dade and Huang Dade raise their eyebrows, and make trouble when talking about trouble, these three great virtues are the top!

After Niao Dade and Huang Dade finished speaking, the Holy Sons of the two Monster Races took one step forward, exploding in an imposing manner, as if the king had descended!

At the same time, other dísciples of the three major Monster Races have also leaned over, adding up to hundreds of people, and directly confronted a group of people in Celestial Court!

“The limelight has let you out?” The Purple King joked, beckoning, and loudly shouted: “Where are the people of my god monkey Babu!?”

“I have seen the little ancestor!”

“Welcome to the little ancestor!”


In an instant, I saw more than twenty god monkeys. The boy came over and stood behind the purple king.

Among these sacred monkeys, some are from the Purple Gold sacred monkey family, and some are from the six ears family!

The Purple King returned to his ancestors, and now he is an ancestor-level god monkey. His position in the entire god monkey family is not weaker than those Old Ancestors!

But because of his age, the eight tribes of God Monkey all call him his ancestor.

“Kill me!”

At this moment, the Purple King didn’t want to say much, he just waved his hand and started the fight!

He was the first to rush over, holding a long stick of mixed gold, swept across the sky with a stick, the void burst, and the shadows of the stick were layered, like a collapsed sky!

“It’s fighting!?”

“Quick! Divine Immortal is fighting, don’t hurt us!”


< People who p>all around retreated one after another, but they didn’t want to be involved in this battle.

“Kill me!”

“What bullshit Celestial Court! Really regard yourself as Ancient Celestial Court!?”


The three great virtues were also shot together. At the same time, the sword great virtue and the medicine great virtue merged and joined the battle!

As for Jiang Chen, he stood there calmly and smiled bitterly. He didn’t need to make a move.

Be aware that the dísciple of the three major Monster Races, plus the eight divine monkeys of the Purple King, is over one hundred!

Also, each one is very strong. The lowest cultivation base is in High God, and the highest half of the foot is in Transcender!

With so many people attacking together, Celestial Court has only a few people. This battle from the very beginning is just one-sided!

“Dare to fight head-on!?”

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Celestial Court dísciple died a lot, Celestial Court little Holy Son was all over It was blood, but was not seriously injured.

He was very dissatisfied, looked towards each Great Saint, and his eyes were full of fighting intents!

“Isn’t this positive?” Bird Dade joked: “Why? Are you still thinking about a single article?”

“I am not weaker than anyone! You dare to be with me Fight alone?!” Little Holy Son angrily roared in Celestial Court, surrounded and beaten by a group of people, he was really frustrated!

Several great virtues hearing this, suddenly glanced at each other, their eyes were full of excitement.

Next moment, I saw Dragon Dade, Bird Dade, Phoenix Dade, and the merged sword Dade one after another, looking towards the little Holy Son of Celestial Court with a smirk.

“As you wish, I’ll wait to single you out!”

“Isn’t it just a single one?! We haven’t been afraid of anyone yet!”

When the voice fell, I saw a few great virtues rushing forward and swarming up, and within a few breaths, the little Holy Son of Celestial Court stepped on the foot and got a fat beat!

“Dare you one-on-one!?” Celestial Court little Holy Son hugged his head, struggling on the ground, but facing the attack of several great virtues, he could hardly fight back!

“Isn’t this one-to-one?”

“Yes, we are a great family, single you out, doesn’t that count?”


Several great virtues slammed on them, and even the sword masters became addicted, and they fought and kicked the little Holy Son in Celestial Court!


Just as the great virtues were fighting vigorously, a loud noise came from behind!

Everyone looked back and saw Jiang Chen flying upside down like a broken kite. Blood was spilled along the way, and his chest was sunken!

In the seat where Jiang Chen stood before, a young man covered in white light stood there, transpiring in an imposing manner, like a Heavenly God!

He looked towards the inverted Jiang Chen, lightly said: “Dare to insult me ​​Celestial Court, punish it!”

“Holy Son!”

“Holy Son is here!”


At this moment, the dísciple of Celestial Court became excited, because the young man shrouded in white light was the Holy Son of Celestial Court. Son!

The real Holy Son!

Its strength is extremely powerful, standing there alone, it seems like a piece of sky and a piece of land!

He is almost compatible with Dadao, he is Dadao, Dadao is him!


“Celestial Court Holy Son?”


However, I did not wait for this Celestial Court Holy Son said a few more words, and saw three Holy Sons from Dragon Race, Phoenix Race, and Vermilion Bird One family moved towards him.

After that, these three Great Saints didn’t say anything, so I greeted them directly!

Whatever heads-up, what is just head-on, this is nothing!

Just hit it!




Under a period of frenzied bombing, this Celestial Court Holy Son Strong, can not stop the attack of the Holy Son of the three Monster Races!

In just a few breaths, Celestial Court Holy Son was seriously injured, vomiting blood in the mouth, and angrily said: “You are the Holy Son of the three Monster Races, why not speak martial arts. !?”

“youngster, just don’t talk about martial virtues!”

“Martial virtues? What is that stuff?”


Holy Son of the three major Monster Races joked, what kind of thing is Wu De?

“Let go of him, I will do it myself!”

At this moment, a voice was extremely cold, like a voice from the cold hell!

I saw Jiang Chen thrusting from a distance, his injuries have been completely recovered, and his hair was dancing with the wind, and his eyes were full of scarlet meaning!

Before, he stood in place and was suddenly attacked by the Holy Son of the Celestial Court, and his fleshy body was almost shattered!

Now, Jiang Chen has eased up, and this matter naturally cannot stop there!

“I won’t abolish you today, I won’t surname Jiang!” Jiang Chen complexion is gloomy like stagnant water, within the body one after another explosion, dragon’s cry tiger’s roar exploded!

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