I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1296

Jiang Chen looks embarrassed, after all, his cultivation base is indeed low.

But in terms of battle strength, Jiang Chen is not weaker than an emperor cultivator!

Before fused with that many spirit strength, Jiang Chen’s battle strength has transformed once again, perhaps not weaker than the peerless Tianjiao like Emperor San!

“Is the Celestial Court Holy Son strength a bit wrong?”

At this moment, Dragon Race’s Holy Son frowned and looked confused.

Not only him, many people think this is weird!

Even if the long song has seventy two lotus, as the real Holy Son of Celestial Court, can he be suppressed so easily?

“Don’t think too much, it’s just one of his Avatar that’s all.” Nian Changge said seemingly indifferent: “The real Celestial Court Holy Son is very strong, even if I Using seventy two lotus, it is estimated to be a bloody battle against him!”

“What!? Avatar!? You know at first?”

“One Avatar, you can Let you use seventy two lotus? If the body of Celestial Court Holy Son comes, how sure are you that you can defeat him?”


Everyone exclaimed, it is indeed didn’t expect that guy was just an Avatar just now!

“I don’t know, after all, I’ve never played it before, but… Celestial Court Holy Son’s main body battle strength, in the younger generation, I’m afraid it will be ranked in the top ten.” Said the long song speculated, but did not dare sure.

However, the young generation will definitely be in the top ten!

“Celestial Court Holy Son can be ranked in the top ten of the young generation? Oh, you are afraid that you look at him high.”

Suddenly, a boy not far away said coldly Now, the words are full of contempt.

Jiang Chen and the others hearing this, looked towards the young man in surprise, with doubts in his eyes.

You know, even Jiang Chen and the others dare not despise Celestial Court Holy Son so much!

After all, people who can become Celestial Court Holy Son, how can they be ordinary people!

But this young man, who had been watching the battle from a distance before, did not have a trace of panic in his expression, he was very calm.

Especially what he said now is even more surprising, is it possible that this person is extremely strong! ?

“This is the Young Master of Tianyue Family!”

“Holy Son of Tianyue Family? Tianyue Mingwu?”

“No wonder Dare to speak out!”

Many people exclaimed, as if they knew Tianyue Mingwu of the Tianyue Family clan very well!

Jiang Chen was also stunned for a moment. He had also heard of Yue Family on this day, but had never seen it.

Of course, the Yue Family has always been strong today, but it is also very low-key. The dísciples in the family rarely go out, even if they go out, they will not cause trouble.

However, Tianyue Mingwu, the Young Master of the Yue Family clan, is different from his clansman this day.

From the moment he was born, he has made a terrible reputation in the outside world!

Especially his strength, the heavenly technique of covering the sky and the moon with one hand, no one can understand!

Even the Holy Son of the three major Monster Races heard this, his expression changed slightly, looking towards Tianyue Mingwu, there was a sense of fear in his eyes!

“People of the older generation are impossible to be in charge of this World. I wait for the youngster to stand in Peak after all.” Tianyue Mingwu lightly said: “And this Peak position has only one seat since ancient times. !”

“What do you want to say?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“This Peak position can only belong to me, belongs to my Tianyue clan!” Tianyue Mingwu said, very confident and arrogant.

However, he did not make a move because he and Jiang Chen and the others lacking hatred and enmity.

However, looking at the fighting intent in his eyes, he seems to want to discuss with Jiang Chen and the others.

“The sky and the moon are nothing, and the heavenly technique cultivation of the Yue Family family’s sky and moon is covered to the summit. It seems that the rumors are correct.” Nian Changge lightly said: “If not, neither will you Say these things so confidently.”

“Are you acknowledging my strength?” Tianyue Mingwu lightly said, looking up and down to read the long song, then slowly nodded, and said: “Your strength, I also admit that he can be my opponent.”

After that, he looked towards Jiang Chen again, and then he didn’t say a word, just shook the head slowly.

This made Jiang Chen’s face black, and he was secretly thought to be despised! ?

But when thinking of his own cultivation base, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but touched his nose awkwardly, let’s forget it secretly thought.

“Tianyue Mingwu, you are really arrogant, who is used to it?”

At this moment, another person spoke up not far away.

This person is surrounded by black mist, and the whole person seems to be fused with the darkness!

Behind him, there are two shadows!

“Divine Court Holy Son in the dark night, Mu Xingyun!”

Tianyue Mingwu looked towards the young man, a fierce light flashed in his eyes, coldly said: “I only know that I am hiding in The ants in the dark that’s all!”

“Heh, do you dare to fight?” Mu Xingyun said bluntly, very powerful!

At the same time, he did not wait for Tianyue Ming to speak, waved at Jiang Chen, jokingly: “long time no see, your cultivation base is still so low.”

Jiang Chen almost didn’t spray out a mouthful of old blood!

What the hell! ?

Did you hang up with your own cultivation base today? I can’t get past this topic!

“Mu Xingyun, would you like me to discuss with you?” Jiang Chen said angrily: “Look, you are also an emperor now, what’s the matter? Discuss with my deity, for you There should be no problem, right?”

Mu Xingyun directly shut up as soon as he said this.

Others don’t know Jiang Chen’s battle strength, can he still know?

From Atheus Continent to Nine Heavens God World, and then broke into Great Thousand Worlds, he and Jiang Chen did not fight one or two times!

Maybe anyone will despise Jiang Chen, but only Mu Xingyun will not!

“The people present are not good characters, so let’s save some face for the victim. If not…if you really want to fight, there will be a good show.”

At this moment, another young boy spoke. He was a little fat, with big ears and red light face. A pair of squinted eyes was constantly looking at the crowd.

In his hand, he dragged a grinding disc, and looked carefully, it looked like a Formation!

Jiang Chen was moved. He knew Formation very well. When he saw this fatty, he found that there were hidden formation marks all over him!

As if where he is, no matter where it is, it is a big formation!

“Natural Array Master! The real master!” Jiang Chen said with emotion. He thinks that Formation has profound accomplishments, but compared with the squinted fatty in front of him, it is a bit inferior!

But Jiang Chen is not surprised, after all, this is Great Thousand Worlds, who has them all!

“Wuming Valley Young Master, Xiao Keai!”

“Wuming Valley known as the strongest Formation Sect!?”


Everyone was amazed, Wuming Valley is also quite famous in Great Thousand Worlds, especially on the way to Formation, Wuming Valley dare to say second, no one dares to say first!

However, when everyone mentioned the name of Wuminggu Young Master, the expressions became weird.

Xiao Keai?

Little cute?

“This name must have been given to father and mother!” Jiang Chen said seriously.

Xiao Keai’s mouth turned chu, and he was also very distressed about his name!

However, he doesn’t care about these at this moment, just because Tianyue Mingwu’s eyes have fallen on him!

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