I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1297

Xiao Ke’ai’s expression is very solemn, because the relationship between Wuminggu and Tianyue Family is not very good, or even an enemy!

A long time ago, an Old Ancestor from Wuming Valley killed an Old Ancestor from the Yue Family clan. Since then, the relationship between the two parties has become very bad!

Now, Tianyue Mingwu’s gaze is locked on Xiao Keyai’s body, and the violent killing intent is surging as his eyes are opened and closed!

But he didn’t do it, just because he also understands Xiao Keai’s array of accomplishments, which is definitely the highest present!

Its whole body is covered with formation marks. Once it is rushed, it is very likely to be trapped in the Formation and be attacked by countless Killing Formation!

“If you want to do it, just click directly.” Xiao Keai said solemnly, staring at the sky and the moon, although there is fear in his eyes, but there is no fear!

Tianyue Ming did not hear this, sneered, did not make a sound, but did not do anything.

For a time, everyone turned their attention to these two people.

Many people want to see with their own eyes the strength of these two people, especially the heavenly technique of Tianyue Mingwu, and the Xiao Keai array!

However, what makes people very helpless is that these two people are afraid of each other, and no one dares to take the initiative.


Suddenly, a splitting the air sound came from the foggy forest!

I saw a pitch-black as ink rays of light rising up from the misty forest, and the void shattered wherever it went, until it rushed into the clouds, this ten thousand li cloud layer They were all shaken apart!

At the same time, one after another sounded like a bell, like a war song, but when you listen carefully, it looks like an undead song, shocking everyone’s mind!

“I was born!”

“Tiancai rare treasure!”

“Unfortunately, in the misty forest, who dares to enter? Once in, he can’t get out. That’s it!”

Many people sighed, the misty forest is known as only being able to get in, and few people can come out since ancient times!

“Take care of Vientiane!”

At this moment, Xiao Keai both hands forming seals, a huge array slowly rises from his feet!

After the Formation is formed, it is like a mirror, and it actually photographs all the scenery in the misty forest!

Everyone is surprised, didn’t expect Xiao Keai array can still be used like this!

“Who is that…?”

“Is the Emperor San!?”


At this moment, everyone Through the mirror-like array, I saw the picture in the foggy forest.

I saw that Emperor San was covered in blood, carrying a woman on his back, standing in front of a broken ancient bell!

The ancient bell is pitch black, covered with obscure lines, just like the dragon Totem!

It’s just that the ancient bell’s body has the meaning of a fist, obviously it was broken by someone before!

“This is…No way!?”

“This thing really exists!?”


Yes Several people exclaimed, their faces pale, as if they saw something extremely terrifying.

Even Xiao Keyai, Tianyue Mingwu and the others’ faces have changed.

The ancient bell of pitch-black as ink, Totem with evil dragon-like, is even more broken. It looks exactly the same as the legendary evil Spirit King clock!

That was an ancient Divine Item, but it was too evil, and it was shattered and sealed somewhere in the world!

But never thought that this thing would actually be in the foggy forest!

Moreover, this evil Spirit King clock seems to absorb Heaven and Earth Essence in the foggy forest and nurture itself. The cracks on the clock are almost healed and hungry!

“If this thing is born, not to mention the chaos of the world, but the Small World of the nine cities will at least shake it!”

“The evil thing, the evil Spirit King bell was cast in the beginning People who slaughtered dozens of world’s creatures were said to have been cast after commemorating this bell!”


Many people marveled, this thing is too much The evil door, the first owner of this evil Spirit King clock, is said to be killed by the evil Spirit King clock backlash!

“Things are good things, but unfortunately they are hard to control, and you will be backlashed if you are careless!”

“It’s a pity, even if you give it to me for nothing, I don’t dare to ask for it “

And when everyone was feeling emotional, they saw that Tianyueming stepped out without a step, like a wild goose, rushing into the misty forest!

After that, Xiao Keai also rushed over, completely ignoring the danger of the foggy forest, and went straight to the evil Spirit King clock!

“Are these two people really not afraid of death!?”

“No! They are not going for the evil Spirit King clock, they are going for the emperor!”

After a few breaths, everyone discovered something was wrong. After the two rushed into the misty forest, with the help of the Xiao Ke Ai array, they went straight to the Emperor Three!

In their eyes, there is no evil Spirit King clock, only the killing intent and the silhouette of the emperor!


At this moment, Jiang Chen shouted, before he had time to explain, he rushed out regardless of the danger in the foggy forest!

In this case, several great virtues were really confused.

They don’t understand, Jiang Chen, is this going to save Emperor Three?

Although Jiang Chen and Di San also have some intersections, they are not to this extent, right?

“No! The one on Disan’s back…” Nian Changge’s sharp eyes, he looked at the man on Disan’s back, stared for a while, and said: “That’s Tianxue! Empress Descendants!”




This time, Several great virtues can’t be calm anymore.

They know the relationship between Tianxue and Jiang Chen. Although they are “very pure” and have no special relationship, they are still Life and Death Friends!

“With the character of the boss, if Tianxue is robbed, it is probably going to go crazy!”

“The boss is ours! The several brothers rush me!”


The three great virtues are also speaking, and they rushed in with their voices and necks!

But they are still late!

Jiang Chen is very fast, Shrink The Land Into An Inch displays, and quickly catches up with Xiao Keai and Tianyue Mingwu!

At the same time, Emperor San also saw them, the expression changed, turned around and ran!

However, he was seriously injured, and Tianxue, who had fainted to death on his back, was really slow.

It didn’t take long for him to be surrounded by Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai one after the other!

“Disan! Hand over!”

“Hand over that thing, and you can be killed today!”


Xiao Keyai and Tianyue Mingwu said straightly, looking towards Emperor Three Times, there was a sense of greed in their eyes!

At this moment, Jiang Chen has also come here, standing in front of the emperor, said solemnly: “Be careful!”

“If I am in the Peak state, you two Dare to come?!” Di San coldly said, he was very arrogant, even when facing Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keyai, there was no fear in his eyes!

But as he said, he was seriously injured and he is not in Peak, so it is difficult to contend with these two people!

As for Jiang Chen, Di San didn’t even think about it. After all, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was there. It was okay to deal with ordinary emperors, but he wanted to deal with Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai. It’s almost a bit.

Of course, this is the idea of ​​Emperor San.

“Hand over the Imperial Jade Seal of Heaven!”

“an innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime! Celestial Court and Zhentian clan try their best to kill you, no It’s for the Imperial Jade Seal of the sky! Today, as long as you hand over the Imperial Jade Seal of the sky, I can let you go!”

Said Xiao Keai and Tianyue Mingwu, while speaking Xiao Keai With a big wave of the hand, a big Killing Formation rises, covering Di San and Jiang Chen in!

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