I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1298

People outside the foggy forest can no longer see the images inside. After all, the Xiao Keyai array is missing, and the fog of the foggy forest obscures the sight and perception of everyone.

At this moment, a large Killing Formation trapped Jiang Chen and Di San. The obscure aura within the Killing Formation rises and falls, and it seems that unknown forces are gathering!

Rao is Jiang Chen Formation’s profound knowledge, and it will be difficult to crack this Formation at this moment.

If you want to break the formation forcefully, unless Jiang Chen is much stronger than Xiao Keai!

“You don’t have to come in, my relationship with you has not reached this step yet.” Di San sighed, seemingly desperate.

After all, these two people facing today are the leaders of the young generation of Great Thousand Worlds!

Even in peacetime, when he is in Peak state, he dare not fight these two people alone by himself!

“You think you can kill me, etc., I’m afraid it’s not that easy.” Jiang Chen lightly said, although there is fear, there is no fear!


“Dare to hurt me and wait for the boss!?”


At this moment, a few Germany is here, and Holy Son from the three Monster Races is also here!

They don’t care about Jiang Chen, but worry about what happened to their three ancestors!

“This matter has nothing to do with you, retreat!” Xiao Keai coldly said: “My Wuminggu has a good relationship with the three Monster Races. It is not for Di San and Jiang Chen, so that Wu Ming Gu and San The relationship between the Great Monster Race is broken!”

“get lost!” Tianyue Mingwu was very rude. He faced the three Great Saints of Monster Race with contempt in his eyes!

This makes Jiang Chen a little confused, is it possible that Tianyue Mingwu’s strength is far above the Monster Race Three Great Saints?

You need to know that the Holy Son of the three Monster Races are also peerless arrogances, so they should not have the same level as Tianyueming!

So, in this case, Tianyue has no confidence and courage?

“Xiao Keyai, Tianyue Mingwu, if you two move Jiang Chen today, don’t think about going out alive!”

“Tianyue Mingwu , I thought I would be invincible among my peers if I mastered the heavenly technique of the sky and the moon!? You might think too much!”


Three Monster Race Saints Not to be outdone, moved towards Xiao Keai and Tianyue Mingwu step by step.

At this moment, Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai looked at each other, as if they had reached an agreement!

next moment, I saw Xiao Keai wave his hand, a Formation rose, the mist evaporated, and endless chains hovered, locking up several great virtues and three Monster Race Saints. !

Followingly, Tianyue Mingwu’s eyes skyrocketed with brilliance, and his pupils seemed to overlap, everything became illusory wherever his eyes passed!

Even with this void, it seems to become dreamy, seems true seems false, and there is a layer of obscure atmosphere.

“The Great Formation of Lishen!?”

“The sky and the moon cover the heavenly technique!?”


Three Monsters Race Saint exclaimed, they really didn’t expect that Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai have joined forces!

At this moment, the Lishen formation has risen, coupled with the heavenly technique of the sky and moon covering them, trapping them in the Formation, it is simply difficult to get out for a while!

Especially the power of the Lishen Great Formation, is constantly pulling their souls to separate their souls from the fleshy body!

The soul is inherently fragile. Once you leave the fleshy body, you are tantamount to putting your life in front of the enemy!

At this moment, a few people did not dare to be careless and tried their best to stabilize their souls, and at the same time they had to draw out some of their strength to forcefully break the Formation!

For a time, several big virtues and the three big Monster Race Saints simply couldn’t help Jiang Chen and Disan!

“Not killing you today is for the sake of the three Monster Races! If you dare to interfere in this matter later, then don’t blame me for waiting!” Xiao Keai coldly said.

He knows very well that although this Lishen Great Array and Heavenly Moon Covering Heavenly Technique are powerful, they cannot simultaneously trap these people for a long time!

Maybe it won’t take long for a few great virtues and three Monster Race Saints to come out!

It is exactly the same, Xiao Keai warned them in advance!

In this regard, a few great virtues and the three Monster Race Saints did not speak. They knew very well that now their lives are in the hands of Xiao Keai and Tianyue Mingwu.

If you say a few more words, Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keyai might really kill them!

“Disan, I still said that, hand over the Imperial Jade Seal of the sky, I can let you go!”

“Just hand over the Imperial Jade Seal of the sky, You can all live!”

At this moment, Xiao Keai and Tianyue Mingwu looked towards Emperor San, and the greed in their eyes was undisguised!

“I have said many times, the Imperial Jade Seal of the sky is not on me!” Di San said solemnly: “I used to contact the Imperial Jade Seal of the sky, but I didn’t get it!”

“Fart! You still have the breath of the Imperial Jade Seal from the sky!”

“Hand it over! Otherwise, don’t blame me for waiting!”



Xiao Keai and the two are also anxious, just because the Lishen formation has loosened, several great virtues and the three Monster Race Saints are about to get out of trouble!

By then, the situation will be very unfavorable for them!

“Would you like to kill?” Tianyue Mingwu said solemnly, looked towards the few people in the Lishen Great Formation, with the killing intent ups and downs in his eyes!

Xiao Keai hearing this, rolled the eyes, said angrily: “that many people outside saw that we came in together! When the time comes they died, they will definitely doubt us. Come on!”

“At that time, are you going to fight the three Monster Races?!”

Hearing this, Tianyue Mingwu was also quite helpless. After all, the three Monster Race’s background is too deep, especially the old dragon of Dragon Race, whose strength is deep and unmeasurable, and no one wants to provoke him until it is a last resort!

“It should be okay to kill these two people.” Tianyue Ming did not say solemnly, looked towards Jiang Chen and Di San, also weighing in her heart.

He was thinking very clearly. There is only one Imperial Clan behind Emperor San. Even more how Emperor San has left Imperial Clan. Even if he is dead, Imperial Clan will not avenge Emperor San!

As for Jiang Chen, although there are many forces behind him to support him, but the same sentence, no one will help a dead person to avenge!



At this moment, Xiao Keyai and Tianyue Mingwu glanced at each other, and finally decided to kill!



But, at this moment, a muffled sound rang from Tianyue Mingwu!

Immediately afterwards, he saw his head and body separated, and he was cut off by a sharp edge!

Look carefully, a black shadow appeared behind Tianyue Mingwu at some point, a dark dagger in his hand dripping with blood, carrying a cold meaning!

“Seriously, I don’t want to save him, but as I said before, if he dies, he can only die in my hands.” Mu Xingyun lightly said, turning into a shadow, in all around erratic.

“Mu Xingyun! Do you dare to yin me!?”

Tianyue Mingwu fleshy body is recast, and the colorful mist around him is looming, which is obviously afraid of Mu Xingyun. Technique of Assassination!

Similarly, Xiao Keai didn’t dare to take care of it. He laid a lot of Formation around him, but he didn’t want to be overshadowed by Mu Xingyun!

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