I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1299

Mu Xingyun’s Technique of Assassination is indeed too profound. Even Jiang Chen sometimes fears Mu Xingyun when he is assassinated. !

And now, when Mu Xingyun makes a move, the shocked Xiao Keai and Tianyue Mingwu are even more restrained, completely afraid to fight!

Of course, this is not to say that these two people are weak, but that this place is a foggy forest, which is full of unknown dangers, plus there are several great virtues and three Monster Race Saints next to it!

If they really fight with Mu Xingyun, once others find a chance, these two people will definitely have a major event!

“I said you two weren’t very difficult to deal with just now? It’s really difficult to deal with, how come you are now a coward?” Mu Xingyun taunted: “Come out, fight head-on, I don’t need to Technique of Assassination.”

“Mu Xingyun, do you think we will believe it!?” Xiao Keai coldly said.

His array is powerful, but he doesn’t want to be stabbed in the back!

Know that he and Tianyue Mingwu are also deadly enemies. If he and Mu Xingyun go to war, maybe Tianyue Mingwu will stabb him in the back!


Suddenly, Emperor San came out, he was already extremely upset, seeing the opportunity at this moment, he rushed to Tianyue Mingwu’s body!

With one palm hit, the palm print is like an Imperial Jade Seal, with a breath that shakes the world!



There was an explosion, Tianyue Mingwu kept his attention on Mu Xingyun’s body, naturally Did not pay attention to Dao Di San.

He didn’t have time to react, so he was hit by the palm of Emperor Trinity, and the whole person flew upside down!

However, for Tianyue Mingwu, this palm is simply nothing. After all, the emperor’s 3rd-layer is injured and his strength is not in Peak. This palm cannot kill Tianyue Mingwu!

“Emperor Three! Even if I don’t want the Imperial Jade Seal of this day, I will kill you!” Tianyue Mingwu roared, stood up from a distance, his body exploded in an imposing manner, and his pupils changed Colorful fog is transpiring!



However, without waiting for him to take action, a huge Killing Formation fell, instantly covering the sky and the moon. !

“Xiao Keyai!” Tianyue Ming did not roar, and the two of them had joined forces before. They didn’t expect to show a weak spot, and Xiao Keyai would be a black hand!

“The sky and the moon are nothing, you should beware of me.” Xiao Keai jokingly said, pressing the big hand in the air, the big Killing Formation started, and the endless edge instantly drowned the sky and the moon. Go down!


But, before Xiao Keai was happy, a muffled sound came from behind him!

He lowered his head and looked, a pitch-black as ink dagger penetrated his back, and blood dripped down!

“Hehe, you should also beware of me.” Mu Xingyun’s voice came from behind Xiao Keai, and when the voice fell, he had already been far away from Xiao Keai!

Xiao Keai was furious, but didn’t dare to chase him down. He could only hold back his anger, stand still and set up a lot of Formation again, and then started healing!



After a few breaths, the Lishen Great Array and the Heavenly Moon Cover Heavenly Technique were broken open. Several great virtues and three great virtues Monster Race Saint came out!

When they saw the injured Xiao Keai and Tianyue Mingwu who was trapped in the Killing Formation, they were all confused.

Just for a while, too many things happened and they didn’t react!


Suddenly, Jian Dade exclaimed and rushed forward, grabbing Jiang Chen with his left hand, and the right hand lifted the seriously injured Di San with a mouthful. Biting on Tianxue’s clothes, she ran towards the distance without looking back!

The others were stunned for a moment, and then their expression changed drastically!

Just because the evil Spirit King clock not far away rang, one after another Dementor sounded, and everyone’s souls were trembling!

No one rang the evil Spirit King bell, he moved by himself!

Yao Dade looked back and saw a weird creature standing in front of the evil Spirit King clock. His whole body was white, his face had five pupils, four feet and six hands, and he looked full of smiles. Hold them!

“Artifact Spirit! It’s psychic!”

“She is going to ring the evil Spirit King bell and take our souls!”


Yao Dade complexion pale, I have also heard the story of the evil Spirit King clock.

This thing is very evil!

However, this place is a foggy forest, easy to get in and hard to get out!

After everyone ran for a distance, they found themselves lost!

Even, Jiang Chen and the others are separated from several great virtues!

Looking at all around the unfamiliar environment, Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, and asked: “Is there a way to get out?”

“Get out? Let’s live first!” Jian Dade Speaking irritably, put down Jiang Chen and Di San, then took a look at Tian Xue, said solemnly: “Why hurt like this?”

“She was in the seventh city before, I found her At the time, I was already injured by someone from the True Heaven Clan.” Di San explained: “If you hadn’t saved me in the first place, I wouldn’t be lazy to save this person!”

“many thanks!” Jiang Chen seriously said, if it weren’t for Emperor San, Tianxue would really die this time!

But now, more serious problems are before them!

The foggy forest is full of danger, and now there is one more evil Spirit King bell. If you have been trapped here, it will probably be bode ill rather than well!

“How did you survive these days?” Jiang Chen suddenly looked towards Emperor San and curiously asked.

Di San has been in the misty forest for several days, but he is still alive. This can be considered a miracle.

“There is a historic site. I stayed there before. It is very safe.” Di San said: “If it wasn’t for the evil Spirit King bell, come out and see what happened, I should still pay There.”

However, there are historical sites in the foggy forest, but the direction here is unknown. It is really difficult to return to the ancient sites!

“Find it slowly and be careful.” Jiang Chen sighed. The only priority now is to be careful.

As for other things, I really can’t force it. I hope that I won’t encounter any danger and don’t run into the evil Spirit King clock!

Half a day later, a group of people went around in the foggy forest, and the last group of people looked pale because they had returned to their original place!

Looking around, the evil Spirit King clock is gone, leaving only a big pit on the ground.

At the same time, Xiao Keyai and Tianyue Mingwu also disappeared. I don’t know if they died or escaped.

“Fortunately, the Spirit King clock passed away, otherwise…” Jiang Chen sighed, but as soon as he finished speaking, he felt cold behind his back, as if being stared at by something terrifying Up!

Jiang Chen’s first reaction was to think that he was being watched by the evil Spirit King Zhong, but suddenly turned his head and found that there was nothing.

But Jiang Chen’s instinct told him that just now, there was definitely something eyeing him!

Especially Jiang Chen’s back, the back of his neck, the cold feeling is still there!

“Boss!? What’s wrong with your back neck!?” Jian Dade cried out, staring at Jiang Chen’s back neck, there was a red lip mark on it!

Jiang Chen pinched a seal to reflect the back of his neck. When he saw the red lip print, he was shocked!

The cold feeling just now…I was kissed by someone! ?

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