I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1301

After a little elder sister shouted, who knew the woman slapped it directly. Jiang Chen didn’t even have a chance to react, and was shot directly to the ground!

At this moment, Jiang Chen was confused.

is it possible that it’s not easy to be sweet these years? !

“Call me general.” The woman said resolutely: “You will be my general in the future, and I will be your general. Don’t mess up the relationship!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, there was a chu at the corner of his mouth, thinking of his tenth reincarnation, his identity is extraordinary, and now he wants to become this woman’s fighter! ?

What is the difference between this and a servant! ?

However, Jiang Chen received a slap before, and he understood in his heart that the strength of this perfect woman is definitely not something he can handle!

Even, as long as the other party is willing, one look may kill him!

“Hold it! A real man doesn’t care about little girls!” Jiang Chen secretly thought. After standing up from the ground, he asked: “That…General, what do you need us to do? Is it right?”

“My weapon ran away, you go and catch him back.” The woman said, and then she pointed out two fingers, which landed on Jiang Chen and Di San’s eyebrows.

For a while, a map appeared in their minds. There was a mark on the map. The mark was probably the seat of the woman’s weapon!

“General, how come your weapons will run away?” Di San asked in confusion.

“It was damaged before, but later conceived here, but it turned out to be psychic, and then ran away.” The woman explained: “Go ahead, and I will take care of her.”

After that, the woman directly held Tianxue by her side, and then looked towards Jiang Chen and Di San in a calm expression, saying: “You are my warrior. This is your first mission. Then… …It must be a military order.”

“If you can’t bring back my weapons, your lives will be lost.”

Jiang Chen and Di Sanna are willing to stand. What kind of military order, isn’t that pitting yourself!

However, unable to tolerate the reaction of the two, two military orders appeared in front of them.

After that, a powerful force erupted from the woman, and directly signed a military order with Jiang Chen and Emperor San!

At this moment, Jiang Chen and Di San are completely desperate.

Being branded by people, I was a little desperate, but now it’s better, even the military order has been issued!

This fuck? !

“Go now, before he breaks my mark, his strength is still limited.” The woman reminded.

Jiang Chen and Di San didn’t dare to neglect at this moment, they rushed their legs towards the coordinate direction.

With this coordinate, Jiang Chen and Di San will naturally not get lost, even they now know how to get out of the foggy forest.

But they know better that even if they leave the misty forest, they will not escape the palm of the woman’s hand!

even more how, if the snow is still in the hands of that woman today!

“Damn! How could there be such a creature in this foggy forest!?”

“Although it looks good, but…it’s unbearable!”


Jiang Chen, Jian Dade, Di San and three are unhappy, and at the same time they feel a little flustered!

They can all feel that the woman is too strong, she is definitely a great character in prehistoric times!

Especially Jian Dade, he has been in contact with the owner of Daqian mine burial, he knows better how powerful the great characters in prehistoric times are!

And the aura on that woman, like the aura on the owner of the Great Thousand Mine Burial, is definitely from prehistoric times!

These great characters are not what they can compete with!

“By the way… Did she just say what her weapon is?”

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, when several people came to the coordinate location , The trio’s face was completely broken!

Jiang Chen asked in a daze, the hairs all over his body stood upside down!

Because, at the coordinates, an ancient bell of pitch-black as ink stands, and before the ancient bell, there is a strange-looking creature sitting quietly cross-legged!

Obviously, that woman’s weapon is the evil Spirit King bell!

“My God…the three of us combined, I am afraid that Spirit King is not bad enough to have the bell stuck between the teeth, right?” Jian Dade dripped cold sweat on his forehead, even standing far away. Feeling the imposing manner exuded by the Artifact Spirit of the evil Spirit King clock is too terrifying!

“It’s still an emperor realm, don’t worry too much.” The emperor said solemnly: “But…I am no longer in Peak state now, my strength is greatly reduced!”

“Long-term consideration !” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen and the others concealed his breath, Di San began to adjust his breath to heal his injuries, and Sword Dao Hua was contacting Yao Da De, hoping to merge with Yao Da De.

As for Jiang Chen, he started to deploy in secret!

In this way, the three of them do their own things, and the plan seems to be organized.

Until a day later, Emperor San’s injuries were basically recovered completely, and Jian Dade also contacted Yao Da De. The two were one body, and soon Yao Da De found Jian Da De!

And Jiang Chen, also in this day, arranged several big Killing Formations all around the evil Spirit King clock, and the prohibition of Formation is even more than a hundred!

Until everything was ready, a few people stepped out and came before the Artifact Spirit of the evil Spirit King clock!

“your family master, let us take you back!” Jiang Chen stared at Artifact Spirit, the expression grave.

The same is true of Emperor San and Jian Dade, his body is tight, he dare not care!

“Master? Oh, how many people in this world are qualified to be my masters!?” Artifact Spirit of the evil Spirit King bell contemptuously said: I and she are both prehistoric creatures, and she can be a general. Why can’t I be the king? “



The moment the voice fell, an extremely evil and bloody imposing manner broke out!

At the same time, one after another bell rang, contemplative!

The bells spread like ripples and open wherever they go, the void explodes one after another, even the Formation arranged by Jiang Chen is in an instant It broke a lot!

“Get up! “

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to be careless and started Formation directly. Several big Killing Formation fell down, trapping the evil Spirit King clock in it!

Then, divine all over the sky. The light turned into a sharp edge and submerged the evil Spirit King clock!

Formation and prohibition were also opened, and the brilliance fell down, like the Milky Way hanging upside down, and like stars falling, the place became gorgeous Get up!

However, after only three breaths, a shocking bell rang, and the array, Formation, and restraints here collapsed in an instant!

Even Jiang Chen was affected. I am implicated, my mind is unstable, complexion pale, mouth spurt blood spilled out!

“No way! I can only fight it hard! “Jiang Chen said solemnly, imperial vine, undying bird, Myriad Transformations. The heavens came out together, the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow rises, and the blood energy rushes into the sky, like a cloud of blood!

This For a moment, the emperor three rushed out, one after the other moved towards evil Spirit King, one after the other moved towards evil Spirit King!

“Trifling, mortal, want to shake this seat? “The Artifact Spirit of the evil Spirit King bell contemptuously said, one after another black ripples spread, the bell sounds more like a hundred ghosts crying, very harsh!

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