I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1302

The bell rang, spreading like ripples, the void collapsed wherever it passed, and the sound of one after another ghost cry!

Jiang Chen and the others expression has changed a lot. At this moment, simply can’t make a move, and a divine force is used to resist the bells!

“Ordinary people, do you know the gap between you and this seat?!” Evil Spirit King Zhong said contemptuously. The bell became louder and the ripples turned into frenzy, constantly impacting Jiang Chen and the others.

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, his hands connected the connection mark, and a Transmission Array appeared under his feet!

Immediately, everyone set foot on the Transmission Array and fled here!

“Huh…this thing is too evil! Too strong!”

“This weapon is not only psychic, but also terrifying with a high cultivation base!”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen and the others were teleported to a dead wood forest, each with pale faces and cold sweats on their foreheads!

Jiang Chen is even more embarrassed. If he moves a little bit slower, they might be going to die there!

“A military order was issued. If the evil Spirit King bell cannot be suppressed, we will die too!” Jiang Chen said solemnly, this is the most troublesome place!

However, with their current strength, it is simply impossible to suppress the evil Spirit King bell!

Even if they use all means, when they add up, they will not be the opponent of the evil Spirit King clock.

The difference in battle strength between the two sides is too big!

“It must be called a person!” Jian Dade said solemnly: “Just us, it is simply impossible to do it!”

However, this is a misty forest, where to call people! ?

“You said…If the sky and the moon are not clear, Xiao Keai and the others come to help us, will we have a chance to suppress the evil Spirit King clock?” Jiang Chen squinted, his pupils flickering Polished.

As soon as these words came out, the expression of Emperor Sanhe Jian Dade and the others became strange.

Call Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai to help them? is it possible?

Besides, in this foggy forest, where can I find them?

“I have a way!”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen eyes shined and immediately got up and took a group of people moved towards the lake.

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen entire group came back. When they saw the woman in the pavilion, they all raised their hearts!

“I’m back? Did you bring my weapons back?” The woman asked in a soft voice, not happy nor angry, making it difficult to guess what she was thinking.

“We are not strong enough, we are thinking about finding a few more people.” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, everyone could obviously feel a trace of divine force fluctuations in this woman!

She seems to be angry!

But she did not act on Jiang Chen and the others, instead she asked: “Looking for someone? Who is it for? Is it possible that this little thing, let this General take action?”

“no no no, there are not only a few of us who have entered the misty forest this time, but a few others.” Jiang Chen hurriedly said: “I mean, the general might as well take them over, when the time comes, if we go together again, we will surely suppress the evil Spirit King clock and bring it to the general!”

This woman is hearing this, not at all, she seems to be thinking.

After a few breaths, she slowly nodded, only to see an Avatar emerge from within the body, and then disappeared in place.

After more than ten breaths, the lake all around violent wind erupted, and then I saw an Avatar of this woman return.

They also brought Tianyue Mingwu, Xiao Keai, and Mu Xingyun.

These three people are almost dying at this moment. They obviously fought with this woman’s Avatar, but they never fought…

“Why are you here?”


At this moment, Mu Xingyun lay on the ground and asked half-deadly.

“This is our general, we will do things for her now.” Jiang Chen faintly smiled and said, and walked to Mu Xingyun and the others at the same time, when looking at the lip prints on the back of their necks, Jiang Chen couldn’t help laughing.

“Boss, you are really insidious!” Jian Dade looked lowly laughed, he knew what Jiang Chen meant, didn’t he just want to cheat Mu Xingyun and the others!

Now it’s good, everyone who enters the misty forest this time has become this woman’s warrior!

“Everyone will be a family in the future.” Jian Dade said with a smile, smiling very enthusiastically and very happy.

“Who dares to attack this seat!?”

“Let go of this king!”


Suddenly, Several voices came from a distance.

Then I saw that the three great virtues were also captured, and their necks were also planted with marks!

“Now it’s all right, it’s all here.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

He wanted to pit Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai and the others, but he never thought about pitting some great virtues.

This… is totally unexpected!

“Don’t resist, now she is our boss.” Jiang Chen jokingly looked towards Tianyue Mingwu and the others, saying: “From now on, it will be your own family.”

“You are pitting us!?”

“It’s really sinister! shameless!”

Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai cursed, they were originally We are almost finding a way out, but who would have thought of an Avatar who would meet this woman!

Also, I can’t beat it!

“Go, bring the evil Spirit King clock back.”

At this moment, this woman waved her big hand, one after another pure power permeated out, just like immortal medicine. , Mu Xingyun and the others’ injuries were healed instantly!

After that, she simply said a few words and stopped talking.

“You are really bad!”

“Boy! This account will be calculated in the future!”


After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen and the others came to the vicinity of the evil Spirit King again according to the coordinates.

On the way, Tianyue Mingwu, Xiao Keai, and even Mu Xingyun have been swearing!

Regarding this, Jiang Chen smiled faintly and let them curse. Anyway, everyone is now planted with a brand. They are all warriors, and they belong to their own family.

“Blessed and shared, and shared difficulties.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

The voice fell, Jiang Chen and the others could already see the evil Spirit King bell.

He is still on the spot, sitting cross-legged, as if absorbing the spirit strength between Heaven and Earth!

At the same time, most of the flames on the body of the clock have disappeared, and the body of the clock is almost complete!

“What should I do with this stuff? Who can beat it?” Tianyue Mingwu said angrily, standing far away can feel the terrifying aura emitted by the evil Spirit King clock!

“Go together! Fight to the end with him!” Jiang Chen said directly.

Today, either die under the evil Spirit King Zhong, or go back and be suppressed and killed by the woman!

They have no step back!

“It’s really bad luck!”

“Meeting you, this life is considered bad luck!”


A few People were angry, but when they were about to shoot, they saw a silhouette appear in front of the evil Spirit King Zhong!

At this moment, everyone was stared wide-eyed, and their eyes fell tightly on that person!

“Read the long song?” Jiang Chen was stunned. Only then did he remember that the long song should have entered the misty forest.

But what do you want to do when you read the long song?

I saw him standing in front of the evil Spirit King Zhong, his expression calm, and he was actually communicating with the evil Spirit King Zhong!

And the evil Spirit King Zhong didn’t do anything, and it was nodded from time to time. The two seemed to…have friendship! ?

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