I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1303

Everyone didn’t expect to be able to communicate with the evil Spirit King Zhong after reading the long song. Neither party meant to do it!

Especially in the end, the Artifact Spirit of the evil Spirit King clock even patted the shoulder of the long song. It seemed that the content of the conversation between the two made him very satisfied.

“What’s the situation with you buddy?” Di San was stunned in the same place with a dazed expression.

Don’t talk about Emperor San, the others are also confused, even Jiang Chen is a little messy.

The evil Spirit King clock is the most evil weapon. The Slaughter Qi is extremely heavy. How could it be possible to communicate with Nian Changge so “peacefully”.

“You guys…what are you doing?”

At this moment, I read the long song and found Jiang Chen and the others, asked with a smile, and recruited Beckoned, motioned Jiang Chen and the others to pass.

“This…are we okay with coming here?” Jiang Chen has a lingering fear, after all, not long ago, they almost died in the hands of the evil Spirit King!

“It’s okay, it’s all old acquaintances.” Read the long song said with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen and the others were completely messed up.

You and the evil Spirit King Zhong are old acquaintances! ?

But thinking about it carefully, Jiang Chen also thinks that this is normal. After all, the identity of Long Song is not ordinary, and there are many secrets hidden, some of which even Jiang Chen does not know.

Perhaps a long time ago, I really knew this evil Spirit King clock in Long Song!

“So you guys are together?” The evil Spirit King was also taken aback for a moment, and said with a curl of his lips: “Fortunately for you, I didn’t kill you before, otherwise…you would have died long ago.”

“This…what is going on?” Di San asked.

Tianyue Mingwu and Xiao Keai are also dumbfounded, and they are endlessly afraid of chanting long songs.

They can all see that the long song has a good relationship with the evil Spirit King Zhong. If the long song makes the evil Spirit King Zhong take action against them, then they have only dead end!

“The specific situation is not convenient to talk about.” Read the long song lightly said, and then looked towards Jiang Chen and the others with a puzzled look, seeming to wonder how Jiang Chen and the others came together ?

Before a group of people shouted and screamed, why are they walking together now?

“Don’t mention it, I was branded by someone who claimed to be a general. Now… we are all her warriors.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, and Nian Changge explained. .

Read the long song hearing this, eyes flash with a cold light, and seem to know who the general Jiang Chen said is.

Next moment, I saw the seventy two lotus coming out of the long song summon, one after another shining down, like a holy light, enveloping Jiang Chen and the others.

“en? The brand has disappeared!?”

“As expected of seventy two lotus, and such Magical Powers!”


Everyone was amazed, if there were no such seventy two lotus, they would still be controlled by that woman.

It’s all right now. Since the brand has disappeared, it doesn’t matter what military order he has!

“That guy is not to be trifled with.” Said solemnly in the long song: “That is a prehistoric power, and its status and status are not weaker than that of the owner of the Daqian mine, even if it is me. The Master is here, and she will have a headache facing her!”

“What!?” Jiang Chen was shocked. He knew who the Master was who read the long song, it was Demon Sovereign, which is Daoist Heavenspan!

That is a very mysterious and powerful existence, Lord of Demon Realm!

Those characters, would you have a headache when meeting that woman?

“Ji Rumeng, have you ever heard of it?” the evil Spirit King asked Zhong.

Jiang Chen and the others have never heard of it. After all, they are creatures of this life and know very little about prehistoric things.

But after Jian Dade and Yao Dade heard the name, their bodies trembled slightly, and there was a hint of surprise and surprise in their eyes!

“Ji Rumeng!? The woman who claims to be a general is Ji Rumeng!?”

“Changtian War God, Ji Rumeng!?”

Sword Dade and Yao Dade exclaimed, obviously knowing the origin of Ji Rumeng!

“She is Ji Rumeng, and she was sealed here after she was defeated in the war.” The evil Spirit King Zhong said solemnly: “I was sealed here as a suppressor. The main function is to suppress She!”

“It’s just that with the ebbing of time, her state has recovered, and her strength is getting stronger and stronger. I can’t seal him anymore.”

” So I chose to be born and leave here before she returns to Peak, otherwise…I will die too!”

When this word came out, everyone was a little confused.

at first they thought that the evil Spirit King clock was sealed here, and after absorbing Heaven and Earth Essence, it became psychic, and they slowly recast their clock body.

But now, it looks completely different from what they imagined!

“Ji Rumeng asked us to catch you, is to suppress and kill you, and then unlock her own seal?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Nonsense! Do you think she can get out of the pavilion now? If she can get out, why should you let you do it.” The evil Spirit King Zhong said angrily.

“That’s right… I didn’t feel right before, it turned out to be the case.” Jiang Chen said relieved.

Then, now that the brand is lifted, everyone can leave.

However, Tianxue is still in Ji Rumeng’s hands!

“You can’t leave her.” Jiang Chen sighed and looked at everyone, lightly said: “You go first, I will find a way to rescue Tianxue.”

“How do you save it? You go back now, it is estimated that you will die!” Jian Dade said solemnly: “The name of Changtian War God is not in vain. Did you know what Ji Rumeng did? “

“What?” Jiang Chen wondered.

“She almost washed the Great Thousand Worlds! Don’t think she looks perfect and without blemish, a beautiful woman in the making, in fact her heart is vicious, she is definitely the first fierce person in the ages !” Jian Dade said: “If you go back, she must not kill you?”



Jian Dade this As soon as the words were finished, the space all around suddenly vibrated!

Immediately afterwards, dozens of Avatars appeared, and they looked exactly like Ji Rumeng!

Obviously, Ji Rumeng sensed that Jiang Chen and the others’ stigma was lifted, and now he is angry, and Avatar is coming!


“Incapable of the enemy!”


At this moment, even the evil Spirit King clocks Scared, the bell hung upside down, swept a group of people in, and then moved towards the foggy forest!

But in the process, Jiang Chen broke free, waved with the long song and the others, said resolutely: “I can’t leave Tianxue alone!”

“Hurry up! Come back! You are sending you to death!”

“Come back!”


Read the long song and the others in a hurry, but how evil Spirit King The clock speed was extremely fast, the tone barely fell, and they escaped out of the misty forest.

At this moment, Jiang Chen stood on the spot, looked towards the dozens of Avatars, stretched out his hands, and said: “I stayed. With your identity and strength, there is no need to kill me, right? Besides…I might be able to do something for you.”


Dozens of Avatars are coldly snorted at the same time. Under this coldly snorted, Jiang Chen is powerful The supreme fleshy body was directly exploded!

“Don’t kill me! If you have something to say!” Jiang Chen hurriedly recast the fleshy body, complexion pale looking towards those dozens of Avatars, hurriedly said: “I know you are sealed here. , I have a way to help you out!”

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