I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1304

Jiang Chen knew very well that he was simply unable to resist in the face of Ji Rumeng!

Even if he had that strength, he did not dare to resist, after all, Tianxue was still in Ji Rumeng’s hands!

“The evil Spirit King clock has run away, how do you unlock my seal?” Ji Rumeng’s Avatars asked at the same time, their voices were very calm, and no anger could be heard.

Obviously, for Ji Rumeng, she has seen too many things and people, experienced everything, her heart is like a rock, and there are very few things in the world that can disturb her heart.

However, since she asked so, she obviously cares about her seal!

“I am proficient in array restriction, and I have also studied the seal technique. As long as I have enough time, it will definitely get you out of trouble!” Jiang Chen said.

“Oh? How long does it take?” Ji Rumeng asked.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shook the head, after all, he didn’t know how complicated and profound Ji Rumeng’s seal was, and he couldn’t give a clear answer for a while.

But he told Ji Rumeng that this seal will definitely be unlocked, but the premise is that Tianxue cannot be hurt!

The next sentence of Ji Rumeng made Jiang Chen dumbfounded, even regretted it!

“This woman is a descendant of one of my deceased people, do you think I will hurt her?” Ji Rumeng said grimly: “The reason why I kept her by my side is that I was only worried that she was in the misty forest. Injured that’s all.”

“This…” Jiang Chen was speechless. He had known that before. He should have ran with the evil Spirit King Zhong and the others before!

It’s fine now. After staying, he is under Ji Rumeng’s nose, and there is simply no way to escape from here!

So, now you don’t need to worry about Tianxue, let’s first care about your own life!

After ten breaths, Jiang Chen was taken back to the pavilion by dozens of Avatars. Ji Rumeng turned his back to him and said nothing.

It’s Tianxue. He has woken up at the moment. When he saw Jiang Chen, his expression was a little weird. After hesitating for a while, he lightly said: “I have seen Old Ancestor.

“Um…Old Ancestor? “Jiang Chen is dumbfounded. What does he call Old Ancestor for?

Although he has been reincarnated for the tenth life, he has not recovered his memory of this life, even more how before and everyone around him Appropriate to the same generation.

However, Jiang Chen quickly realized that Tianxue called him Old Ancestor, mostly because of the female emperor.

At the same time, Jiang Chen also recalled What Ji Rumeng said before!

Tianxue is a descendant of her old man!

So, this old man…is the empress!?

” Rumeng Old Ancestor, he…is that person. Tianxue looked towards Ji Rumeng and explained, “My Old Ancestor personally admitted. “

As soon as these words came out, Ji Rumeng’s body trembled suddenly, as if she was shocked.

Then she slowly turned around and looked at Jiang Chen carefully until After a few breaths, she lightly said, “It really looks like him. “

After that, she came to Jiang Chen’s body, with one hand gently resting on the center of Jiang Chen’s forehead, and then a gentle force entered Jiang Chen’s within the body, straight into the soul .

Jiang Chen did not dare to resist at all, but soon discovered that Ji Rumeng did not have any malicious intent against him.

She was exploring Jiang Chen’s soul and seemed to be looking for Jiang The reason for Chen’s memory loss.

Until the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, a thunder sound suddenly erupted in the air, but no thunderbolt appeared.

It’s just that it’s inexplicable The obscure aura permeated Ji Rumeng in!

She suddenly retracted her palm and looked up towards the sky, her eyes drooping slightly, with a trace of anger, and said: “so that’s how it is …Is already taboo! “

“That…I can’t remember the memories of previous lives because my soul was traumatized, right? “Jiang Chen asked.

At the beginning, Mu Youde and the others told Jiang Chen that the key to retrieving memories is to go to Reincarnation Road!

To enter Reincarnation Road, you have to find three mountains, five seas, and even the ancient land!

Only, when he was in the ancestral land of Dragon Race, Jiang Chen forgot his own business because of the long song!

“Your soul is not traumatized. “Ji Rumeng said solemnly: “It seems that the rumors are true. In the first battle, you were defeated and your way back was cut off! “

“What! ? I lost! “Jiang Chen is stunned, some can’t believe it!

You know, Jiang Chen’s previous lives are powerhouses, not to mention invincible in the whole world, but they can also stand between Heaven and Earth without falling. !

Although Jiang Chen’s memory is incomplete, he also knows that he was basically impossible to defeat in previous lives!

“If you are undefeated, why do you want Samsara Reincarnation ten times? ? “Ji Rumeng said grimly: “But…you should not be considered a defeat, but…”



Before I finished speaking, an invisible thunderbolt fell and hit Ji Rumeng directly!

Obviously, Ji Rumeng’s words touched a taboo!

“hmph! trifling strength of Taboo that’s all, if I really want to tell the truth, what can I do! ? “Ji Rumeng coldly said, that invisible thunderbolt fell on her, but it couldn’t cause any harm!

But she didn’t go on, because there were two people beside her.

She can resist the strength of Taboo, but Jiang Chen and Tianxue can’t carry it!

“They are all their own. “Tian Xue said from the side: “Perhaps in the eyes of the world, Rumeng Old Ancestor is cruel and cruel, but…she, my Old Ancestor, and you are all yours. “

“This…I don’t remember, but since you said that, it’s your own person. “Jiang Chen said, he will not have any suspicion about Tianxue’s words.

“Let me see your seal. “Jiang Chen looked towards Ji Rumeng, after looking up and down, he didn’t notice any strength of Seal on Ji Rumeng.

He looked all around again, but he didn’t see anything special. .

This makes him very depressed. Is it possible that Ji Rumeng’s seal has been lifted?

“This misty forest is a seal, this lake is a seal, and this pavilion is a seal. “Ji Rumeng sighed: “If you want to undo seal, you must destroy the pavilion, fill the lake, and collapse the misty forest!” “

“What! ? “Jiang Chen exclaimed. After hearing this, his eyes were bright light glittering, staring at the pavilion and lake!

If you look at one by one, you really can’t see the strength of Seal, but if the two If you look at it together, you can see the dim rune light between the pavilion and the lake!

These rune lights are entangled together, submerged in the ground, and spread all over the foggy forest!

“The pavilion and the lake are the formation eye of the seal! And this misty forest is the base! “Jiang Chen said solemnly: “The seal made of Power of Heaven and Earth, if you want to crack it, you have to destroy the Power of Heaven and Earth here! “

“It seems that you still have some understanding of the seal technique. “Ji Rumeng lightly said.

However, the foggy forest was a battlefield at the beginning, and too many powerhouses died here.

After those powerhouses died, Essence, Qi, and Spirit Even the Taoism is deposited in the foggy forest. Over time, the mud and rocks of the foggy forest are like celestial gold and are hard to destroy!

Plus, the foggy forest is already in Power of Heaven and Earth. In, want to destroy this place, basically impossible!

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