I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1305

Jiang Chen has a headache. With his strength, it is too difficult to destroy this foggy forest. It is almost impossible to do it!

“Since they are all my own, then this one is so busy to help.” Jiang Chen secretly thought, and at the same time he became puzzled.

Ji Rumeng and the empress are their own people, the long song and the evil Spirit King Zhong are together again, and the two sides are obviously hostile!

So, what is the relationship between Jiang Chen and Nian Changge?

At this moment, in a short period of time, Jiang Chen thought a lot, but couldn’t understand it!

He knew that many things were hidden from him in the long song, but he really didn’t know what was hidden!

But Jiang Chen has a feeling that with the passage of time, more and more prehistoric powerhouses have appeared, and the layers of the original mystery will soon be revealed!

“If you want to destroy the foggy forest, you must first find the place where the Dragon Vein is.” Jiang Chen came back to his senses and explained: “This is Power of Heaven and Earth Converging Ground, so inevitable There is a Dragon Vein. As long as the Dragon Vein is cut off, the Power of Heaven and Earth will be broken. When the time comes undo seal, it’s easy.”

“Dragon Vein is here.” Ji Rumeng pointed to the lake in front of him, and said: “Just with your strength, can you cut off the Dragon Vein?”

Be aware that many prehistoric powers died here. Their blood essence and divine force dripped here, nurturing Dragon Vein!

Now, the Dragon Vein of the misty forest is as strong as a rock, even if it is taken by the emperor, it is not necessarily broken!

Furthermore, destroying the Dragon Vein is the key to the undo seal, so the person who placed the seal at the beginning will inevitably place heavy restrictions on the Dragon Vein to protect it.

Jiang Chen wants to destroy Dragon Vein, it is really impossible.

But, things have reached this step. If you don’t try it, Jiang Chen will not be reconciled!

“Let me go down and take a look.” Jiang Chen lightly said, and then the divine force became possessed and plunged into the lake.

The lake is very calm, the whole lake is like a pool of stagnant water, and the water never flows.

Jiang Chen dived all the way, until after a long time he passed through a light curtain and then entered an Underground Palace.

All around this palace is forbidden, there is also Formation, and several large Killing Formations are hidden here!

“Formation is heavily restricted, as well as the big Killing Formation…This should be where the Dragon Vein is located.” Jiang Chen lightly said, standing at the entrance of the palace, not daring to walk around.

He stood quietly on the spot, his eyes gleaming brightly, and there were more runes burning all over his body, just like stars.

He is observing the prohibition and formation here!

Until a long time in the past, Jiang Chen stretched out a finger, a formation mark appeared, and then lightly clicked on an unremarkable wall at the entrance of the palace.


In an instant, a tremor rang, and the entrance of the palace was shining brilliantly, and then suddenly annihilated!

After that, Jiang Chen stared wide-eyed, and when he looked towards the palace again, he found that the scenery was completely different from before!

“The entrance to this palace is even set up with a fantasy world!” Jiang Chen has a lingering fear, but fortunately he did not enter rashly. Otherwise, once trapped in the fantasy world, I am afraid it will be difficult to get out!

However, even if the illusion Formation at the entrance of the palace is now cracked, Jiang Chen still dare not enter!

Because he felt that there was an array hidden at the entrance of the palace!

“According to this speed, there will be no three to five years, I am afraid that even the palace gate will not be able to enter!” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, he felt helpless when he felt again.

Just because, at the entrance of this palace, there are hundreds of Formations hidden!

There are many prohibitions, Formation, and even Killing Formation!

These things are all entangled with each other. Once a mistake is made, these Formation Formation and prohibitions will explode!

When the time comes, I am afraid that Transcender will come, and it will all fall here!


Suddenly, Jiang Chen stood upside down all over his body, only because of an extremely cold breath coming from behind!

In silence, not far from Jiang Chen, a dark portal was quietly opened!

After that, I saw rows of creatures wearing ancient and broken Battle Armor walking out of the dark portal, one by one exuding death!

“Undead!?” Jiang Chen was startled, and saw that at the forefront of the row of creatures, a blue light was rising and falling, burning leisurely, as if showing the way for the group of undead!

“Yin Soldier clears the way, no strangers should enter!” Jiang Chen was shocked, he could guess that this was mostly left by the ancient palace!

Just, what exactly are these Yin Soldiers going to do? Where are you going?

“en? What’s the situation?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen saw the group of Yin Soldiers passing through the gate of the palace without incident, and then moved towards the palace. Walk around.

They don’t seem to come for this palace, but they just pass by here!

Under that blue light, the prohibitions like Formation and Formation have all failed!

“Can this…can be mixed in?” Jiang Chen lightly said, using Myriad Transformations Tianzhan to change his own breath, full of death!

After that, he was also bold enough, mixed into a group of Yin Soldiers, stepped slowly, and actually entered the palace without incident!

“What is that lamp?” Jiang Chen was frightened, his heart was hot, and he wished to rush to take the blue lamp into his hands!

But Jiang Chen is still sensible, knowing that these things may be related to the ancient palace, and that blue lantern must have a lot of background!

If you act rashly, it may cause inexplicable disaster!

“en? There is no Formation restriction in it!?”

At this moment, Yin Soldier disappeared, under the shining of the blue light, they passed through a dark portal, It seems that it has never appeared before.

While Jiang Chen stayed in the palace alone, he was surprised to find that there was no Formation, no Formation and prohibition in the entire palace!

But it’s right to think about it carefully. After all, that many Formation has been arranged outside the palace. Even Transcender would not dare to trespass, which is enough to block nine out of ten creatures in the world!

So, there is no need to arrange Formation in this palace.

It’s just a pity, the person who arranged the Formation at the time might not expect that this place turned out to be the road for Yin Soldier in the ancient land.

As a result, Jiang Chen mixed into Yin Soldier and just came in.

“Where is Dragon Vein?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen searched in the palace, but he didn’t see the trace of Dragon Vein at all!

The whole palace is empty, without any decoration, even the most basic tables and chairs have never been owned!

“is it possible that ……Dragon Vein is not here?” Jiang Chen wondered, if this place is not the place where Dragon Vein is, then why set up heavy Formation and prohibitions?

“en? Isn’t that big brother!?”

After more than ten breaths, while Jiang Chen was still looking for Dragon Vein, the array at the entrance of the palace was activated!

Subsequently, Formation Formation and even prohibitions rose one after another. Although Jiang Chen was never attacked, the palace was directly closed!

There is no way out when Danger Land is gone!

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