I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1306

There is no array restriction inside the palace, but the array restriction outside the palace is turned on!

Obviously, this is the array restriction that has sensed that there are creatures in the palace. This is to trap Jiang Chen to death here!

“There must be students!” Jiang Chen lightly said.

All Formation, prohibition, and Formation are actually formed by comprehend Heaven and Earth Grand Dao.

Therefore, these gadgets all pay attention to one truth: Heaven and Earth open the front line, go to the side!

Whether it’s the absolute formation, or the inscrutable restrictions and Formation, it will leave a new life!

It’s just that the students are hard to find, and they are deeply hidden, especially the array Formation like here, so complicated and profound, it is difficult for Jiang Chen to find the students!

But there is no way, now I can only find a freshman, otherwise I simply can’t get out!

However, the palace is empty and empty, and you can see it all at a glance, where is the source of life.

Jiang Chen carefully sensed that there was no energy fluctuation in the entire palace!

“This is a simple palace, nothing…” Jiang Chen complexion is gloomy, he searched the palace again, but found no clues!


Half a day later, Jiang Chen sat down on the ground, really desperate.

Empty, there are no clues, everything in front of you is like an abyss, it is difficult to get out of trouble!

“I knew that, I should have gone with the group of Yin Soldiers just now.” Jiang Chen sighed.

However, he didn’t dare to let Jiang Chen leave with Yin Soldier!

After all, Yin Soldier is too weird. I don’t know where they start and where they end. In case they walk into a Danger Land, Jiang Chen will have to finish it too!

Time slowly passed. After Jiang Chen was decadent on the spot, there was really no way he could do it, so he just started to cultivated.

Anyway, I have nothing to do, and I can’t be decadent forever!

Jiang Chen also wants to understand, here through spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, normal cultivation is possible, the worst plan is to cultivation to Transcender here, when the time comes, force out!

Of course, this is the worst plan!

Time passed, days passed by, no one came to look for Jiang Chen in the palace, and Jiang Chen had been cultivation during this time and did nothing.

Until one day, maybe a month, maybe a year, Jiang Chen’s within the body suddenly shook!

At this moment, Jiang Chen was shocked, his realm had no breakthrough, but the lantern-bearer had changed!

Under this tremor, the original vague lantern-bearer seemed to be condensed a lot, and at the same time an inexplicable breath emerged in Jiang Chen’s in the depth of one’s soul!

This breath is very weird, giving people a feeling of being far and near, like being separated by an endless distance, but also like being close at hand!

Jiang Chen stared at the lantern-bearer, wondering if Myriad Transformations Tianzhan has advanced again, or just the lantern-bearer is transforming.

And now, Jiang Chen doesn’t know if Myriad Transformations and the lantern bearer are one!

“The coordinates are turned on again, the broken Samsara Road, and the dark distance, after all, someone lights up the way home.”

“Someone is beckoning and guiding us back. Go.”

At this moment, in an unknown time and space, rows of creatures are standing in the chaos, their bodies are covered with scars, and there are only people left. The next head, even only one arm is left!

At this moment, they are looking into the distance. At the end of the endless time and space, there is a Dao Void shadow, holding a blue lamp, and beckoning at them!

If Jiang Chen is here, he will find that the illusory shadow is exactly the same as the lantern bearer, and the blue lantern is the Myriad Transformations Celestial Light!

“The eternal overall situation, the design traps me waiting, but who would have thought that I have not waited to die, but still insist!”

“Start today, embark on the way home!”


The rows of creatures roar, and the imposing manner that emanates shakes the sky and the earth, the Void Scripture all around can’t afford this kind of power, it has long been broken!

But when they moved forward, they heard the sound of one after another sliding chain!

Look carefully, these creatures within the body have black chains, which not only trap their fleshy bodies, but also trap their souls!

Part of their power was sealed, their injuries were serious, and they were difficult to move!

Obviously, the road to return is very difficult. They only know the direction, but they don’t know if they can reach the end!

“The light is still there, the shadow is still there, it means that our home is still there! I just hope…you can come back alive with me.”

The leader of this group of creatures sighed , His shackles within the body are more and more cumbersome, but his steps are very relaxed and unaffected at all!

Even, he constantly forced out his own blood essence, healing the creatures behind him!

“The king, we all know in our hearts that those who can return don’t have one tenth.” Someone sighed: “It’s just… we want to see our hometown again.”

“If I can’t hold on and fall on the road, please take my Remnant Soul to my hometown, I…want my soul to return to my homeland!”

Behind them, the voices of those creatures were very vicissitudes and full of exhaustion.

Even they themselves don’t know how long they have been trapped here, perhaps several times, or perhaps after the first battle after Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart, they have been trapped here!

Many people’s consciousness is blurred. If the king had not been protecting them and conceiving them with his own blood essence, these creatures would have long since disappeared!

“You can go back, you can definitely!” The person called the king said resolutely, while moving forward, he forced out the blood essence within the body and nourished the group of creatures behind him.

In this way, they moved towards the illusory shadow and the blue light slowly.

It’s just that this distance is too far, I don’t know when it will come to an end!

At the same time, Jiang Chen was stunned in the same place, with a trance, because at that moment, he seemed to see the group of returning creatures!

For some reason, maybe it was the throbbing in the soul, Jiang Chen’s eyes were full of tears!

He didn’t understand why he was crying, nor did he understand what he saw.

He is guessing, are these people also the so-called ancestors?

But, didn’t all the ancestors return? And these creatures seem to be older and more powerful than those of their ancestors!

“Heaven and Earth opened a line, the life gate was on one side, and finally a fish and a dragon escaped into the dark sky.”

At this moment, the lantern-bearer actually spoke.

But he doesn’t have any consciousness, just repeating such a sentence continuously!

Jiang Chen at first didn’t feel much, but he throbbed!

“Could it be that…in a certain life of mine, I was supposed to be exiled in an unknown time and space like those creatures, but…I escaped?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

If this is the case, then that is the first life of Jiang Chen! ?

“Could it be the first life?!” Jiang Chen lightly said.



After a few more breaths, a dull rays of light bloomed on the lantern bearer, and Myriad Transformations Jiang Chen within the body emerged, the blue light was burning slowly, but the palace was shining brightly, and even illuminating something!

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