I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1307

The blue light flashes rays of light, which seems to be able to break all falsehoods.

Under this faint light, the scenery in the palace has changed.

Jiang Chen was taken aback, because he saw a skinny Elderly staring at him in front of him!

This Elderly is silent, without a trace of vitality, nor a trace of divine force fluctuations.

He is like a ghost!


To be precise, he is more like an illusory thing!

“en? Can you see me?”

At this moment, this Elderly frowned voice is very hoarse and full of vicissitudes of life.

Jiang Chen was taken aback, jumped up and stared at the old man, with divine force rioting on him, staring at him and asking: “Who are you!?”

“didn’ t expect There are still people who can see me, how many times have been trapped here, can’t live, die can’t die.” Elderly sighed, and then there was a hint of excitement in his eyes, and said: “Can you help me! “

Jiang Chen hearing this, froze for a moment, and wondered: “What busy?”

“Can…Kill me?” Elderly said resolutely, in the words With a hint of pleading.

This makes Jiang Chen a little messy, he has never heard such a request!

Please die! ?

“I am the Dragon Vein here. I was refined into a formation eye in prehistoric times. I live or die. I have had enough of this kind of life.” Elderly sighed, her eyes full of vicissitudes and bitterness. Explained slowly.

At the beginning, this place was still an Ancient Battlefield. How many prehistoric powers died here!

And he is Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune, Dragon Vein born from the blood essence of many prehistoric powers!

Originally, he could have a good future. After channeling, he can cultivation and transform until he soars into the sky!

Don’t say you can look around, but you can also dominate one side!

But who could have thought that in the last battle, this place turned into a foggy forest, and he was also refining and forever turned into a formation eye, not alive or dead!

Someone once entered this place, but they simply couldn’t see him.

He is desperate. He has been trapped here for several times, no one communicates with him, and he cannot cultivation. The days are boring and muddleheaded.

Now, someone can finally see him, don’t ask him, just die!

For him, death is the real relief!

“You are the Dragon Vein of the Misty Forest?” Jiang Chen exclaimed, never thinking that the Dragon Vein here would always be in this palace.

At the same time, Jiang Chen understands that the array, Formation and even the prohibition outside the palace are actually not preventing outsiders from coming in, but preventing this Dragon Vein from getting out of trouble!

“Is there a way to save?” Jiang Chen asked.

However, Dragon Vein tells Jiang Chen very clearly that if his fleshy body and soul are still a few times earlier, there may be a way to save him.

But now, he human yet not human, ghost yet not a ghost, turned into a Dao Void, there is nothing in this world that can save him!

Only death is the best choice and the best destination.

“What happened in the first place? Was the battle really that scary?” Jiang Chen asked.

“All Heavens Myriad Realms were almost destroyed. This place is just a battlefield that’s all. The real battlefield is not here.” Dragon Vein said: “Today’s Great Thousand Worlds, huh… …Is just a shattered world that’s all, or…it’s an abandoned world.”

“Hereafter, you simply cannot imagine the vastness of All Heavens Myriad Realms. After all, you are just abandoned People.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his heart throbbed, unable to calm down!

How vast the Great Thousand Worlds is, there is almost no end in sight!

Even the ancestral world belongs to Great Thousand Worlds!

But now, this Dragon Vein actually says that Great Thousand Worlds is a shattered world, an abandoned world! ?

Besides Great Thousand Worlds, is there another world?

That is…All Heavens Myriad Realms! ?

Of course, Jiang Chen is still in the Small World of Ninetowns at the moment, and has no idea what is happening outside.

If he knew that on the edge of the Great Thousand Worlds, the darkness dissipated, the rays of light fluctuated, and when a creature crossed from another world, he might be able to calm down a lot.

“Can you tell me…what happened to Ji Rumeng?” Jiang Chen asked again.

“Changtian War God Ji Rumeng!” Dragon Vein exclaimed at first, and then said with a bitter smile: “No matter how strong she is, she is ultimately no match for them. In the end, she was suppressed. Now that she is here, she may be dead now.”

“She…is not dead yet.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “I entered this place, in fact, I want to find the Dragon Vein, destroy it, and release it. Out of Ji Rumeng!”

“She…didn’t die!?” Dragon Vein exclaimed again, seeming surprised!

No one knows better than him how powerful the array and prohibitions are, and no one knows better than him how terrible the seal on Ji Rumeng is!

After all, he is Dragon Vein, and everything here is made by him!

He is unimaginable, how strong Ji Rumeng is, and lived to this life under the seal!

“When I die, she can live.” Dragon Vein said: “After today, the foggy forest does not exist, and the long day War God is born!”

Jiang Chen listened For a moment, after a long delay, he continued to ask: “What about the evil Spirit King clock? What’s going on?”

As soon as these words came out, Dragon Vein’s expression was obviously Gloomy down!

The reason Jiang Chen asks this is because he feels that reading the long song is a bit wrong!

Nanlong Song and the evil Spirit King Zhong are together, and obviously they are enemies with Ji Rumeng.

Ke Ji Rumeng is an old friend of the Empress, and the Empress and Jiang Chen are inextricably linked, and the two should not be considered enemies.

In this way, the relationship between Jiang Chen and Nianlongge…what is it?

Is it an enemy or a friend?

“The evil Spirit King bell is a weapon that the group of people sacrificed together. At the beginning, many people were killed, and the reason why this World was broken has a lot to do with the evil Spirit King bell!”

“However, the evil Spirit King clock was shattered at the beginning, and it should be destroyed.” Dragon Vein said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, smiled bitterly, and said: “Ji Rumeng is still alive, and the evil Spirit King bell is still there, and…has been out of trouble and left the misty forest.”


At this moment, Dragon Vein expression changed drastically, grabbing Jiang Chen’s shoulder, staring and asking: “Evil Spirit King Zhong is out of trouble!?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen nodded and said. From Dragon Vein’s expression, he could guess how serious the evil spirit King Zhong got out of.

But what about this?

Jiang Chen is not the opponent of the evil Spirit King clock, and he could not prevent him from getting out of the trap before.

Furthermore, the evil Spirit King clock has something to do with chanting long songs. Based on this, even if Jiang Chen can suppress the evil Spirit King clock, he still has to figure out what is going on.

“The evil Spirit King is out of trouble, the gate of the three Yin worlds is opened…” Dragon Vein knows a lot, and looked towards Jiang Chen excitedly, saying: “After you go out, must go to the top of the sky, must Light up the ancient lanterns there!”

“The top of the sky? The ancient lanterns?” Jiang Chen was puzzled. He didn’t remember the memories of previous lives. He looked confused at the moment. .

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