I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1309

Ji Rumeng is gone, Jiang Chen has nowhere to go with Tianxue, and there is no trace of Emperor San and the others.

At the same time, Jiang Chen is also worried. If the evil Spirit King Zhong really kills in the Nine Towns Small World, then what will happen to the long song and the others who left with the evil Spirit King Zhong? ?

Will the evil Spirit King also be suppressed and killed? !

“It shouldn’t be something to read the long song, but the emperor and the others don’t know.” Jiang Chen said solemnly, his thoughts were a little confused.

He doesn’t know whether he should believe in a long song!

The teenager who met him at Atheus Continent seems to have changed a lot now!

However, Jiang Chen still hopes that no matter where he goes, he will chant the long song with him.

“I’ll send you out.” Jiang Chen looked towards Tianxue, lightly said: “Ninetowns Small World is getting chaotic, here is the world’s arrogant, and now there is another evil Spirit King Zhong, this place is already very dangerous.”

However, Tianxue shook her head directly, she didn’t want to leave like this!

“Don’t kill Celestial Court Holy Son, I will never leave!” Tianxue said solemnly.

Before, if it weren’t for Emperor San, she would definitely be killed by Celestial Court Holy Son!

But even so, she almost died!

Tianxue is the descendant of the empress, and its bloodline flows within the body!

Although she is not a descendant of the female emperor, as a member of the “female emperor” clan, how can she suffer such “humiliation” and not report it!

“Find a city first and inquire about the news.” Jiang Chen said, and did not insist on letting Tianxue leave.

Next, the two went together and finally found an ancient city after half a day.

Ancient city is magnificent, but it is also filled with vicissitudes of life.

The city wall is covered with dark blood, there are also nicks of swords, and even one after another palm print but fist print!

Obviously, this city also experienced the baptism of war a long time ago!

“The Seventh City…This is the city that the Emperor San previously held.” Jiang Chen looked at the large characters on the ancient city plaque, eyebrows slightly frowned.

At the beginning, Emperor San was conspired to sneak attack and fled after the defeat. So logically speaking, the current owner of this seventh city should be a person from Celestial Court, or a person from the True Heaven clan.

“If you enter rashly…I am afraid it will be very dangerous.” Jiang Chen lightly said, hesitated for a while, whether he should enter or not.

At this moment, Tianxue’s expression condensed, and the asura baleful qi appeared on his body, and there was a gloomy rays of light in the depths of his pupils!

“Inside…no one.” Tianxue said solemnly: “no! Not nobody, but…all dead!”

Tianxue’s Dao Soul is Asura Road Soul, even more advanced to the Ten Evil Chief!

She is very sensitive to blood and vitality!

At this moment, she perceives that the seventh city is full of blood, and there is endless death entanglement!

This seventh city is like a Blood Purgatory!

“All dead?” Jiang Chen lightly said, after observing all around, he approached the Seventh City cautiously.

After that, he rose in the air, standing in the air overlooking the seventh city.

From this look, Jiang Chen’s face suddenly changed!

Wherever my eyes pass, there are dark red blood everywhere, and corpses everywhere!

Stumps and broken arms, there are dead bodies!

“The evil Spirit King Zhong slaughtered this place!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

In the entire Seventh City, it is roughly estimated that there are thousands of people, and the cultivation base of these people is not low, and a few have reached the upper emperor!

But these people are all dead, and the Essence, Qi, and Spirit within the body are sucked away!

“After absorbing so many Essence, Qi, and Spirit, the evil Spirit King Zhong’s current strength will not be restored to Peak, right?” Tianxue worriedly said: “If so… then Ji Ru Isn’t it dangerous to dream of Senior?”

“What is the danger of her It shouldn’t be? After all, the strength lies.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Now…we should consider our own safety. !”

As soon as these words came out, Tianxue couldn’t help being stunned, and said in doubt: “Our own safety? What do you mean?”

“The evil Spirit King Zhong slaughtered like this… No more concealing anything. If he is really hostile to Ji Rumeng, then once we meet the evil Spirit King…” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “It’s hard to tell!”

” Reading the long song… won’t you be lying?” Tianxue reacted quickly, and immediately thought of the point of reading the long song!

Jiang Chen hearing this, waved his hand, and said: “Before you know the truth, don’t say it!”

Immediately, Jiang Chen entered the seventh city and was in a pile Search inside the corpse, hoping to find any clues.

5 minutes later, when Jiang Chen turned a dead body over, the expression suddenly changed!

Because there is a lotus mark on the chest of this dead corpse!

This lotus imprint is very special, there are many lotus leaves, carefully count them, no more, no less, just seventy two!

“Read the long song…You…are you really on the side of the evil Spirit King clock?” Jiang Chen’s mood is very unstable, he can’t believe it, there is a long thought on this dead body. The means of attack left by the song!

So, does this mean that the long song is really in the same group as the evil Spirit King? !

So many people died in the entire Seventh City, did you participate in the long song? ?

“If this is the case… Then… several great virtues…”

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to continue thinking about it!

You must know that these great virtues are not ordinary creatures. Several great ancestors, plus sword dao flowers and immortal medicine, these few within the body of Essence, Qi, and Spirit are not Same as usual!

If the evil Spirit King really needs Essence, Qi, and Spirit, then the Essence, Qi, and Spirit of several great virtues are definitely his best choice!

“The sky is enlightened, the earth is lost, the spirit is the line, the wind opens the way!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen did not dare to hesitate anymore, both hands forming seals, forbidden technique was used !



A roar sounded, divine force surging, and turned into a landscape painting in front of Jiang Chen!

In the painting, he saw the evil Spirit King Zhong He Nian Long Song, and also saw Emperor San and several great virtues!

They have indeed been here, but what is puzzling is that after the evil Spirit King and the others came here, they did not stay at all, but just left!

In the screen, the evil Spirit King clock did not slaughter any creatures!

“This is a forbidden technique that goes back to the past. You can see what happened here before!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “Evil Spirit King clock…no slaughter!”

“This…what the hell is going on?” Tianxue also looked dazed.

If the evil Spirit King Zhong didn’t slaughter the creatures, then who did the dead bodies outside the misty forest and the thousands of dead bodies in this seventh city? ?

“Could it be…someone else!?” Jiang Chen lightly said, performing the forbidden technique again, seeing the evil Spirit King clock and the others leaving and letting go.

But Jiang Chen didn’t chase it down. He continued to look back to the past, wanting to see who slaughtered this place!

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the picture in front of you finally changed!

A scarlet cloud fell in the sky above the seventh city, and at the same time a silhouette slowly fell from the cloud!

When Jiang Chen saw this person’s face, the whole person seemed to be struck by a thunderbolt, and he was in shock and could not move!

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