I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1310

Jiang Chen was stunned. He couldn’t believe that he would be the one who slaughtered the creatures in the Small World of Ninetowns!

“This…is you?” Tianxue was also shocked, staring at the person in the picture blankly, with disbelief in her eyes!

In the picture, the creature that fell from the clouds, looks exactly the same as Jiang Chen!

It’s just that this person is exuding scarlet brilliance, even the eyes and pupils are scarlet!

He descended in the Seventh City, a piece of blood mist fell, and no matter who he went, he had no power to resist!

“This guy…isn’t it me?” Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. He stared at this person, but the more he looked, the more he looked!

But at that time, Jiang Chen was in the foggy forest, how could he come out to slaughter people! ?

“Someone is setting up you?” Tianxue said solemnly: “This may be a conspiracy, a conspiracy against you.”

“Really?” Jiang Chen frowned. His mind was turning quickly, but he didn’t expect who would frame him!

is it possible that is Celestial Court?

You can act like Celestial Court. You can either be assassinated by sneak attack behind the scenes, or you can just go straight to the door and just face it. How can you do it so hard?

even more how, in this seventh city, Celestial Court people also died here!

“Celestial Court shouldn’t do it.” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t know who did it for a while!

“Go to Di San and the others first, maybe they know what’s going on.” Jiang Chen said.

Immediately, the two got up and chased them down the road.

However, when they came to the Sixth City, they found that the Sixth City was also slaughtered!

Moreover, there are more creatures slaughtered here, tens of thousands!

“Not long after he died.” Jiang Chen entered the city and found that many corpses still had warmth. The power of the corpses within the body was never silent!

“Did that person also do it?” Tianxue asked.

Jiang Chen shook his head, not knowing who did it, so he could only perform the forbidden technique again.

However, this time forbidden technique failed to perform successfully, there was an invisible force that broke the forbidden technique away, concealing the breath of a side world!

This made Jiang Chen very shocked. Who on earth has such a method, even the force of the forbidden technique can disperse it! ?

Moreover, the rules and order of this a side World seem to have been changed, and it seems to be turned into nothingness!

“Ninetowns Small World has special rules and order, and people beyond the emperor’s cultivation base cannot enter.” Jiang Chen doubted: “So… in Ninetowns Small World, the highest cultivation base is also It’s just a half-step extraordinary!”

“And a half-step extraordinary, how could it be possible to slaughter so many creatures!?”

Jiang Chen is more ridiculous the more he thinks, even if it’s a half-step beyond the ordinary Extraordinary, and there is no such ability to slaughter so many people!

“Is it a creature like Ji Rumeng and Evil Spirit King Zhong?” Tianxue asked.

Be aware that the evil Spirit King Zhong and Ji Rumeng have always been trapped in the Small World of Nine Towns, so they are not bound by the order and laws of this place!

However, Ji Rumeng just got out of trouble, and the evil Spirit King Zhong was also with Nian Changge and the others. Through the forbidden technique, we also saw that the creatures in the seventh city were not killed by the evil Spirit King Zhong. !

So, who the hell is it! ?

What is the identity of the man in the forbidden technique?

“Keep chasing!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “I’m afraid this is going to be a big trouble!”

Then the two got up and moved towards the fifth city. go with!


“Jiang Chen, the demon, this is going to slaughter the entire Ninetowns of Small World!”



However, before the two of Jiang Chen arrived in the fifth city, they heard one after another screams and exclamations from a distance.

Jiang Chen froze for a moment, and saw several people flying towards him, covered in blood, and the Essence, Qi, and Spirit within the body were less than one-tenth!

Their bones have lost their brilliance, their blood seems to be frozen, and their young bodies now look like dying people.

“You…Jiang Chen!?”

“Are you not willing to let us live?!”


After a few breaths, these people also saw Jiang Chen, all of them turned pale and screamed again and again.

“I have never slaughtered anyone.” Jiang Chen frowns saying: “What happened before?”

As soon as these words came out, these people reacted. After all, Jiang Chen The breath on his body was very calm, without a trace of blood.

“There is a person who looks exactly like you in Fifth City. He is slaughtering the entire Fifth City. No one can stop!”

“Too terrifying! Just shot Thousands of people died, they were all sucked up Essence, Qi, and Spirit, and even their souls were swallowed!”


These people said, One side moved towards and ran away.

Jiang Chen and Tianxue hearing this, after looking at each other, they plan to visit the Fifth City.

When the two arrived in the fifth city, the blood-reeking qi rushed into the sky, and the screams resounded everywhere!

Look carefully, the entire Fifth City is covered by a layer of blood. Continuously Essence, Qi, and Spirit rise from the Fifth City, and then enter the fifth city. The creatures in the sky within the body!

“Who the hell are you!?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen burst out angrily, staring at the man who looked exactly like him, cold glow flashing in his eyes.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t do anything. He knew his strength and the horror of the opponent!

In this question, Jiang Chen just wants to figure out the truth that’s all!

“Oh? The Lord is here.”

At this moment, the man looked surprised. After looking up and down Jiang Chen, he joked: “I am you. It’s just… I’m not named Jiang Chen, I’m Tianzong.”

“Tianzong?” Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, and then he thought of something, cry out in surprise: “You are my ex A fleshy body of a few lifetimes!?”

“It seems that you are not stupid.” Tianzong lightly said with a smile: “I thought I would spend my life muddleheaded until I was fused by you, but who I can think that God is not bad to me, he has given me spiritual wisdom and made me psychic.”

“Now…maybe I am the Lord, and you…are just my foil that’s all. “Tianzong said.

The voice fell, I saw him moved towards Jiang Chen coming, each step fell, the void was shaking, order and law collapsed under his feet!

He is too strong. Ignoring the rules and order of this place, he actually came to Ninetowns Small World with the cultivation base of Transcender!

Jiang Chen’s body is tense, a Formation rises below his feet, and the Transmission Array is already ready!

However, before Jiang Chen urged Transmission Array, Tianzong flicked his fingers and Formation was shaken away!

Immediately he came to Jiang Chen’s body, faint smiled and asked: “Are you afraid?”

“You are not afraid of you?” Jiang Chen did not feel ashamed , After all, if the other party wants to kill him, he simply has no room to resist!

“Oh, this is not like you.” Tianzong said contemptuously: “The previous lives did not say that you were invincible, but it was also able to move unhindered in the whole world, without fear of life and death. And this life… You have really changed a lot.”

“So what?” Jiang Chen asked, staring at him, from the body of Tianzong, there is no trace of hostility and murderous aura!

This means… Tianzong doesn’t want to kill him! ?

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