I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1312

Jiang Chen doesn’t know what to do at this moment. He also knows that Tianzong’s troubles must be caused by him.

Jiang Chen felt a pain in his brain when he thought of those peerless arrogances in the Small World of Nine Towns.

“Find a place to get more, what else can I do.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Jiang Chen is not stupid. If the people of Ninetowns Small World join hands to deal with him, he will definitely die!

The most urgent task now is to find a place to hide, then inquire about the news, and finally to clarify.

Of course, whether it can be clarified clearly, it is not necessarily.

After that, Jiang Chen and Tianxue left, not daring to stay in the city, and came to a remote and desolate area.

There are dry hills everywhere here, without a single tree or a single weed, a patch of bare.

After Jiang Chen set up Formation here, he fell silent and sat aside.

Tian Xue was sitting next to Jiang Chen, frowning as if she was worried.

It wasn’t until a long time later that Jiang Chen spoke slowly and sighed: “If this matter cannot be clarified, then…I am basically the enemy of the world.”

“Well, that many people died, including the Peak dísciple of Great Influence, and even Holy Son.” Tianxue nodded and said: “If this matter spreads out, this Great Thousand Worlds has no place for you.”

“Tianzong this guy… psychic is psychic, why is it so cruel, is it just to break the bond between me and him?” Jiang Chen questioned.

Jiang Chen is the body, and Tianzong is the fleshy body of his previous lives. The bond between the two does exist.

But, in order to cut this fetter, is it necessary to slaughter that many innocent creatures?

“Perhaps there is a hidden secret in it.” Tianxue said lightly.

Speaking of this, a dignified meaning flashed in Tianxue’s eyes, saying: “Rumeng Senior has gone to suppress the evil Spirit King bell. According to her strength, she should have returned long ago.”

“You mean…Ji Rumeng had an accident?” Jiang Chen looked stunned.

You need to know how strong Ji Rumeng is. When the state is not Peak, he is a half-celestial cultivation base!

Jiang Chen seriously doubted that when Ji Rumeng’s state was restored to Peak, whether her strength had reached the True Immortal level! ?


At this moment, a message flashed in Jiang Chen’s mind. It was someone who was sound transmission with him thousands of miles away from an endless distance!

“Who?” Jiang Chen frowned.

The premise of knowing Qianli sound transmission is that both parties must know the clear location of the other party!

But now, besides Tianxue, who else knows that he is here?

“It’s me.”

In my mind, the voice became clearer, and it was the voice of long songs!

He told Jiang Chen that he must leave Ninetowns Small World quickly!

Because, many peerless talents of Ninetowns Small World have joined forces and are looking for him everywhere!

“I have hidden.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “How did you find me? Seventy two lotus Divine Ability?”

“Well, I can Perceive your location.” Read the long song sound transmission and said: “It’s not good for me to stay in Ninetowns Small World with the evil Spirit King clock. I will leave first, and you will be careful.”

“By the way…what is the relationship between you and the evil Spirit King?” Jiang Chen asked.

However, chanting the long song no longer sound transmission, seems to have encountered something urgent, has left.

This makes Jiang Chen a little speechless, and he still doesn’t know exactly what the long song is.

is it possible that, in the end he will stand on the opposite side of Nian Changge?

“Let’s go, get out of here first, at least there will be someone who can help me outside.” Jiang Chen sighed.

Tianxue hearing this, reluctantly ordered nodded.

She didn’t want to leave like this, she still wanted to seek revenge from Celestial Court Holy Son!

But now she also understands that staying here is too dangerous for Jiang Chen!

Finally, the two of them changed their faces, covered their breath, and flew towards the exit direction.

However, when the two came to the exit, they saw a great war breaking out here!

Look carefully, Di San stood with a few great virtues, and two teenagers stood opposite them.

One of them is familiar to everyone, it is the Holy Son of Celestial Court!

Look at the imposing manner fluctuations exuding from his body, the Celestial Court Holy Son this time is not Avatar, but the body!

As for the other one, Jiang Chen doesn’t know each other anymore, but Tianxue seems to have seen each other, and bluntly said: “Holy Son, Mayu!”

“Oh? Two famous peerless Tianjiao joined forces?” Jiang Chen surprisedly said.

You should know that as a peerless arrogance, you will have your own arrogance. Under normal circumstances, no one wants to join hands.

But now, these two guys…

“Disan, hand over the Imperial Jade Seal of the sky!”

“The Imperial Jade Seal of the sky can be You can’t control it!”

Celestial Court Holy Son and Ma Yu have cold faces, and their purpose is very clear, that is, for the Imperial Jade Seal of the Imperial Jade Seal.

However, Di San directly shook his head and said: “The Imperial Jade Seal of the sky is not on me!”

“Do you really think we are a fool? I have false eyes, long ago The Imperial Jade Seal that sees through the sky is on you!” Ma Yu coldly said: “Hand it over! Otherwise you will definitely die today!”

“The Imperial Jade Seal of the sky, but the key to unlock the top of the sky, You know how precious it is, these things can only be controlled by my Celestial Court!” Celestial Court Holy Son coldly said: “Hand it over!”

Emperor San is hearing this, and the cold glow flashes in his eyes, since The other party knows, then there is no need to continue to install it!

Furthermore, if he really fought, he would still be afraid of Celestial Court Holy Son and Maya! ?

They are all peerless arrogances, if you are singled out, the emperor is not weaker than them!

even more how, there are still a few great virtues around!

However, at this time, the unreliable characteristics of several great virtues are revealed.

I saw a few great virtues glance at each other, and then moved towards the rear, especially Huang Dade still yelled: “The Imperial Jade Seal of the sky is for you, it has nothing to do with us! We and the emperor I don’t know the three!”




Now, let’s say It’s Di San, even Celestial Court Holy Son and Zhen Yu are confused.

This…I’m selling my teammates clearly! ?

Di San was almost never bleeding!

Jiang Chen watched from a distance, and when he saw this scene, he was also embarrassed.

None of these great virtues are reliable!

And Jiang Chen is also wondering whether this unreliable thing is contagious!

How long has it passed since Yao Da De and Jian Da De were crooked by several other great virtues?

“Be reasonable, those great virtues are really not good things.” Tianxue whispered.

Speaking, Tianxue directly removed his disguise and revealed his imposing manner, and then the silhouette resembled a white light, and came to the side of Emperor San in a flash.

Immediately, she stared at Celestial Court Holy Son, raised her eyebrows, and her horrible murderous aura broke out, coldly said: “This account between you and me should be forgotten! “

“Oh? Is it you?” Celestial Court Holy Son was taken aback for a moment, then contemptuously said: “A trifling women, dare to ask me to settle the account?”

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