I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1314

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to look at the current appearance of Emperor San. It was so miserable that even his soul was almost destroyed!

This is still the Emperor San is strong enough, otherwise, if you are an ordinary person, can you withstand the joint attack of several great virtues!

It is estimated that Transcender is here, and if you insist on it, it is estimated that it will be degraded!

“Look at what your group of boys did! You go!” Di San exploded, half of his soul came to Jiang Chen’s side, obviously he didn’t want to fight anymore.

Of course, he can’t do anything now.

Jiang Chen hearing this, smiled bitterly, and said: “Okay, I’ll go.”

No way, who made the great virtues be Jiang Chen’s younger brother, the younger brother committed If it is wrong, it’s not bad if people don’t pursue it.

Now, to help Di San go to fight Ma Yu, Jiang Chen can’t refuse.

“It’s you!?”

Ma Yu, with a face of contempt, directly rushed up and punched moved towards Jiang Chen and fell!

Jiang Chen divine force is surging, three Dao Souls come out together, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow flickers on his body!

At this moment, I saw Jiang Chen thrust out with a punch, the purple-golden vines entwined above the fist, the inextinguishable fire of scarlet gold was burning, and there were strands of cyan-gray color lights. Beating!

Under a punch, it collided with Zhenyu’s fist. Under a burst of noise, one after another bright radiance broke out between the two, and there was a burst of resounding through Heaven and Earth. !




At this moment, Jiang Chen and Zhenyu have a big expression Change, feel the tingling from the fist, at the same time the fleshy bodies of the two have cracks, blood overflowing!

True feather didn’t expect, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, battle strength is so strong, he can beat him hard without falling!

As for Jiang Chen, he was even more horrified. The punch just now used his full strength, and he couldn’t suppress the opponent!

“Your Interesting is enough to make me serious!” Ma Yu coldly said, with a pair of purple wings spread out behind him, and his imposing manner skyrocketed in an instant!

Spreads of light and rain fell all over his body, like a feathered fairy, and a bright sun rose above his head!

His breath changed, like a god, standing on a high place, overlooking Jiang Chen.

“Seriously? You are afraid that you have never seen me serious.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the lantern bearer possessed his body, like a dark shadow blessing him!

A blue lamp floats above his head, one after another sword glow turns upside down beside him!




At this moment, the two of them roared out, like Dragon Phoenix collided and shook together in the air!



Next, I saw the two people punching out their fists continuously, all the magical skills were displayed, and the Dao skills broke out one after another. !

These two people are very vigorous, attacking with all their strength, simply regardless of life and death!

“Really strong, that guy!” Di San was shocked when he looked from a distance, didn’t expect God Venerable Realm’s Jiang Chen, unexpectedly has such battle strength.

“I am not weaker than him.” Mu Xingyun said lightly.

When these words came out, Emperor San had to admit that Mu Xingyun was powerful.

This guy is the Major Perfection of Technique of Assassination cultivation, even the cultivator of the same realm, when facing Mu Xingyun, he must be somewhat afraid.


Suddenly, there was a muffled noise, and Tianxue cut off the head of Celestial Court Holy Son with a single knife, and then cut it out with three swords and six swords. , Actually wiped out the soul of Celestial Court Holy Son!

“This…is really dead!?”

“This little girl is too strong, right?!”


Mu Xingyun and Di San are moved. They know that Jiang Chen is very strong, but if it doesn’t work, Tianxue will be so strong too!

That’s no ordinary person, it’s the real Holy Son of Celestial Court!

In this world, how many people of the same generation can be his opponents! ?

He should have scorned his generation, even surpassed his ancestors!

But now, it’s so dead!

“After all, it’s not as good as that.” Tianxue lightly said, retracting Dao Soul, and then looked calmly towards Jiang Chen’s battle with True Feather Sword.

However, before she waited for long to watch, several great virtues suddenly rushed out of the void, one by one, the divine force broke out, and Magical Powers used it to drown the feathers!

“You don’t speak martial arts!” Zhenyu roared, while speaking, Huang Dade’s paw hit her cheek, and her entire face was scratched!

Then, Bird Dade and Long Dade went up together, pressed down with a punch and a palm, and shattered Zhenyu’s fleshy body in a few breaths!

Finally, the sword master One Sword Shrouding the Sky cut out, splitting the true feather power, and even the soul was destroyed!

“I said…it was so easy to have a fun battle, did you just intervene in this way?” Jiang Chen said irritably, feeling very aggrieved.

I was thinking of a battle with this generation’s peerless arrogance, by the way, to verify my strength, I never thought that these great virtues really do not speak martial virtues!

They are more guilty than anyone in the frontal battle, and it is really better to put a black hand behind them!

“I said…you two, don’t be taken crooked.” Jiang Chen looked towards Jian Dade and Yao Dade, it was also a headache.

“We are just taking action!”

“Yes! We can’t watch the boss being bullied!”

Jian Dade and Yao Da De said in deadly earnest.

As soon as Jiang Chen heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched for a while, secretly thought these two great virtues were not saved, they had been taken crooked.

“Boss, you weren’t the one who slaughtered the creatures not long ago?”

At this moment, Long Dade asked. They also saw the Tianzong before, and they were shocked. .

“It’s not me, it’s a fleshy body of my previous lives.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen’s expression suddenly changed, saying solemnly: “It’s too late!”

“What do you mean?”


Several people are puzzled and don’t understand what Jiang Chen means.

But, after a few breaths, they will understand!

“He is here!”

“Jiang Chen! You slaughtered that many creatures, and made too many slaughters, heaven is intolerable!”

“You deceive People are too victorious, how many souls have been slaughtered, today I will wait to punish you!”


At this moment, the void of all around splits, and thousands of creatures appear, one All the verbal criticisms and penalties, and at the same time, the formations continued to fall, blocking the Jiang Chen entire group!

“Jiang Chen, don’t say you can’t live without here today, even if you can leave, there will be no place for you in the outside world!”

“You are too cruel! You must die today! “

As time goes by, more and more people all around, and the cultivation base is very high, they are all leaders of the younger generation!

Jiang Chen felt guilty in his heart, he wanted to explain, but there were too many people all around, one person said non-stop, he didn’t even have a chance to interrupt!

“My boss said, that person is not him!” Long Dade a dragon roar shook the sky, and this was the first sentence.

However, no one paid attention to him at the moment, and everyone around was blushing!

“You guys go! Don’t be injured by mistake!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “So many people, one drop of divine force is enough to suppress and kill me!”

” Boss! Let’s go together!” Long Dade said seriously.

However, when he said this, he had already torn the void, took a few other great virtues into it, and disappeared in an instant…

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