I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1317

Does the heavens really exist?

Where is it and why many things involve the heavens.

Jiang Chen didn’t understand, he couldn’t figure it out, he didn’t have a complete memory, and he just heard it for a moment.

He was also quite shocked, because he only now knew that Demon Sovereign and Human Sovereign came from the heavens!

Can it be said that after they descended from the heavens, one became the Lord of Demon Realm and the other became the emperor of the human world?

So, if Jiang Chen is also from the heavens, why did he come to this World?

“You are the dísciple of Demon Sovereign, and for one lifetime I was your Senior Brother.” Jiang Chen frowned: “So…Is your position the same or relative?”

Reading the long song hearing this, with a wry smile, he told Jiang Chen that all he did was to follow the meaning of Demon Sovereign that’s all.

“Follow the meaning of Demon Sovereign?” Jiang Chen frowned, and said: “Human Sovereign and Demon Sovereign are united front, that is to say… Human Sovereign also wants the powerhouse of the Yin Three Realms to come here? This What is it for?”

“I don’t know, I just need to do it.” He chanted the long song shook the head, and he really didn’t know why the people from the Yin Three Realms came.

And this time, he just came to remind Jiang Chen, don’t trust anyone!

Especially Ji Rumeng and the Empress, if these two women are half true half false, don’t believe it all!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is already a little messy, he doesn’t know who to trust.

But there is one thing Jiang Chen knows very well in his heart, that is, he came to the ancestral realm in the first place, and he has protected the ancestral realm for several lifetimes!

So, no matter what, no matter who you believe, Jiang Chen will definitely keep the ancestral world!

As for the battle in the Three Realms of Yin and Yang, Jiang Chen has no control over it, and currently does not have the strength to manage it.

“If one day, you and I really become enemies, what will you do?” Jiang Chen stared at Nian Changge and asked.

Reading the long song froze for a while, it seems that didn’t expect Jiang Chen to ask so directly.

He stayed silent, and after a few breaths, said with a bitter smile: “Then fight.”

“I hope there won’t be that day.” Jiang Chen sighed.

In the end, the long song and the evil Spirit King Zhong left, Jiang Chen did not tell the Empress and Ji Rumeng about this.

Just because Jiang Chen himself felt that Ji Rumeng and the empress had too many secrets, just as Nian Changge said, the words of the empress and Ji Rumeng cannot be trusted!

“Transcender is not here, this Great Thousand Worlds……” Jiang Chen lightly said, his eyes are shining brightly, knowing that his opportunity is here!

On this day, Jiang Chen went to many places, and even released news on the black market, summoning Jiang Liu and the others to join the Heavenspan Garden!

At the same time, Great Influence is also acting secretly.

The previously hostile forces have reconciled at this moment, and even more alliances, because they also feel the seriousness of the matter!

The leading troops of the Three Realms of Yang have already arrived. If the Transcenders of Great Thousand Worlds can’t stop them, then Great Thousand Worlds is about to change the owner!

For their own inheritance considerations, many forces have to join forces, hoping to obtain a glimmer of survival in the coming troubled times.

“What kind of world is this!? The age of dark blood is about to begin, and the forerunners of the Three Realms of Yang are also coming. Has Great Thousand Worlds come to an end?!”

” Too terrifying! Maybe after this era, Great Thousand Worlds will cease to exist!”


The creatures of Great Thousand Worlds are trembling, even if they have lived for countless years The powerhouse is also terrified.

They seem to have seen Great Thousand Worlds in the days to come, darkness and blood enveloped everything!

“Are you all gone? Did you even leave the dean?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen returned to Heavenspan Court. When he saw the empty mountainside, he couldn’t help but sigh .

Hongyun is gone, and the dean also passed away. Now the person in charge of the Heavenspan Garden is just an emperor that’s all.

Jiang Chen doesn’t know if they will come back, but hopes to see them again.

Sitting silently at the gate of Heavenspan Court, I did not know what he thought, waiting quietly.

One day later, a young man tore out from the void, the radiance of scarlet gold all over his body flickered like divine light, and the blood energy within the body rushed into the sky, tearing the sky apart!


The young man rushed to Jiang Chen’s side with a look of excitement, and came a fiercely bear hug!

“Boy, my strength has risen a lot.” Jiang Chen looked at Jiang Liu and knew that this guy would definitely be the first to arrive.

After all, this is his closest brother in this life!

Jiang Chen dare to believe in one thing, people in this world may betray him, but Jiang Liu will definitely not!

“Master, you finally miss us.”


After another long time, Bai Fengyu, Nalan Meier, and Hua Lianyi also came.

This surprised Jiang Chen. How did these three guys come together, secretly thought?

And, looking at their appearance, they seem to get along very harmoniously…

“Master, miss me?”

Hua Lianyi walked to Jiang By Chen’s side, his hands are around Jiang Chen’s neck, his pretty face is slightly red, and his eyes are shy.

Be aware that Hua Lianyi is the only one among these dísciples who has had a relationship with Jiang Chen.

“Come down, so many people are watching.” Jiang Chen said resolutely, but this time he didn’t push Hua Ripple away.

This time, Bai Fengyu and Nalan Meier are not happy!

Bai Fengyu is the eldest apprentice of Jiang Chen, and Nalan Meier is the second apprentice. It turned out to be a good one, and was preempted by the three disciplines of Hua Lianyi!

At this moment, these two people did not pretend, they rushed over and hugged Jiang Chen from left to right.

Jiang Chen looked embarrassed, but did not let go, just because he had a lot of emotion in his heart.

“Perhaps…this is life.” Jiang Chen said with emotion.

“Scumbag! Why did I worship you as a teacher in the first place!?”

At this moment, the nine worlds are also coming, standing next to the cold taunted, but now she When I looked towards Jiang Chen, there was no anger or killing intent in my eyes.

She has already remembered, Jiang Chen saved her life!


“Here we are!”


Another 5 minutes passed, a few great virtues All came, including the sword and medicine who just joined the Great Family.

Now, outside the gate of Heavenspan Garden, it seems very lively!

The dísciple in the Heavenspan Garden also came over. When they saw the Jiang Chen entire group, some people had disgust and contempt in their eyes. After all, in their eyes, the creatures from the six realms are all Lower creatures!

But some people’s eyes flashed with horror, because the imposing manner from Jiang Chen entire group is too powerful!

In the era without Transcender, the group of Jiang Chen can be called the Peak battle strength of this World!


At this moment, a long roar that shook the sky came from a distance, and then a cold air erupted, like a glacier covering this world !

At the same time, a young man stepped into the air, and the void shook where he passed, like a god of ice and snow descended!

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