I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1318

This person is too strong. Although it is only the cultivation base of the lower emperor, the imposing manner it emits is really terrifying!

Even Jiang Chen was stunned for a long time, seeming to dare to believe what he saw!

“Xiao Qingyi?”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen reacted with a look of surprise.

Not long ago, Gu Ling was born, invaded Xiao Qingyi’s body, and escaped!

At that time, Jiang Chen felt that it would be difficult to see Xiao Qingyi again in his life.

After all, Gu Ling is too powerful, even a half immortal can hardly destroy it!

But now, who would have thought that Xiao Qingyi was back!

“Are you… okay?” Jiang Chen asked worriedly.

“A blessing in disguise.” Xiao Qingyi said with a smile: “The ancient spirit wanted to swallow me and occupy my fleshy body, but he didn’t expect me to major in the undead, the soul has long been turned into a withered soul , He is hard to swallow!”

“And then? Where is Gulin?” Jiang Chen said in amazement.

“Then? Then I was slowly grinding to death.” Xiao Qingyi said: “His power essence is now mine!”

After all, Xiao Qingyi raised his hand and waved, and an extremely terrifying force erupted, and the principles of Between Heaven and Earth were trembling!

“Just come back.” Jiang Chen lightly said, naturally very happy.

However, Jiang Chen soon felt a trace of sadness in his heart.

Because he knew that a group of people at the time, since they entered Great Thousand Worlds, they have been impossible and they have survived.

After all, there are so few people, maybe they won’t see them in the future!

It’s just that Jiang Chen never said it. He knew in his heart that there is no need to talk about some sadness.

“Is it all here?”

Half a day later, a piece of purple light flickered in the sky, just like East-Rising Purple Qi, and a domineering spread, shattering the sky !

“If the kid is here!”

“This guy… can be regarded as the number one player under the boss!”


Many people have weird expressions, but they are very clear about Ruo Xiao’s strength!

If the overlord is small, the only person who is convinced in this life may be Jiang Chen!

“Oh? It seems that you guys are all good friends.” After Ruo Xiao came here, he really had a feeling of being square.

Even when he faced Xiao Qingyi, there was no shock in his eyes.

After all, he is really too strong, even more domineering, and never convinced anyone!

However, when he looked towards Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help but bowed his head slightly, and shouted respectfully: “Boss.”

Not waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, but a small face Yi Hei said straightforwardly: “Your cultivation base…the lowest in the audience?”

“This…this…” Jiang Chen was speechless, not knowing what to say for a while.

“Don’t worry, I will protect you in the future.” Ruo Xiao is very domineering, patted his chest, and said: “Transcender is not here, between this Heaven and Earth emperor, how many people can compete with me!? “

“If you are young, you are still the same as before.” Jiang Liu Han said with a smile: “True.”

“Han, you have become quite strong. Ruo Xiao jokingly said: “Why? Do you want to come and fight?”

Jiang Liu is very honest. He looked towards Jiang Chen and seems to be asking Jiang Chen’s opinion.

Jiang Chen immediately shook his head, what a joke, if these two fight, it is estimated that they will be able to fight half a month for ten days!

After all, one is Wangu Saint Physique and the other is the supreme body, both of which are the two strongest Saint Physiques in Fleshy body.

When these two people fight, it’s a simple hand-to-hand fight!

With the emperor’s cultivation base, if it’s hand-to-hand, no one in half a month can tell the winner?

even more how, the environment is not so good nowadays, Jiang Chen called them all over, but they were not here to discuss each other.

“Where are the others?”

After a few breaths, a few people made enough noise and sat outside the mountain gate together.

Jiang Liu looked towards everyone, asking with confusion.

As soon as these words came out, a group of people fell silent.

In fact, it is not only Jiang Chen who understands, but also everyone else.

Some people may never see them in this life.

“Some people may still be able to see, some…” Jiang Chen sighed, this world is so cruel and cruel.

The joys and sorrows always come so fast, so caught off guard, it makes people sad but hard to cry.

“Oh, this World is like this, weak are prey to the strong. If the Six Realms were not so weak at the beginning, why should we fall to this level.”

Suddenly, A cold voice rang in everyone’s ears.

Everyone was taken aback, because they simply didn’t notice someone approaching them!

Only Jiang Chen looked calm, said with a smile: “I knew you would come too.”

The voice fell, Mu Xingyun’s silhouette manifested, faintly smiled and said: “The six realms are gone, we people are from the same family anyway, you who are big brothers have issued a summoning order, can I not come? Even though I am not your little brother.” /p>

“Mu Xingyun!?”

At this moment, Ruoxiao and Jiang Liu stood up directly, they knew the relationship between Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun, That’s really an old enemy!

But Jiang Chen waved his hand and said: “No need to fight. If he and I really want to fight, we will be heads-up, without your intervention.”

“hmph, two A foolish guy.” Mu Xingyun didn’t give Ruo Xiao and Jiang Liu any face, and there was no fear in his eyes. He sat aside indifferently, and then asked, “What’s the matter? What are you going to do?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, the expression is correct, said solemnly: “I think you should know, the Transcenders of Great Thousand Worlds are gone, and they are going to resist the leading forces of the Three Realms of Yang. Now this Great Thousand Worlds , There is no Transcender for the time being.”

“Do you want to avenge the Six Realms?” Mu Xingyun asked.

Jiang Chen clicked nodded. When the Six Realms were destroyed and that many creatures were killed, this hatred has long been forged!

Now it’s time to liquidate!

“Just a few of us?” Jiang Liu was still so naive and outspoken.

This is not destroying one’s morale, but because they must be unable to avenge the dead beings in the Six Realms!

Be aware that even if there is no Transcender in Great Thousand Worlds, there are still many emperors, not to mention tens of thousands, but there are still thousands!

On Jiang Chen’s side, it doesn’t add up to much, so how can we get revenge?

“I think you have misunderstood.” Mu Xingyun explained: “The destruction of the six worlds did not mean all the forces in the entire Great Thousand Worlds, but the individual forces that’s all.”

“If we want revenge, there are only a few forces we have to deal with.”

After that, Mu Xingyun stretched out a hand and said: “Black Buddha lineage, Six Wing Celestial Clan , The True Feathers, Celestial Court, and Resurrection Lily.”

“These five forces were the real culprits who promoted the destruction of the Six Realms!”

“If you want revenge, All you need to do is to find these forces.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expression became serious.

Although there are only five powers, these five powers together can completely hand shrouding the heavens in Great Thousand Worlds!

Black Buddha lineage, that is another school of Buddhism, with a profound foundation, perhaps not weaker than Celestial Court!

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