I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1319

Five Great Peak Influences, if they join forces, the Holy Land will be destroyed!

However, the stronger the force, the more impossible to join forces with other forces. After all, they all want face and have their own arrogance.

If not, in today’s world, there is no holy land to call the shots.

In this Five Great Influences, except for the Black Buddha lineage, the Six Wing Heavens and True Feathers are quite famous in Great Thousand Worlds. It is said that they have the same origin. Their ancestors are of the same kind. Creatures.

These two forces are very strong, and they have always acted in a domineering style. When the Six Realms were destroyed, these two forces made great contributions!

As for Celestial Court, this is also a force that has only recently emerged.

This force is very strong. It is suspected to be related to the Ancient Celestial Court. Few people in the world know where the real gate of Celestial Court is.

According to legend, in the deepest part of Celestial Court, there may be a prehistoric True Immortal sleeping!

As for Resurrection Lily, few people know about it.

This force is very mysterious, not many people have even seen them.

But Mu Xingyun knows a little bit. It is said that this power originated from the ancient land government. The creatures in the whole power are a Resurrection Lily, which is very strange evil monster!

At the beginning, it was precisely because the power of Resurrection Lily declared that if the body of the invincible can be obtained, the law of invincibility can be solved!

Now that such a long time has passed, perhaps Resurrection Lily has really cracked the law of invincibility!

“Five Great Influences, there should be more than a dozen affiliated forces.” Jiang Chen frowns saying: “Just a few of us, it’s a bit difficult to be true.”

But, say After this, Jiang Chen suddenly laughed again and said: “But…we also have a helper.”

“Oh? Any helper?” Ruo Xiao curiously asked.

“The Great Influences of Great Thousand Worlds are not iron masters. Many forces are hostile.” Jiang Chen said: “For example, Imperial Clan, Evil Race, Dragon Race, etc.”

Otherwise, the three great virtues can call the powerhouse of the three Monster Races, which is a great help!

Although the Emperor III of Imperial Clan is separated from Imperial Clan, he is the bloodline of the Imperial Clan god. Does Imperial Clan really ignore him? !

Before, Emperor San was conspired by Zhenyu tribe and Celestial Court to calculate sneak attack several times, and Emperor San could not swallow this breath!

“Don’t worry, as long as you have enough strength, no matter how many people there are, you can tie it with one hand!” Jiang Chen said.

After that, everyone began to discuss the plan.

After half a day, everyone decided on the plan. The first goal is to find Celestial Court first!

Jiang Chen thinks very clearly, Resurrection Lily is too mysterious evil monster, I am afraid that it will not get any benefit in the past.

And the black Buddha lineage originated from Buddhism, if they attacked the black Buddha lineage, Buddhism would not sit idly by.

True Feathers and Six Wings Celestials are also considered the same race. These Two Great Races are all caring for each other, moving one is equivalent to moving two!

Thus, Celestial Court is still a bit “softer”.

In addition to this world, there are people who want to deal with Celestial Court!

“I used the black market to walk out the news. When the time comes, those who have enemies with Celestial Court, I am afraid they will come to help us, especially…Imperial Clan!” Jiang Chen said.

However, the first priority is to find where the gate of Celestial Court is!

Although Celestial Court is very high-profile, their mountain gate is very mysterious, and few people in the world know it.

Fortunately, in this world, there is such a force as the black market!

As long as you have money, you can buy everything you want in the black market!

Now, the major Transcenders have left, and the giants of the black market have disappeared. Jiang Chen, who is directly under the Three Great Giants of the black market, has naturally become the temporary ruler of the black market.

He quickly learned through the information network of the black market that the gate of Celestial Court was located in the southern Star Domain, an ancient vestige!

It was once a site of Ancient Celestial Court, which was occupied by Celestial Court in later generations and became the gate of Celestial Court.

And that place, there is a very loud name-South Heaven Gate!

“Arrogant and ignorant, dare to fight against my Celestial Court!?”

“Although come here, my Celestial Court is not afraid!”


Just when Jiang Chen declared that the world was about to attack Celestial Court, Celestial Court also let it go!

Even without Transcender, Celestial Court’s background is still deep, still aloof!

“Celestial Court! Without Transcender, what are you guys!? The emperor of the world is like the emperor. Today I will take a look at how Celestial Court was destroyed!”

“What Celestial Court!? It’s just a fake that’s all tyrannically abused power in the world under the name of Ancient Celestial Court!”

“I want to meet you guys too!”

“I heard that you almost killed my Imperial Clan god bloodline’s Di San? What a bravery!”


On this day, this Great Thousand Worlds is complete What a mess!

The forces that have hatred with Celestial Court opened their mouths one after another, cursing across the starry sky.

That posture is like a shrew cursing the street!

This also makes more people understand that without the constraints of Transcender, the balance has been broken!

Many previously unremarkable forces have completely risen now!

Because some forces, although there is no Transcender, there are strong and outrageous emperors!

Especially the Imperial Clan god lineage, the strength of the emperor cultivator of this race, it can be described as resounding throughout the Great Thousand Worlds!

The emperor of Imperial Clan has rarely failed since ancient times.

Even in the era of the Empress, there are a few Emperors of Imperial Clan who can compete with the Empress!

“In the name of my god, Saint Ancestor, order the Emperor Dragon Race to go out!”

“In the name of my Nine Nether Phoenix, order the emperor Phoenix Clan to go out!”

“In the name of my Vermilion Bird King, order the emperor of the Vermilion Bird One family to go out!”


On this day, the three great virtues return to the race , The three Monster Races are very excited, and they are more under the orders of the three great virtues.

At the same time, Emperor San returned to the Imperial Clan god lineage and told his elders about his experience. On that day, the Imperial Clan god lineage was completely furious. Many people saw the Imperial Clan god lineage. Sent dozens of Peak Emperors to cross the void and head towards South Heaven Gate!

At the same time, the evil races also took action. There were not too many announcements about the world, but dozens of emperors were born. This is to tell the world that evil races are not afraid of Celestial Court. !

“The world is rising, and all are born from my six worlds!”

On this day, Jiang Chen took Ruoxiao’s entire group across the void and came to South Heaven Gate!

Looking ahead, South Heaven Gate is in a starry sky ruin, all around there are palace debris and star fragments.

There was a big battle here a long time ago, and this place was almost broken!

“Power of Heaven and Earth is blessed. Although this place is shattered, it should not be underestimated!” Jiang Chen said solemnly, looking at the broken stone gate not far away, above the “South Heaven Gate” three The words are mottled, but still give people a feeling of overawes the world!

Behind the South Heaven Gate, there are many newly built palaces, surrounded by clouds and mist, like Immortal Realm in a dream.

And there is the gate of Celestial Court!

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